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Esoed4WHB = Esoteric Education for the Whole Human Being
A New [Enlightened] Approach to both Helping and Educating we Human Beings to be the best we can be

....As the world changes, I hesitate to suggest "grows" [as in matures], those human beings who seek Truth, and Reality... must always adapt themselves to those who would resist, subvert, and even destroy them... and civilization itself, in a MIND-driven lust for some ideological [and delusional] goal... as an attempt to quell the unknown fears hidden "Within" their MINDs. Which is often the case with Souls tht are not, as yet, Enlightened enough to see the difference between good and evil.

I refer to such individuals as Domiphobic type individuals.

To assist those seeking Truth, and who are Enlightened, I am introducing what I refer to as "EsoPsychEd," [or "Esoed4WHB"] which is an entirely new form of education based on utilizing and incorporating the Whole of Man. Or... the Whole Human Being, or WHB. Based, in other words, on the Reality that every human being is composed of four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical.

These four dimensions are [from inside out]: The Spiritual dimension; the Higher MIND dimension (also called the Causal Plane); the Lower MIND dimension (also called the Astral plane); and the physical plane, which is the only plane the brain can perceive [crucial point].

This means, of course, that three-quarters of Man are invisible to [and inaccessible to] the brain and physical senses. Does this also mean that traditional education is designed to "teach" one-quarter of Man? Well, that's interesting, isn't it?

Does this mean that modern mental health [which insists that the only part of Man that matters is the physical part of Man] is wrong? That is, alas, what it means. So, America has been led down an incorrect and improper mental health path for over a century. And I will add further introduction to the new concept of "EsoPsychEd" and/or "Esoed4WHB" shortly. Meanwhile, if interested, you can do your own background research into the Esoteric aspects of Man by reading from the websites below... many of these books are available from the Internet... Peace, Brother James.

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