The logo for this site, and the Church 4 Lost Souls is the circle above, and the large I [roman numeral one] stands for the fact that God is One, not two or many. And this is to remind us that the entire Creation was established by God, is sustained by God, and it is our role to explore and experience this Creation to ultimately become Perfect, just as God is Perfect.

I have opened this site, which clicking on will open... for the purpose of communicating with people, who, like myself, need help in comprehending the Esoteric nature of Spirituality. If you do not feel lost, confused, hopeless, or in need of help... or you do not believe you have been less than cordial, kind, and loving in your life... then this may not be the site for you. Peace, Brother James.

If you have decided that you are less loving than you would want to be, or less compassionate than you would want to be... this is a positive thing, not a negative thing. And the Bible clearly tells us that the first step in discovering the Truth, is to be honest with oneself. My point is that God loves His Souls a great deal more than we Souls love God.

If you fear what death may have in store for you, then you are sane enough for us to discuss what question you might have regarding your life, Reality, and the nature of Spirituality? And, of course there is no charge for anything involving the Church4LostSouls.

You can initiate a discussion by emailing me:, and place "C4LS" in the subject box. I Look forward to hearing from you. Peace

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