Revised: 8-18-2013

CDKA&EU or [C' etc]

C'etc is pronounced: "C-et cetera". [explained Here]
= Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance & Empathetic Understanding.

[i.e. Truth, Wisdom, or "Spiritual Evolution"]

The symbol "CDKA&EU" (or alternatively [C'etc]). stands for the "virtues" we Souls are slowly accumulating over many lifetimes by completing Karma. This is not a problem because it takes place automatically with every Soul. What is a "problem" is the fact that in the West, and in America, we have been taught to believe the following: [1] We only have one life to live. [2] The Soul, Karma, God, Reincarnation and Truth are all speculation.

My question to you is this: WHO TAUGHT US TO BELIEVE THIS?
The answer is: People who we identify today as "Liberals", Progressives, Marxists, etc. My name for this type person is: INTELACK [research Here] And the definition of Intelack is this: Those Souls who are new, or relatively new to the form of human being who lack [have not as yet acquired] a sufficient number of "Virtues" that other, older Souls have acquired.

These Virtues are: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding. This accumulation determines ones relative position on the "Ladder of Life"...since it is ones accumulation of CDKA&EU that allows one to ascend the Ladder of Life. The phrase "Ladder of Life" is an analogy I created to help me explain how we Souls process through and fulfill the Purpose of Life by doing and "completing" Karma. For more on the Ladder of Life, click HERE ... And for more on the Purpose of Life, I recommend the book: The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson. But before you click away, you might want to bookmark this page first? When done reading the blog, click the "back" button, and you should return to this page..

Let me briefly insert here my belief that the term "Consciousness" was originally coined by the ancient Greeks to "stand for" or "point to" what I now refer to as "CDKA&EU", or "C'etc".

The phrase "Spiritual Evolution" is my designation for the end result of the entire process of doing Karma; That is...doing an action, then receiving the return of that action, then eventually assuming "responsibility for the negative Karma that comes to oneself - which leads to one "completing" said Karma; And finally we have the Esotransmutation process [which is my name for the mystical and Esoteric process that takes place within oneself wherein the accumulated experience of some Karma [held within ones MIND] is converted into CDKA&EU, which is then stored within ones Apapsyche per se until it is needed by oneself.... and it is then presented to oneself via ones faculty of Intuition as some Ah-ha bit of relative Truth.

Of course, if ones Soul is "new" to the human form, one has simply not had time to accumulate much CDKA&EU [or C'etc], and in this case, one is compensated with more Intellectualism operating out of ones MIND. And in America, with our mistaken notion that the brain is the greatest thing in the world, we are mislead a great deal by Intelack individuals. In other words, it is often the case that those who are very intellectual are Souls being compensated for their lack of C'etc. Newer Souls to the form of human being, in other words. But who would have imagined that Intellectualism is not a good thing?
And what I just described is unknown to most people simply because in the West, we rarely talk about the Esoteric dimensions of Man. So it is understandable if a number of people "think" of my explanation as speculation, or imagination. Enlightened Souls will always be a minority of any population... just because that's the way Life is.

The symbol "CDKA&EU" "stands for" ones relative level of Spiritual Knowledge... and the entire process by which it is accumulated is mostly Esoteric [takes place at a level that is not intellectual]. That portion of this process that is not Esoteric can be easily observed, but to try and connect physical dots with the Esoteric process for which the physical serves as symptoms.... is impossible to do. This mystical process takes place within a person automatically. And this takes place over many, many lifetimes... emphasis on "many lifetimes"! A Soul's rise upon the Ladder of Life is very slow, and quite difficult. Mystics refer to this physical plane as a vale of tears...because this plane is painful. Life on this physical plane is hard and often quite harsh. But this is precisely how life on this physical plane "NEEDS to be" so that we Souls have an opportunity to work through our lessons of Life [to eventually awaken to the Reality of Life].... our Karma, as it were. Mystics in the past used the example of a gem stone needing to be polished to refer to how we Souls must also be "polished" by the Law of Karma.

But perhaps the "polishing" is more the case of we Souls slowly awakening to who and what we are in Reality, and a slow letting go of the illusion of life to which we are so strongly attached. Becoming "Perfect" is not easily achieved. And the least evolved among is the Intelack

Those individuals who lack a sufficient amount of CDKA&EU are perched on the lower rungs of the Ladder of Life, and this means they will inevitably view the illusion of life and miss entirely the Reality of Life. The illusion of life suggests to them that what they observe is "unfair", "unjust" and that the wealthy need to have their wealth taken and "re-distributed" to the poor. It would never occur to the Intelack that people who are wealthy have "EARNED" the right to be wealthy by having been more than generous over many lifetimes. And now the Intelack wants to take their wealth from them.

The Intelack or Liberal, can't help but interfere in the lives of those Souls who are more Enlightened than themselves. And the more Enlightened Souls [at least in the West] have been kept in the dark regarding the REALITY of Life.

The term Intelack can be [researched here].


If one can appreciate that life is a constant battle between good and evil, and one can chose good...[and tell the difference between good and evil], one is Enlightened. And one needs to be thankful that Life exists, because without it, we Souls would not exist.

Although the reality of intuition is little discussed in the West, and certainly in America, the faculty of intuition is an amazing and powerful tool of Man. The truly evolved Souls operate primarily with intuition, and only use thinking when required to communicate on the physical plane with people lacking access to intuition.