Welcome to CHOICE...

by 1-BrotherJames
By "Choice" I mean this is your landing spot, from which you can explore any part of my web site that is of interest to you."

But first... Try this:... pg-ed.com A new approach to a Non-psychology based education that is intended to help Man alleve and eliminate anxiety via education!

Topics by name or label:

1. APAPSYCHE [Operational Energy of the Soul].

2 BS&bp or Modern Mental Health

3. C-Awar, or Conscious Awareness, or "C-Awar".

4.A. Democrat Psychology

4 C'etc or the Values of Life/Consciousness.

5 Homosexuality, is a mental illness

6 Phobic-D personality defined...

7 Intuition Insight, Awareness of Apapsyche.

8 Hodgepodge or a host of things...

9 MIND... Is certainly not the brain

10 NSgy.. Neutral Spiritual Energy, primordial Energy of God

11 PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder...What is it?

12 Books Resources

13 "EsoPsychED" .


Adding as it needs to grow