My dragon's name is Fred, and as a symbol of wisdom, he sits upon the symbol of Yin-Yang, and Yin-Yang is the symbol for the MIND of Man. Yin, being the in-going nature of the MIND, and Yang, being the outgoing nature of the MIND. Although the dragon spits fire at times, he's really quite harmless, and he is very wise. My name is James, and for several years, I have written under the name "Brother James," because I like the name. The reason I maintain this web site is that I have been given some gifts that allow me to understand how the MIND works, and over the last 40 years I have learned how the MIND is the key to discovering how Psychology works.

This site is for young people who are confused, sad, unhappy, or afraid that something is wrong with them. But... be warned, anyone who seeks to discover what's wrong will have to be brave enough, or desperate enough to look at some Truth. Truth will always set one free, but Truth is always a bit scary to discover... and, at this point let me point out that there are two types of truth. One is relative truth, which is what the MIND knows and what the brain is told by the MIND is true [via "DM=SI" explained shortly]. And relative truth is what we deal with in the illusion of life [or what the physical senses of Man can perceive and is limited to comprehending].
The fact is, all Truth exists ONLY in the Spiritual dimension of Man. And the Spiritual dimension of Man is entirely invisible to the MIND and to the brain, and to ones physical senses. The only part of Man that can experience Truth is ones faculty of Intuition [which is an aspect of ones Apapsyche [ and Apapsyche is explained here]. & let us go over this briefly: We have a relative truth that the brain can think about, and we have a capital "T" Truth, which refers to bits of Truth that are Absolute, unchanging, and can never be other than they are... and, these Truths are unknown and unknowable to the MIND or the brain, and the only part of Man that can 'experience' these bits of Truth is ones faculty of Intuition. And the faculty of Intuition is a part of ones Apapsyche [explained earlier]... if you looked it up?

Many young children have Intuition, but the way education is conducted today, Intuition is often driven out of children by parents [who tell the child he or she is being silly]...when the child speaks of experiences the adult has not experienced, or perhaps even fears talking about? Or if not parents, then perhaps Intelack teachers who [quite unknown to themselves] have a great fear of the unknown repressed Within their own MIND realms... and when a child speaks, writes, or asks about the Esoteric dimensions of Man... the Intelack teacher becomes anxious, self-protective, and perhaps even abusive to the child. In short order the sensitive, Spiritually Enlightened child, quickly learns that to speak of Truth only brings to the child ridicule and even punishment.
Needless to say, precious few Enlightened children make it out of elementary school maintaining much Intuition, Enlightenment, or desire to share what such children KNOW of a higher Reality of Life.

In worst case scenarios, such children repress their enlightenment, and some even come to believe it indicates there is something wrong with them, and their MINDs begin to act out the negativity generated inside of them in bizarre behavior... BS&bp labels such behavior using capital letters: ADD, ADHA, etc.

If you are a young person, and you have been taken to see someone in Modern mental health, or what I prefer to call "BS&bp" [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology"], then the chance is good that you have not found much understanding, or acceptance? And since few in mental health today have completed their own programs of proper Psychotherapy, they tend to [unknowingly of course] project their own fears upon the children they are supposed to help. You can research BS&bp Here. Again, people in BS&bp do not intend to deceive people, or to harm children, or make them worse... it's just that not being properly trained, they have no option but to exacerbate the mental conflicts of the children they see.

Let us begin with some basic facts:
1. Who you are, at your Core, is a Perfect Soul, which is an aspect of God. And, this is true whether you believe in God, or not. But between who you are in Reality, and who you see in the mirror, is your MIND, and your MIND can cause you to hold some really strange thoughts [which your MIND took-on as misperceptions when you were born, and I will explain this shortly].
2. Your brain is physical, and your MIND is not only NOT physical, it cannot be perceived by your brain.
3. Every single person is different. So, to think you should be like anyone else is silly. You are you, and your job is to make you the best you can be, given the circumstances in which you find yourself?

When each of us is born, ones MIND reaches out to discover from ones mother [and father if he is present] who one is in this lifetime? The process by which this is accomplished is called "Empathetic Understanding," and it is a part of ones Higher MIND. It is just a subtle MIND to MIND communication, sometimes called "empathy". But it is not something the brain can perceive. It is invisible to the brain, in other words. And since this process takes place at the time of ones birth, you can imagine the things ones MIND picks up? Fear, panic, pain, and perhaps even a memory of ones mother's birth process held within her MIND. It is these negative emotions that ones MIND takes-on, and uses to build the repressed self-view of oneself that is usually fairly negative. We are not aware of this repressed self-view, but it is the source of our negative thoughts throughout our life [depending upon ones Karma, discussed later].

But, if this process is invisible to the brain, how does one wind up thinking thoughts that were taken-on by ones MIND? Unknown to BS&bp is the fact that ones MIND uses a process I refer to as "DM=SI" [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity], to feed "Delusional Thinking," [or "D-think" for short] to the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain, and ones brain [unable to differentiate between D-Think and its regular thinking], believes such thoughts to be true. If all this fails to make much sense to you, don't worry, it will eventually, especially if you make use of your Intuition. Think of your Intuition as a wee small voice Within you that serves as your Conscience, and that enables you to KNOW things without must study of things.

So, as one naturally depends upon ones thinking more and more [encouraged to ignore ones Intuition by ones parents, and teachers] ones MIND makes one more dependent upon D-Think, and one slowly loses ones faculty of Intuition. This is just the normal way of life. It is the really rare person who is able to maintain a clear faculty of Intuition. People born in remote areas of the world, in other words, may have more Intuition that people born in more "civilized" places.

I said that I would explain the term "Karma," and so I will. In Creating the Creation, God had to devise a way in which the exploration and experience of the Creation would be completely equal, fair, and just for every Soul. The Law of Karma reveals the genius of God. In short, Karma can be explained in this way: As you sow, so shall you reap. That is, for every action you take, that same exact action will be taken against you. This is the basic Law of Life. And because not every action one takes can be returned in the same lifetime in which it took place, another basic fact of Life was established: And that is Reincarnation, or the fact that we Souls have as many lifetimes as we need to fulfill the Purpose of Life.
The Purpose of Life? Yes, the Purpose of Life is to work through the illusion of the physical plane to eventually discover who and what the Soul is? To rise above ones MIND, in other words, as ones Soul slowly achieves Enlightenment, or Spiritual Evolution. And this requires many, many lifetimes. And yes, this concept is not held by all religions. But it is a fact, so you can accept it, or resist it. Truth and Reality do not depend upon the "belief" of anyone. They are Absolutes, and thus, like ones Soul, they just Are.

At the Core of every person is a Soul. And ones Soul is an aspect of God. The seat of ones Soul is an invisible Energy center in the forehead called the "Tisra Til". Women in India often place a small dot on their forehead to remind them, and others, of the Soul and Spirituality. It is an invisible area of super subtle Energy located between the two eyes, and it is a gateway to the Esoteric regions of creation. No one has to believe this, of course... but why not? It is true, and knowing this should not conflict with the religion of anyone.
I mention this because Knowing this is helpful to remember that within oneself is the actual war between good and evil in the world. That is, the war between good and evil is between ones MIND and ones Soul. And those Souls who are new, or newer to the experience of Life will be more vulnerable to their MINDs than will be Souls who are more experienced, and thus, more Enlightened.
In my work, I refer to those people with Souls that are new, or newer to the form of human being as "Intelack" type people. And you can research the term "Intelack" Here .

If you are interested in reading more about Man, the MIND, or other aspects of Psychology, you might try this web site of mine Here . And, if you have a particular question you would like answered, then do not hesitate to contact me via email. If you have a personal question that is bothering you, you may place "Esoteric" in the subject block of an email, and email me your question: I will do my best to answer it ASAP, and I do not keep my emails.... so, it is quite confidential.


Brother James