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Welcome to some crucial [although largely unfamiliar "bits" of Knowledge] that are -- strangely enough -- quite true, although in America, we have been denied these truths by modern mental health for over a century... although to be fair, those trained in modern mental health [or "BS&bp" [research here], are not familiar with the truths on this page because they have been taught to deny and ignore these truths, which are "Esoteric". And Esoteric refers to those elements of Life that the brain [being physical] cannot perceive.

1. The whole human being is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet, entirely separate vibrational dimensions, three of which are invisible, and one of which is physical.

2. The three invisible dimensions are: The Lower MIND; the Higher MIND; and the Spiritual dimension [which is the only dimension of Man that is Real, in an Absolute sense.]

3. The brain cannot perceive the energy of the MIND, and neither the brain nor the MIND can perceive the Spiritual dimension, or those elements operating as part of the Spiritual dimension: A list of these important [but little known elements of Man are]: A. Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul]; B. The faculty of Intuition [research Here], Intuition is part of the Spiritual dimension of Man, which means it is quite separate from the brain or thinking: C. And the symbol "C'etc' [pronounced 'C_etcetera," which is my symbol for the Virtues of Life -- which the term Consciousness may also refer to? Research "C'etc" [ Here].

Needless to say, it is not easy to read material when it is not familiar to oneself, so do not be alarmed, and do not give up on your reading, if it takes a while for these new terms, symbols and concepts to arrange themselves in your understanding.

When you "Know" the difference between thinking, and Intuition, you will have achieved a level of Enlightenment that most people have not achieved. But this is a challenge for everyone.

You see, if one studies the Bible, and other scriptures, and the works of mystics throughout the ages, what seems clear is that there is an illusion that seems real, and a Reality that seems irrational.

But... what if our study of "Life" is being conduced by the unenlightened majority, and they encourage us to ignore and reject the Enlightened minority?

If this is in any way correct, the more we study and follow the wrong road, the further we move away from the Truth. My question to myself then is this: How does one stop and reverse ones course, when... to do so, one must go against the flow of a majority of people?

And this takes us to what I refer to as "illusion vs Reality". What I believe Saints, Masters, and mystics over the ages have concluded is that Life does not change, but certain Souls can extricate themselves from the crushing movement of Reality... [with help, of course] as This Reality invisibly grinds everything in "Life" to a fine dust, so that it becomes very difficult to recognize right from wrong, or to tell good from evil?

And, this sounds like a book in the making: How Does Illusion Turn Into Reality? Some thoughts to ponder: Is the physical dimension of Man [which BS&bp would have us believe is the only part of Man that matters], really the only part of Man that matters, or does Life tend to subtly fulfill the Purpose of Life... which is to Perfect the Soul by doing and completing Karma?
There is the MIND of Man [research Here], which is composed of the energies of the Astral region of Creation [Lower MIND], and the Causal region of Creation [Higher MIND]. And these two halves function as one, thus we just call it MIND, singular.
The MIND is super important, and yet, because it is both invisible to the brain [and thus invisible to those people who are confined to the brain due to the Malady of Intellectualism [research Here], the MIND is avoided by BS&bp . Research MIND Here.
And then, how many people are aware that there are two very different types of people on Earth? The fact is, there are very few people who realize this? One class of people are those who are Enlightened, and this class of people constitute a minority. The other class of people I refer to as the Intelack class people: Research Here, and this class is also a minority.
Unknown to most people, the majority of people are kind of in the 'middle,' so to speak. That is, they are neither greatly opposed to Spirituality, nor are they especially interested in Spirituality. This middle group are the fence sitters who are often persuaded by "free stuff" to vote Democrat, and thus vote for more and bigger government, which invites the Intelack to seek more and more CONTROL over life; and this inevitably leads to the enslavement of people by those who fear freedom, which leads to corruption, and pain and suffering for Mankind. And this is the continuing story of Mankind.

If you have read all the URLS provided, then you now Know more about the Psychology of Man that 95% of those in the mental health field today. And this may be surprising to you, and it should also be alarming to you, as well.


Brother James