Pronounced: [C_etcetera]

The symbol C'etc stands for: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding [or the Virtues of Life], which, when fully acquired by a Soul [this process of accumulating C'etc is called "Spiritual Evolution," and as a consequence of accumulating C'etc one's Soul becomes Enlightened. The ultimate goal of which is to achieve Wisdom [Perfection]... and to imagine a person achieves this in just one lifetime, is quite silly.
The reason I created the symbol C'etc is that the last term that stood for the "Virtues of Life" was most likely that of Consciousness, coined by the ancient Greeks. Since that time, the term "consciousness" has been used for so many things [that are clearly not Esoteric], that the term "consciousness" no longer has any useful meaning to Man.

"C_ etcetera" stands for: Conscience; Discretion; Knowledge; Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding., and these are my labels for the Virtues of Life which every Soul is slowly accumulating over many, many lifetimes.

And yes, you read "lifetimes," as in multiple lifetimes, which means Reincarnation, which is a concept that is well-known in Eastern mysticism, but pretty much denied and ignored in the West]. One might ask why is this the case? And if this question is truly of interest to you, then by all means pursue the answer to this question with gusto
But for me, the question of Reincarnation is no longer a question, and it has not been a question for over 40 years. that in the West we have been grossly misinformed about the Reality of Life... to "fit" the dogma of the religion of Christianity: Which encourages us to believe that the Soul only lives one time. And, this belief is simply patently incorrect. But to be honest, Christianity has not been as forthcoming as it might have been regarding the "creating" of the story of Christianity by the Popes between the 5th and 15th centuries A.D.

To be specific, there are multiple stories about how Man "fits" into the Reality of Life. And for those Souls whose Spiritual Evolution causes them to be comfortable with Christianity, the story of Christianity is playing itself out over a 2,000+ year story-line: Which places Mankind in the beginning of the last seven years of Christianity [Often spoken of as the "End Times"]. As soon as a Peace Agreement is signed between Israel and the Palestinian authority, we begin 3.5 years to the presentation of the Anti-Christ, then 3.5 years of war, culminating in Armageddon, at which time Christ will return; destroy those who are seeking to destroy Israel; and Christ will rule the Earth for a period of 1,000 years. My question is this: What happens then? The Christian has one idea, but that idea does not square with the larger Plan of God for those Souls who want to return back to God… Not just continue to live in the Creation. Admittedly such Souls are rare, but they do exist.

Even more appealing to me is the story of Eastern Mysticism [which dates back some 4,500 years], which parallels the story of Christianity [all stories are occurring at the same time]. In the East, as many [if not more people] believe in both the Law of Karma, and Reincarnation [the two basic Laws of Creation], as there are people in the West who do not believe in the mystical Reality of Life.

The fact is, the whole Purpose of Life is for we Souls to explore and experience everything NEUTRAL SPIRITUAL ENERGY , or NSgy, can be? We Souls are aspects of God, projected by God into the void to both study and develop Creation… so that we may discover what God is; what God can do; and what God can be? You see, think about it for just a moment: Being "Neutral," what would you see if you looked into a mirror? You would see Nothing, or a void… which is what the Creation was before it became the Creation.

But, I do not expect most people will be open to this explanation, and that is quite OK. My primary point is to simply introduce the reader to the symbol "C'etc" which "stands for" bits of Truth each Soul is slowly accumulating to its Apapsyche by "completing" Karma over many, many lifetimes. Read about Karma here.

Thanks for researching this new term. If you find any of this interesting, there is more to research here.

Brother James