The Democrat Psychology

What is it that makes a Democrat?

Well... let us begin with a simple statement that is not well known! There are two basic types of people on Earth. Let us refer to one of these as the "Phobic-D" type person, and the other type as an Enlightened type individual. 2-Types...

A Democrat is born [with a natural disposition toward fear, and this means an intense fear of Truth, and a deep-seated fear of any expression of Spiritual Energy]. And what causes these fully non-conscious fears [ the Phobia part of "Phobic-D type personality"], is a lack of Consciousness ! The question then becomes what is "Consciousness"? The term Consciousness is the name we give to those people whose Souls have acquired a high level of "Enlightenment," and Enlightenment means a certain level of Knowledge [ Earned by a Soul over many, many lifetimes by COMPLETING Karma]! And the Law of Karma was designed by God to apply to all living things in the Creation. In fact, the Law of Karma is the primary Law of Life. And the Purpose of Life is for every Soul to slowly acquire bits of Knowledge by the Completion of Karma. And of course this means we Souls have as many lifetimes in which to acquire such Karma as we Souls require? Research the term Reincarnation.

What I have just shared may be in conflict with the religious teaching of some religions? Not every religion teaches the full explanation of the Reality of Life. But well over half the world is aware of and believes fully in what I have just shared.

Peace, 1-Brother James

WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS... explained in a way that is easy to comprehend? Alas, there is no "easy" way to verbally explain what Consciousness is, other than to say is is the gradual completion of KARMA, which means the Law of Karma, which is the Law that governs the life of every living thing in Creation... and once Completed, the Yin and Yang are combined to form Knowledge, or bits of Truth. And if one is not aware of the terms Reincarnation, Transmigration, and the fact that the Purpose of Life is for we Souls to slowly rise in our accumulation of Consciousness by slowly completing Karma..[ which means acquiring Knowledge [Consciousness],. then one quite probably does not have an active access to one's faculty of Intuition , which is a natural part of what is awakened "Within" oneself as one's Soul slowly acquires Consciousness, or C'etc, which is my symbol for Consciousness and the Virtues of Life.