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[A Soft warning regarding this page, this website, and my work in general]: Unlike modern mental health, my writing weaves back and forth between what is physical, and what is Esoteric [which means part of the "invisible" dimensions of Man]: The MIND and Spiritual dimensions. So much of my work [at least the concepts behind my explanations] will likely be unfamiliar..

Modern mental health and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology" [let us henceforth refer to the fields of "psychology" and mental health by use of the symbol "BS&bp"[Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology"]. BS&bp pursues a study of Man, and the "psychology" of Man based on a physical study of Man which means a study absent the Esoteric three-quarters of Man: The dimensions of which are hidden Within the invisible aspects of Man. These are the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of Man.

The term Within, in bold and italic , reminds us that these normally invisible elements or dimensions of Man are invisible to the brain [ but they can be accessed by the faculty of Intuition of Man... under special circumstances. In the early 1900s, B.F. Skinner, and a group of behavioral scientists, who studied the behavior of animals, then speculated about what in the physical environment of the animal might be ["causing" their behavior"]? These people wanted their work, which was entirely based on Intellectualism [absent what the dictionary refers to as "emotionality"], to be recognized as part of the field of Psychology. To imagine such a thing took quite a lot of ignorance, in my opinion. Since these behavioral scientists knew absolutely nothing about the Psychology of the ancient Greeks?

The Greek term "psyche" is defined as "Self, Soul, and Mind". All invisible dimensions of Man.
Prior to this, the field of Psychology was very particular who they allowed to present themselves as a Psychologist. For some 2,000 years Psychology was known as a study of the Esoteric dimensions of Man. That is, those parts of Man that the brain cannot experience nor discover.

But over the last century, many fields have dramatically changed. Today, not one in a thousand licensed psychologists knows what the MIND of Man is; where it is located, or what it does? This is the result of reducing the requirements that people trained in Psychology be required to undergo an extensive experiential understanding of their own MINDs -- via an extensive course of Psychotherapy [or psychoanalysis]. The reason for this requirement in the first place was that enlightened individuals realized that no one can awaken to his or her own MIND... until one experiences that MIND from Within itself, as facilitated by someone fully knowledgeable of his or her own MIND realm. And how this is done is too involved for this page.

There is no possible alternative to this requirement. However, the simple strong desire of a person can be satisfied by his or her MIND, as it feeds Delusional Thinking to his or her brain... that convinces the person that his or her brain can [OF COURSE] provide the same training. Alas, it is not possible to convince such people that they lack anything at all. And they are prompted [unknowingly by their MINDs] that there is nothing the brain cannot know. This belief serves as a psychological imperative for them.

It is important to remember that the MIND is not physical [like the brain], and that the only way to explore and experience the MIND is by use of ones faculty of Intuition: And Intuition is not being taught in education, nor in BS&bp today. And ones Intuition is the only way one can experience ones MIND or ones Spiritual dimension, since both of these Esoteric dimensions of Man are invisible to the brain and ones physical senses. Unfortunately there is a type of person I refer to as the Intelack type personality [research Here], and the number of Intelack type personalities in BS&bp today is huge. This will not change any time soon.

The symbol "DM=SI" = [or stands for] Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity. Fritz Perls, in his book In and Out the Garbage Pail, spoke to this phenomenon of the MIND using the term "Scotoma," which he said was a "blind spot" and that this was well known in the field of mental health. I have not found this to be true, nonetheless, he also said that this phenomenon was capable of preventing a person from "seeing" or "hearing" certain things, and that this was to "protect" the person from being exposed to these certain things. He then left his statement at that. He did not explain what Scotoma was, nor did he explain what "caused" this phenomena. In other words, he spoke to the 'behavioral' observations of the phenomena, and offered no further explanation.

Let us fill-in the blanks in Perl's story. The human MIND possesses an ability to block a person's awareness of certain words, or the emotional-stimulation of certain events from a person's awareness... In that, the emotional traumata held deeply repressed Within a person's MIND are prevented from being stimulated by these "outside" elements. This is a fact, but it is not a fact that is part of the curriculum of "behavioral psychology," because BS&bp follows the Delusional Thinking of B.F. Skinner in the early 1900s, in which he simply denied both the MIND of Man and the Spiritual dimension of Man.

From the book: B.F. Skinner: The Man and His Ideas, by Evans, Richard I. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co. 1968, Skinner is quoted as saying:

"A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior."

For me, it is obvious that Skinner was fearful of his own MIND, and that his lack of enlightenment [which means his Soul was relatively new to the form of human being] prevented him from realizing how presumptuous he was forcing his ideas on Psychology. But then, those in Psychology must assume responsibility for their own denial of Reality.

The subject of this page is "DM=SI" [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity], or the primary defense mechanism of the MIND, which involves almost every action a person takes. The DM=SI is obviously quite important, and yet, this crucial operation of the MIND is virtually unknown in BS&bp today, because BB&bp has denied the Esoteric dimensions of Man for about a century. An awful lot of Reality can be forgotten in a century of denial.

The fact is, the DM=SI of the MIND can feed Delusional Thinking, or D-Think, to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, and [due to a process too involved to describe here], the brain is unable to differentiate its own thinking from the D-Thing being fed to it. As a consequence, the brain "thinks" that what it thinks is true. The "SI" part of DM=SI stands for "Subtle Insanity," and the insanity bit refers to the fact that a person is [unknowingly] lying, and since he or she isn't aware of doing so, well, this constitutes a subtle form of insanity. The range of "SI" is quite extensive, and it runs from the example just given to include the blockage of awareness of emotionality of the sociopath and psychopath. It is all part of the DM=SI of the MIND.


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