"REAL PSYCHOLOGY...A Fascinating study of the whole of Man." Now called Esochology.

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A General Discussion of "Esochology" by James W. Patterson, Ph.D. [Brother James]

After 40 plus years buried in the Esoteric, or invisible dimensions of Man, it has occurred to me that at age 80, I am not ever going to be invited to teach at some college or university, where I might share some rather extraordinary bits of Knowledge with those attempting to study Psychology as though it could be studied with the brain. So, having accepted my disappointment, I will teach a proper course of "intellectual" information... which will be most interesting, I believe... but it will also be quite ineffectual if one reading the material would like to apply it to his or her own work.

What do I mean... by ineffectual in ones own work, practice, or study? Ah... that is the 'secret' of the whole of Life. How can I even explain that the most important, crucial, and even critical elements of Life cannot be acquired by use of the brain, or by reading all the books in the world?

And the reason it the words of this site will be ineffectual is that three-quaters of what the term Psychology applies to are invisible, or esoteric dimensions of Man...the very nature of which the brain cannot perceive, experience, nor imagine. And it is this 'little-known fact' that Man has such a very hard time comprehending. Truth must BE CAUGHT... BECAUSE IT CANNOT BE TAUGHT ...at least not by traditional means of instruction. In other words, it is not possible for anyone to convey "Knowledge" by physical means, since Truth does not exist on this physical plane of existence. And all reference to the many aspects of Truth must be in "abstract terms," or in words, terms, or symbols that "stand for" or "point to" the actual bit of Truth the word can only allude to.

To experience Truth [which only exists in the Spiritual dimension]... one must literally go to where it exists... And it ONLY exists in the Spiritual dimension of Man, which is accessed by ones faculty of Intuition. But how many are well-versed in Intuition?

So, what is true... is the fact that 'information' will never result in Knowledge. And the reason for this natural phenomenon is that information gathering is an activity of the brain [which is physical], and Knowledge is the collection of bits of Truth by ones Apapsyche [or Operational Energy of ones Soul]... which can only be accessed by ones faculty of Intuition[click on Intuition to research this term, then click on the return arrow at top of page to return].

And what I just wrote... that the brain WILL NEVER EXPERIENCE THE ESOTERIC DIMENSIONS OF MAN... is impossible for a certain class of people to comprehend, believe or acknowledge... since they are 'not ready to awaken to such Knowledge'. And this has to do with the Spiritual maturation of the Soul, or the lack of maturation of the Souls of some people [explained shortly].

The simple Truth is this: The physical brain is physical. While three-fourths of the whole of Man are vibrational dimensions that are NOT PHYSICAL. And being non-physical, they are of course invisible to the brain. These Esoteric [or invisible] dimensions of Man can ONLY be known by experiencing them [in their own vibrational matrix]. In other words... ones Conscious Awareness [an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension] must travel Within the whole of Man, and while in this disembodied state of Consciousness which is the natural state of ones faculty of Intuition... one can then 'experience' what one is "ready" to awaken to? And the ONLY part of Man capable of experiencing these dimensions is ones faculty of Intuition [and ones faculty of Intuition has noting at all to do with ones brain, ones intellect, or ones MIND for that matter]. And of course you realize your brain is not your MIND? For one to discover the MIND [and how the MIND operates], and the Spiritual dimensions of Man [which are virtually unknowable to Man by intellectual means]... one must make use of ones faculty of Intuition...which is known to very few individuals. Why is Intuition 'unknown' is the important question, isn't it?

Believe it or not... the American Indians, Yogis, and of course, Christ, have all been aware of the fact that Consciousness has many levels to itself. And the brain is just one level of Consciousness. All Enlightened individuals [as part of becoming Enlightened] discover how to withdraw ones Consciousness [via Intuition] out of the brain and into some level of the MIND, or some low level of ones Spirituality. And the more Enlightened one is, the easier this withdrawal is. However, if one lacks Enlightenment, well then, access to ones Intuition just isn't possible.

And... of course what I have just written will be strongly mocked, ridiculed, and simply denied by the majority of people trained to believe that the brain is all one needs to possess in order to memorize symptoms... which to a certain class of people, are thought to be ample evidence that something is wrong with a person. And the diagnosis naturally follows that by observing a person's behavioral symptoms, one may certainly speculate as to what might be causing those symptoms?... Unfortunately, as long as one looks OUTSIDE of the person [whose MIND is creating the symptoms which are specifically designed to "vent" internally generated negative energy in behaviors that are intended to mask, hide, and prevent the observer from discovering the source or nature of the traumatic [and deeply repressed] energy being vented by the masking behavior. The Source behind behavior is ALWAYS deeply repressed traumata being vented from the MIND.

Modern mental health [or BS&bp (Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology") -- at least the Intelack people in BS&bp-- are easily fooled by their MINDs, as they perfectly "fit" into this MIND-level offering of Delusional Thinking... or ideas and beliefs fed to the Left-Hemiphere of their brains by their MINDs. And this D-Think takes place so smoothly, they have no way of discovering they are being manipulated by their MINDs. Research BS&bp Here .

If this did not mean that virtually 100% of the diagnoses being made today are incorrect, and inappropriate, the situation might be humorous. But there is nothing humorous about the needless pain and suffering being experienced by millions of human beings every day... who are victims of fear, ignorance and improperly trained people in mental health and "psychology". Strong condemnation? Yes, it is, and I trust that when you read through this "course," even though it is purely intellectual... the many references to the 'whole' of Man will help you widen your appreciation of what Real Psychology should be... and how much of what Psychology "needs to be" is not being practiced today. This is especially true when it comes to the Veteran suffering from PTSD, and the many Veterans who are committing suicide... due to improper treatment.

PEACE, Brother James

How this COURSE is laid out:

It will be just as difficult for you to work through this course on the real Psychology of Man, as it will be for me to figure out how to present this course... three-quarters of which cannot be conveyed via intellect alone.
But my hope is that anyone interested in studying the 'unknown' of Man will be the type of person who is naturally 'ready' to do so. And what this means is that you are ready to awaken your faculty of Intuition, and to use that faculty to begin awakening to 'bits of Truth from Within yourself'. So, let us just begin...

You see, on the Earth plane, the MIND tends to dominate mankind by feeding what I refer to as Delusional Thinking [or D-Think] to the Left-Hemisphere of our brains. And since this process of "thinking" is so smooth... it normally operates without notice. But operating behind what we take for granted.. are a great many invisible transactions that BS&bp has not discovered, and thus, the public knows virtually nothing about these Esoteric operations? But BS&bp is not alone in this ignorance. Science and education are also contributors to this national ignorance.
And if I say that this is simply a part of Life... and the majority of mankind are supposed to remain fairly well unaware of the Reality of Life, this may explain it, but I reject the notion that just because some people are not "ready" to awaken to the Truth, then we must keep all people in the dark. This to me is the level of Consciousness promoted by the Marxist-type personality. Or the Intelack type personality who simply lacks sufficient Spiritual Evolution to enable such a person to possess adequate Consciousness.
And this is where many people have a choice, but how many are likely to realize they have a choice... when this choice is not offered to people? A general fear of the unknown is natural for Man, but as ones Soul matures [and how the Soul matures is a course onto itself], a reduced lack of fear allows people to begin to explore the unknown. And this maturity of the Soul is also called 'Consciousness' or Enlightenment. And the Purpose of Life is fulfilled by we Souls slowly maturing... by completing Karma [another separate course that can be researched Here.

What is missing in this 'intellectual course'?

What is missing in this course... is also missing in education, BS&bp, and even among those who are Enlightened enough to "think" that dabbling in the MIND is Spiritual activity... What is missing is an appreciation of the fact that we can [and very often do] communicate with one another at a non-conscious level via empathetic communication. That is, we often respond to, or react to another person... having received a vibrational message from that person that is conveyed by his or her MIND, or via Intuition [which is a level of Spiritual communication]. And most people do not realize the reason they are reacting to another person, sometimes doing so with perfect strangers? And the answer is... this is part of the Law of Karma, which we in the West unfortunately relegate to the forbidden pile of witches, goblins, psychics, genius, Saints, and the unknown in general.
Fear of the unknown in Man has put many Spiritually evolved people to death over the centuries, and in many parts of the world, this is still taking place. In any culture where an understanding of God and Spirituality is not an active part of that culture, those people whose Spiritual evolution is not well developed... will be driven by their MINDs to use Intellectualism to try and force themselves into positions of power and CONTROL. This is nothing more than the war between good and evil taking place.
Enlightened people are always at war in every place on Earth, but they rarely identify the resistance of Intelack people as an indication of being at war. If the Enlightened person has a fault, that fault is being naive to the unrelenting desire of godless people to gain control of the governmental systems on Earth, because they inherently realize this is where their power to CONTROL others exists. Ostensibly the United Nations exists to prevent war, but the underlying and more insidious purpose is to gain CONTROL over mankind. Every wonder why the UN puts up with so many nations run by Dictators?
CONTROL and the delusional need to Control people, places, and things... takes place at the level of a person's psychology, and it is the natural desire of those Souls that are operated by their MINDs, while their Souls take-on a supportive but secondary role, that gravitate toward negativity. There is a point [some point] on the Ladder of Life, where ones Soul, having acquired a sufficient amount of C'etc [the Virtues of Life], begins to push back against the MIND that is attached to it. In modern American terms, these people would be political fence-sitters. Or they would be Agnostics, not sure if there is a God or not, but unwilling to discount God entirely.
In other words, who a person is, is determined by how much Spiritual Evolution his Soul has acquired? It is not ones education, family, creed, religion, race, or any other physical attribute that determines what kind of person a person is? Mankind is generally confused as regards the reason people are not all the same, and how to explain why some people are quite evil? And this confusion is the natural result of mankind not being told the Truth. But this is jumping well ahead of ourselves.

one way we engage in and hopefully complete our Karmic obligations with others. And this Karma has been held hidden Within our MINDs for who knows how many lifetimes?
And of course [given the almost complete lack of understanding in the West regarding the Law of Karma] precious few people in America know what is going on, when these subtle Karmic encounters occur?


Check it out.

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Can we be honest regarding several "little known" aspects of Man?

I hope so, because I'm too old to continue to argue with those within whom the Left-Hemisphere of the brain and "thinking" is the holy grail of reality and truth.

The fact is everything that can be known by the Left-Hemisphere (or [L-H] of the brain) is at best a relative truth. Truths like those that allow the cause of teen suicide to continue... Only those specially trained in the Esoteric dimensions of Psycholoy as practiced by the ancient Greeks are likely to realize that ones "intuition" is the source of ones Truth, and intuition comes to one from ones Apapsyche via ones Right-Hemisphere of ones brain.

If you do not know what the Apapsyche is, and you do not have ready access to your intuition... then this site will introduce you to both.

The Whole Human Being is composed of three [actually four] simultaneously existing, and yet vibrationally separate realms of energy... and only the physical realm can be perceived by ones physical brain. Ones MIND and Spiritual realms cannot be perceived by ones brain or physical senses. To explore and experience these two "Esoteric" realms hidden within oneself, one must do this by shifting ones "conscious attention" into one or the other of these realms. And this is not part of the education of most people, is it?

The subtle but truly important problems we face in America today can be traced to a century of denial regarding three-fourths of who and what we are as "whole" human beings. The constant denial of the Spiritual Core of Man has allowed the base desires of Man to manifest in many unexpected and evil ways. Cultural degeneration and moral decline are two obvious manifestations. That great numbers support this decline in morality simply reflects the absence of Conscience among them... and this is the direct result of a century of denial of the Spiritual dimension within each human being.

Spirituality is not religion, nor is it religious. Spirituality is the Core of the human being, and it cannot be demonstrated in physical terms, nor can it be discovered by use of ones brain and thinking. It can only be accessed via ones intuition which is a part of ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul].

Inherent within the Esoteric realms that exist within Man is a natural inability of Man to accidentally access them, and this "inability" is a "Lack of "C'etc". In other words, until a person's Soul has acquired a certain level of C'etc [which allows access to a comparable amount of Spiritual insight], one simply cannot "see," as Christ put it, the Spiritual Truths that can only be awakened to when it is "time". And this "time" coincides with ones Soul accumulating the "CDKA&EU" necessary to "see" the invisible dimensions of Life: That part of oneself that enables one to access ones Intuition to "experience" what is hidden within ones "whole".

But, if you have a better plan, please put it into play and help your children now. There is no reason for children to behave like they were possessed by demons.. [except fear]. Alas, we can only address this "Unknown" fear by providing a clear understanding of what is going on at levels we just cannot "think" about or discover without a substantial amount of C'etc. Not knowing what is going on causes the parent to be frightened ...and this only exacerbates the fears within children. And the cycle gets worse and worse. Surely your children are worth overcoming your own anxiety regarding the "Unknown" within youself ?

Director: Brother James [James W. Patterson, Ph.D.]

This is the title of a book that was published by Publish America [2008]. This book covers the unique concepts of Esochology. It also introduces the new terms and symbols of Esochology and explains these relative to the field of study. For those who might have questions ? While I am still around, I will be happy to answer any questions I can: esominder@yahoo.com.

For countless generations, human beings have sought to discover who and what they are. The simple answer is... at your Core, you are a Perfect Soul. Surrounding your Soul is a MIND [with which your Soul "experiences" life]. Finally you have a physical body to house these two subtle realms of energy, and a brain to "think about" what your physical senses can perceive... but your brain cannot perceive the subtle energies of the "invisible" realms hidden within yourself. So, despite what BS&bp suggests is possible, it is useless to try and use the brain to discover what it cannot perceive. Sometimes ones MIND gets stuck and refuses to change its routine... and ones Apapsyche begins to battle with ones MIND, and this creates a "conflict" within a person. But when those trained in BS&bp are taught to deny the MIND, and to mistakenly assume that the brain is the same thing as the MIND, then everyone is in trouble.

In modern mental health [or BS&bp], the treatment offered is often harmful to people at levels the people do not realize. For this reason, among others, Esochology is needed badly as an alternative to what is being performed as "treatment" today.

Remember there are two ways to treat people in conflict. The current way is to talk about and focus on the symptoms of the conflict, which does nothing about the conflict itself, and merely exacerbates the repressed misperceptions that are the "causal" behind the symptoms. A better way is that of Esochology which goes directly to the "causal" conflict and "orders the MIND" to release what it is repressing to conscious awareness where the person can "see" that what was being repressed is a "misperception". Once the catharsis process is realized, the conflict is gone. But since much of this healing process takes place within the Esoteric dimensions of Man, BS&bp refuses to allow people to be properly helped.

The fact BS&bp does this out of fear, does not diminish the harm being done to people nationwide.

At age - 80, I am too old to fight the Intelack people in BS&bp. I have done so for over 30 years, and I am tired. I do hope some younger people with some psychic ability [and some Enlightenment] will pick up on my work, and continue to push for competent psychotherapy. But, as I say, I leave this to younger people to accomplish....if interested in the Truth?

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