Revised: 10-12-2015



In America, the date of "BS&bp"[Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology"], began in the early 1900s.

Well, I will let other, wiser people explain what brought us to where we are today as far as mental health and Psychology are concerned. I will confine myself to the field of 'Esoteric' Psychology... which is, oddly enough, what the ancient Greeks gave the world some 2,000 years ago. What passes for "psychology" today is called "Behavioral psychology"... which is an oxymoron. An oxymoron for two reasons:
1. The term psychology uses the prefix "psyche" which is Greek for Self, Soul and Mind [all of which are terms that stand for the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man].
2. Behavior is physically acting out thoughts and directions fed to the body [which includes the brain] by the MIND of Man via Delusional Thinking [research Here. This is quite often done as a means of "venting" negative energy being generated by the MIND, as it represses one or more negative emotions; and the energy is vented in behavior and is intended to mask and disguise the nature of the repressed [thus non-conscious] emotions.

So, when BS&bp focuses on behavior it does two things: 1. It reinforces the repressed misperception being vented in a disguised behavior, and 2. It causes the person engaging in the negative behavior to blame such behavior on people, places, and things outside of him/herself. This is often said to be one is denying what is going on within oneself... by Enlightened individuals. ________________ All negative behavior a person engages in is CAUSED by one or more deeply repressed emotions that person is unable to acknowledge. And thus, that person's MIND helps the person deny and ignore such emotions by venting the energy generated by the repressed emotions [when they are stimulated and active] by causing the brain to engage in habitual behaviors... and this denial quite often includes the blaming of people, places and things outside of him/herself as the CAUSE of such behavior. ________________

Today, as strange as it my seem, not one in a thousand people who mistakenly believe themselves to be professionals in the field of Psychology, have any idea what the MIND is? How is this even possible you might ask? People trained in BS&bp claim to be "Experts" in Psychology, and yet... they have no idea what the MIND is, where it is, or how it works?

When I first entered the field of Psychology, in the 1980s, and I became aware of how little people in the field knew about Psychology... I asked myself in utter disbelief: "How can this possibly be"? Then, a number of years later, when I finally realized that there are two basic and fundamentally different types of people on Earth, I finally realized the REASON a certain type of person on Earth simply cannot "see" nor "hear" the Esoteric truths of Life... one of which is that the MIND of Man is invisible to the brain. And the brain simply cannot perceive the MIND, because the MIND is composed of a subtle energy the brain just can't perceive. This is unusual, but not unknown. In the Bible, Christ spoke to his disciples... and explained that the "Spiritual message" he was sharing with them... the masses could neither "see" nor "hear". Now, MIND-level energy is different from Spiritual Energy, but the concept is exactly the same. The physical brain simply cannot perceive the subtle energies of Man. These energies are the MIND and the Spiritual dimensions of Man.

In the early 1900s, a person named B.F. Skinner [who was trained in physically observing the behavior of animals, and then speculating as to what outside of the animals might be causing the animals to behave as they did] mistakenly assumed that he could study Man in the same way. Being an Atheist, and untrained in Psychology, Skinner was very intelligent, and a bit of an elitist, and simply did not realize that what his own MIND told him [via Delusional Thinking] just wasn't true. His ignorance of [and actually his fear of] his own MIND, caused him to believe that Man could be studied and treated just like animals. This ego-generated idea of Skinner "fit" perfectly with the desire of thousands of people who wanted to study Psychology without studying what motivates themselves? Skinner promised that people could study "psychology" vicariously... or without becoming emotionally involved. And, this suddenly opened the field of "psychology" to people seeking an "intellectual" view of Man. Because Skinner said it was unnecessary to study the MIND of Man, and a great many wanted to do so... In the early 1900s a huge number of people began entering the field of "psychology," and began being licensed, but the problem was, none of them knew anything about the MIND of Man.

If anyone doubts me on this, just take a look at the statistics of mental health in America today. Why are so many Veterans who enter "mental health" provided by the VA killing themselves while in therapy? The reason is simple... those treating them are unintentionally exacerbating the very MIND-level conflicts that are causing these Veterans to experience difficulty.

Without proper training, any licensed mental health professional will UNKNOWINGLY reinforce the very repressed fears that are causing the Veteran difficulty. The mental health professional does not do this intentionally, but they cannot help but do this because they are not PROPERLY TRAINED. And those in charge of their training are completely ignorant of the MIND of Man.

But don't take my word for this. Try asking any licensed mental health professional this question: What is the MIND, where is it located, and how does it work? Regards, James W. Patterson, Ph.D., Esogist


Brother James