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Conflict Resolution Outside Normal Education

CRONE is the teaching process of "I-Ed" [research Here ]

OK... what does "Conflict Resolution Outside Normal Education" mean? Well, to answer this question is not as easy as it is to list the terms of this acronym... Because the answer involves those elements of Man that the brain cannot perceive, and thus, modern education [as a system or practice confined primarily to Intellectualism], is being encouraged by many in education today who [unknown to themselves of course] naturally avoid the emotionality of Man due to a natural and non-conscious fear operating from deep Within the MIND realms of these people. This pattern of avoidance of emotionality is a "condition" that affects a certain type personality. One symptom of this condition is that a person is naturally confined to the "malady of Intellectualism". That is, such people are cut off from their emotions to various degrees. The most extreme example of this condition would be the 'sociopathic' and the 'psychopathic' personalities.
So, what education fails to appreciate is that the practice of education today is systematically denying a large portion of what makes Man, Man. This is the primary [causal factor] driving those who are pushing for Common Core]. That is, the people pushing for Common Core are people who [unknowingly] fear the Esoteric dimensions of Man, and they prefer a curriculum that intentionally punishes creativity and spontaneity in children. Common Core seems like an ideal solution to the Intelack type personality: Research Here.

So, the real 'Causal' behind much of the 'conflict' of young people is psychological [or emotion-based], and manifests in physical symptoms of behavior. To address the behavior alone is to miss the cause of the behavior entirely, and to focus on behavior unnecessarily exacerbates the misperceptions held Within the MINDs of children.
I believe a "conflict" is an unresolved problem Within the MIND of a person, and that the physical behavior of a person is a 'symptom' of the repressed emotional conflict that causes a person distress. Most often, the "cause" of a conflict is difficult to discover for modern mental health [because modern mental health (or "BS&bp" research here) denies the MIND of Man], that drugs have become the common solution for conflicts. What if what causes a person's conflict could be discovered and eliminated by "proper" [although unusual] education? This is the purpose of CRONE [or "I-Ed"]. To do this properly, it would be necessary to discover what is "causing" a person's Conflict.... and this "causal" will usually be found within a person's MIND realm via competent psychotherapy. However, there are few capable of such psychotherapy today, so we need an alternative. And my recommendation would be CRONE. Misperceptions will always be taken-on by a child at the time of birth. This is both natural and necessary. But... the impact of the repressed misperceptions Within a child can be lessened considerably by a teacher trained in encouraging a child's natural Intuition [an aspect of Spirituality] by providing what Carl Rogers called "unconditional positive regard".

This perfectly natural process that takes place at the time of birth... is part of how a child's MIND uses aspects of the MINDs of the parents to develop the self-image and personality of the child. This bit of knowledge was abandoned in the early 1900s when B.F. Skinner insisted that there was nothing Within Man that could account for the present behavior of Man.

Unfortunately Skinner as an Intelack type personality [Research Here], whose fear of the "unknown" dimensions Within his own MIND caused him to project his fear as "denial that the MIND even exists". Unfortunately there are many people on Earth who view life just as Skinner did. That the deeply repressed fear that drove Skinner to believe what he believed is the same fear of the unknown Within the MINDs of many people today is indeed unfortunate. But it nonetheless exists, and it continues because there is no way to observe this "condition" of a person simply by looking at a person. This condition is not a matter of IQ, or education, or environmental conditioning... it is a maturational condition of a person's Soul... and this moves the condition into an entirely different [even fearful] level of concern, understanding, and evaluation. If a person is not familiar with [and even Knowledgeable concerning] the Law of Karma and that of Reincarnation, then that person would automatically deny and resist both of these basic realities of Life... as well as the notion that deeply repressed misperceptions Within the MIND of Man can cause conflicts in a person's thoughts and behaviors.

The "one life to live" notion pushed by many sects of Christianity has done dreadful harm to mankind, and prevented the natural maturational growth of Man in the West, and in America. And this error in the misinterpretation of the Bible has contributed to the many misunderstandings of Man in the fields of psychology, sociology and education. It also contributed to the pubic ignorance which accepted the insane ideas of Skinner in his time, and Common Core in our present culture. The one-dimensional view of Man leads people to worship the brain, and deny three-fourths of the whole of Man.
3."Outside" normal education simply means going beyond the current operational limits of education. Current education celebrates the brain and its thinking, and Intellectualism [explained here]. As a result of this, "traditional" education has little interest in the faculty of Intuition [a crucial element of Man, and the ONLY means by which a human being can access the Esoteric [or ordinarily invisible] dimensions of Man, one of which is the MIND, which is responsible for the Conflicts so many children exhibit].

4."Normal" refers to that which is familiar and commonly practiced.
5."Education" refers to a process of learning and discovery. However, education whether by design or simply its nature, naturally pursues what the brain and thinking is capable of perceiving. This "normal" pursuit of the brain, when allowed to exercise itself naturally, will automatically eliminate the three-quarters of Man that are not capable of being perceived by the brain or physical senses of Man. The Esoteric portions of Man I refer to as the Intramanus [portions of] Man, are the internal non-physical dimensions of Man which comprise 3/4ths of the whole of each human being. That which I-Ed is designed specifically to reveal via "Intuition".

Since conflicts are contained in and are caused by the MIND, CRONE is the acronym for the "concept" behind the "proper education" necessary to facilitate a person in the discovery of his or her faculty of Intuition, which is the only way a person has for accessing [experiencing] the subtle non-physical energies that comprise what I refer to as the "INTRAMANUS" [research Here] portions of Man.
Man is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate dimensions, all of which operate cooperatively as the "whole" of Man. However, there are two primary elements that enable this cooperation. One I refer to as the Apapsyche [explained Here]. The second element is the MIND within Man [explained here].

A MIND was attached to every Soul when the Soul entered the Creation. The MIND provided each Soul an opportunity to engage in duality. The MIND has two natures. One is the Yang, male, out-going energy, and the other is the Yin, female, in-going energy. These two natures of the MIND allow the Soul, by using the MIND, to explore the duality of Creation. The good and evil of Life, in other words.

What does "Inner Education" mean? Well, this is where the new concepts of INTRAMANUS; CRONE; And "I-Ed" push the envelope of convention. We in America have been told that we cannot discover the Esoteric dimensions within us for so long, that hardly anyone questions being told this any longer. It is easier to simply ignore the three "invisible" portions hidden within ourselves than to experience the frustration of trying to find these via thinking.

But denial does absolutely nothing to deal with the "conflicts" of the MIND that are causing people pain and suffering. For years, I have wondered how it is of benefit to Americans to suffer.... just so those in BS&bp can pretend they know what they are doing? After 30 years... I have concluded that there is no benefit to Americans at all in this illogical process.

So, we have launched the new concept of I-Ed , which involves CRONE [Conflict Resolution Outside Normal Education]. AND THIS NEW PROGRAM HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH MENTAL HEALTH, OR PSYCHOLOGY, SO..... let us not hear cries of complaint that we are somehow stepping on the shoes of BS&bp [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology"].

In other words, until and unless you are "ready" to let go of the notion that your brain and its thinking is the only way for you to communicate with yourself, you remain locked into your brain... which is easily controlled by your MIND, which may want you to remain in conflict... rather than expose what it holds hidden within itself?

You see, "thinking about" your conflict is the approach of modern mental health. That is, the silly notion that you can "think" yourself free of your conflict. And this would be fine, if your conflict had anything to do with your brain or its thinking? But your "conflict" is taking place in spaces your brain cannot perceive.

Your conflict is between your MIND [which is not your brain], and your Apapsyche [the Operational Energy of your Soul], which is certainly not part of your brain. And of crucial importance... your conflict is due to a misperception held within your MIND. [HOW DO I KNOW THIS?] I discovered this in 1978, as a consequence of my own course of psychotherapy, and in observing this in clients and students over 30 years of practice as a psychotherapist.

So, to imagine that you can resolve your conflict by thinking about it, or talking about it, is quaint, but fully irrational and destined to fail..... Leaving you with your only alternative being that of drugs. Let us all say NO to drugs!!

This web site is being revised to support this new EDUCATIONAL APPROACH to helping people eliminate conflicts in their lives. The program is called "I-Ed", and the instructional method is called CRONE, and what is being discovered are bits of truth from within ones Apapayche [which is part of what the term INTRAMANUS stands for. In other words...., we are introducing a new method of teaching people how to awaken bits of truth from within themselves which, once discovered, automatically eliminate the basis for the conflicts in their lives.
You bet it is.
The concept of CRONE is simply this: What you need to self-resolve your conflict is "INNER EDUCATION", or I-Ed. I have written a book for you to read and to engage in the exercises contained in that book. The book provides you with new truths with which you can shift [release from] your old attachments to mistaken ideas, and to embrace new truths that should eliminate your conflict... not just temporarily, but permanently. And if it does not work, then you can contact me directly, and we can help you clarify what you missed doing. And our email work is free to you. How's that for a good deal?

The book:

Patterson, James [Brother James],CRONE: Conflict Resolution Outside Normal Education, A Prent's Guide to helping their children, available:, Here.