"REAL PSYCHOLOGY...A Fascinating study of the whole of Man." I refer to it as Esochology.

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A General Discussion of "Esochology" by James W. Patterson, Ph.D. [1-Brother James]

Let us begin this discussion with a brief explanation of the term 'Esochology'. A number of years ago, perhaps as many as... Wow! I just used my calculator and I'm surprised that the length of time is 37 years! Time has a habit of moving rather quickly as one ages... Anyway, in 1978, I realized that what is widely known today as "psychology"... is not the Psychology [given to us by the ancient Greeks], but is rather a bastardization of that Psychology by people who are unable to comprehend nor perceive the Esoteric nature of the Psychology given to the world by the ancient Greeks... and there is a 'reason' for this... although this 'reason' is not well known. And the reason for this is that the Psychology of the ancient Greeks falls into the category of the "unknown" --- and the term 'unknown' is not a term an intellectual would be comfortable with. So to make the unknown less embarrassing... the intellectual calls it "Esoteric" [which is just a fancy way of saying unknown].
The term "Esoteric" refers to those elements of Life that the brain cannot perceive.

You see, the MIND of most intellectuals causes their brains to "think" that there is nothing their brains cannot "know". And note that I just said the MIND causes the brain to think. This suggests that the physical brain is not the invisible MIND. And this is a problem for modern mental health, or "BS&bp" [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron 'behavioral psychology']. So, by creating an abstract term like Esoteric, they [and I refer to such people as Intelack type people]... unknowingly pretend that the unknown is not really unknown to them... it's just something they believe they have not as yet discovered how to think about. So they use the term Esoteric instead of unknown to mask this inability... and I refer to this "process" of denial of the invisible dimensions of Man, and of Life, as "Delusional Thinking" [or D-Think] which is a part of the MIND, and I have labeled this aspect of the MIND as the 'DM=SI" of the MIND-- or "Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity" [research here if interested?].

The reason these unknown elements, or Esoteric dimensions of Man exist... is fascinating... [if one is not afraid of the unknown, that is...] and coincidentally, this is the main thrust of the Story of Life that many are searching for.

And... an essential element in this story is my belief that the ancient Greeks... at least those who gave us the term Psychology... were Gnostics], and being a Gnostic means someone who is Enlightened [and 'Enlightened" simply refers to someone within whom his or her Soul has acquired sufficient "C'etc" to resist being controlled by ones MIND. Being Enlightened simply means that a person has a Soul that has acquired a certain level of "C'etc" [pronounced "C_etcetera"], and C'etc refers to the Virtues of Life that all Souls are slowly acquiring by completing Karma over many, many lifetimes. This has to do with the Purpose of Life [ which is another great story]. I list these Virtues as: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding. Are these the same elements comprising what the ancient Greeks called "Consciousness"? I suspect they are. And no wonder "thinkers" [philosophers] have not found Consciousness using their brains. It takes place Within dimensions that are not capable of being perceived by the brain.

The ancient Gnostic Greeks were [in my opinion] capable of accessing Spiritual levels of Truth from Within themselves... meaning they were Enlightened individuals.

The term Gnostic is a historical term. That is, at the time the people who coined the term 'Gnostic' were using it, the term Gnostic simply referred to a person who was what we now call Enlightened, or Spiritually awakened. And this means... in possession of a Soul that has acquired an advanced level of Spirituality, Truth, and Knowledge... which all refer to essentially the same thing -- a Soul that is in possession of a substantial amount of Spiritual Evolution. And... how one acquires Spirituality or Knowledge, is a fascinating story, but not one we will address just now. If you are interested in the topic of Spirituality, then try This .

Back to the term "Esochology"... the prefix 'Eso' is from the word Esoteric, which refers to those dimensions of Man that are unseen, invisible, and unknowable by ones brain or physical senses. When I realized that the field known as "psychology" was no longer teaching the Psychology of the ancient Greeks, I was in the middle of my Masters program in Counseling/Psychotherapy at San Diego State University. It had been pointed out to me, by one of my fellow students, that I was really cut off from my emotions. This caught me by surprise, no doubt due exactly to what he shared with me: I was in fact cut-off from my emotions [and typical of people who are cut-off from their emotions, I had no idea I was missing anything, nor was I aware that what I was missing was important? My question to myself was... "Why"?

Long story shortened... I was volunteering at a mental health clinic, and I Spoke to the person in charge about my experience. She realized what I was saying, and gave me the name of a friend of hers, who was a Gestalt Psychotherapist near the University. I made an appointment, and at my first session, I changed chairs three times, and boom! I [my attention] shifted from my brain, into my MIND, and revealed from deep Within my MIND, a traumatic experience that took place when I was three years of age... I was standing in front of my mother, who was enraged, and I knew [or believed, since I was three years of age], that if I did not immediately cease asking her for love or attention... that I would be killed!
Now, some might attribute this to confusion, delusion, or something else... It was my experience, and my experience was true, real, and fantastic... and re-experiencing this event literally changed my life completely. What actually happened is that my Conscious Awareness, or the Attn Aspect of my Apapsyche (via Intuition) -- both elements of my Spiritual dimension, shifted into my MIND realm, and I re-visited a deeply repressed memory of an actual event that took place when I was three years of age. It was at that instant [at age three], that I ordered my MIND to NEVER PUT ME IN THAT POSITION AGAIN.

And my MIND did what I ordered. It severed me from my Intuition, and all my emotions, and especially those in any way associated with that traumatic experience. As a consequence of that event, at age three... I spent the next 40 years of my life dealing with life by use of my brain and thinking. And I was quite literally "cut-off" from my emotions almost entirely.
The up-side of this re-experiencing of myself ... including much of my emotional awareness was... or the value of this deep catharsis was... I suddenly KNEW [at an Intuitive level] a great deal about the workings of my MIND... and this Knowledge seemed to come to me in bursts of Intuition [ or concepts which included an entire understanding of some mental activity].
And following each huge Ah-ha of Intuition, which I seemed to KNOW an entire concept completely... until I began to try and think about what I had just Intuited -- as soon as I attempted to "think" about what I had Intuited, what I had Intuited vanished entirely. And that "taught" me that ones Intuition can easily be overridden by ones thinking.

It took quite dome time to comprehend everything I KNEW Intuitively in that catharsis, and it also took quite some time to integrate the elements of C'etc I was given access to as a Whole concept. In other words... until one forgives oneself for denying ones own level of Consciousness, or Spirituality, due to fear [which unwittingly hands over CONTROL to ones MIND -- which is simply part of how Man works] ones Soul remains unknowingly under the dominance of ones MIND. And this control is slowly reduced as a natural process of ones Soul slowly acquiring C'etc. Think of C'etc as being Consciousness, or Enlightenment, or Spiritual Evolution.
One's Soul slowly taking Control over ones MIND, in other words. This is the process of Enlightenment.

Although my discovery process was normal for competent Gestalt Psychotherapy, my level of discovery was unusual. I attribute that to my having been in pursuit of such discovery for several lifetimes, and I was thus prepared to make use of the process that was exposing itself to me... almost like making up for lost time? The reader can take my word for the "several lifetimes bit" ... or not... since Reincarnation is difficult for many to accept.

My experience accounts for and explains the reason the field of Psychology [at one time] REQUIRED anyone who wanted to work in Psychology to participate in a thorough program of Psychotherapy: Since this is the ONLY way to discover the invisible operations taking place Within ones MIND. Unfortunately "BS&bp" [or modern mental health] no longer requires this, and this results in three-quarters of Man being denied and ignored by modern mental health. Alas, many of those working in "mental health" today are Intelack type people, or people whose level of Enlightenment is not very advanced. And without an active and experienced faculty of Intuition, one simply does not possess the levels of Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding... or C'etc, to enable them to awaken to the Whole of Man, or to 'experience' [Intuitively] the operations of their own MINDs.

I recall attempting to share a bit of what I had discovered with a couple of the professors in my Masters program, and I learned that what I was sharing was not at all appreciated. In fact, they both did their best to try and fail me in my program. But their zeal to fail me caused them to cheat, and when this was pointed out to the Head of the Department... they had no option but to allow me to graduate.

I did "learn" a great deal about modern psychology [and in particular... the people in what is now called "mental" health], not the least of which is that not one in a thousand can tell you what the MIND is? And since 1978, I have been doing my best to try and crack open the iron doors that B.F. Skinner, and thousands of people like him, have shut against the Psychology of the ancient Greeks. I refer to modern mental health as Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology," or "BS&bp". And the main contribution of BS&bp to Man over the last century is that BS&bp denies, ignores, and seeks to eliminate three-quarters of the whole of Man.

Many [not all, but most] people trained in BS&bp have no idea why the Veterans they are "helping" seek to commit suicide? The reason is that the typical licensed mental health professional has no idea that he or she has a MIND that sends messages of fear to the MIND of the Veteran, and this causes the MIND of the Veteran to reinforce the trauma that MIND is repressing. Each visit makes worse the pain and suffering of the Veteran. There comes a time when the Veteran's MIND determines that suicide must be the only way out. and when this happens, the death of the Veteran is blamed on the Veteran, when the fact is... the death is attributable to the incompetence of the therapist. In my opinion, this is wrong. Shameful. And needs to change.

So... Esochology is a combination of Esoteric [meaning mystical and invisible] and "chology" is Greek for 'the study of'. Esochology = A study of [what is thought to be] the invisible dimensions of Man. The Esoteric dimensions can be studied, but only by an Enlightened and specially trained individual. And certainly not by use of the brain and thinking.

After 40 plus years buried in the Esoteric, or invisible dimensions of Man, it has occurred to me that at age 80, I am not ever going to be invited to teach at some college or university, where I might share some rather extraordinary bits of Knowledge with those attempting to study Psychology as though it could be studied with the brain. So, having accepted my disappointment, I will teach those who happen upon my writings [if they are "ready" to awaken to the symbols contained in my writings]? Otherwise, what I have learned will have to remain hidden until another like myself, is given an opportunity to share this Knowledge with others. But that is up to the Will of God, isn't it?

Peace, 1-Brother James


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