A Definitive Look at the Psychology of this Illness
The reason so many people fail to comprehend what Homosexuality is... is that modern mental health, or what is known to many as the oxymoron "behavioral psychology," ceased dealing with the Esoteric or "invisible" dimensions of Man in the early 1900s. If interested in this, I speak to it Here .

You see, for 2,000 years, psychology was an "inside" profession. That is, the training of people in the field of psychology was a process that required a person to discover, deal with, and overcome [more specifically 'rise above'] the natural [but normally non-conscious] operations of the MIND...[which, and let the reader remember this point... your MIND is not your brain]. Your brain is physical... and part of your physical body. But your MIND is composed of two Esoteric, or subtle, non-physical dimensions that exist simultaneously Within the Whole of yourself... but your MIND CANNOT be perceived by your brain, or your physical senses... simply because your MIND operates on levels which your brain will never be able to perceive. Your MIND is [and will ALWAYS be] invisible to your brain, in other words.-- How do you study that which is invisible? You use that part of yourself that is itself invisible [which is your faculty of Intuition].

The MIND of Man stores, mysteriously processes, and is responsible for dealing with the many deeply repressed misperceptions, and traumatic events that occur to people]. This forms the body of deeply repressed traumata that is held hidden, and repressed Within people's MINDs. _________ To access this deeply repressed phenomena, one must be facilitated by someone specifically trained is traversing the invisible avenues of the MIND. And this must be done while one is in a disembodied state of Consciousness. NOW... Who do you know that is known for helping people do this?

Those psychotherapists capable of doing this in America today might number as many as 1% of those currently licensed in "psychology" Such qualified and admittedly unusual individuals are dying off much faster than they can be replaced accidentally. And by 'accidentally,' I mean people who, despite BS&bp doing its best to insure that actual qualified people are never licensed, mistakenly license Enlightened individuals who are clever enough to retain their Intuition... and pass the strictly intellectual criteria of licensure. But, they dare not advertise themselves as capable of doing what is needed... because to do so would bring APA gestapo down on them quickly.

_________The level of fear of the Esoteric [that is, unknown] dimensions of Man] are so frightening to the Intelack type in BS&bp, that they literally will try to get rid of people who are naturally gifted with Empathetic Understanding, or are Enlightened individuals. They are discouraged and drummed out early in training.

There are many gifted, Enlightened, and competent individuals in America who must work in the shadows of mental health and "psychology" today... because these fields are controlled and patrolled by Intelack individuals [and the term Intelack means Souls lacking in Consciousness]. So anyone who is naturally insightful, or Spiritually Enlightened, represents a threat to those trained in BS&bp today. "BS&bp"? Behavioral Science and the oxymoron 'behavioral psychology". Discussed Here .

On the other hand, if you have no idea what the MIND is, and fear revealing anything that might be repressed Within your own MIND... And you fear your emotions, then you are perfect for licensure in BS&bp. Problem is, if successful in becoming licensed... you will unknowingly be responsible for Veterans committing suicide in ever increasing numbers. More on this Here .

But back to the mental health issue of Homosexuality. The ONLY WAY to know what causes the illness of Homosexuality is to KNOW what psychological factors are active Within the MIND of the Homosexual? Now, if you begin with the premise that there is no MIND... as BS&bp does, how do you discover what causes Homosexuality? Well, you don't... which is the reason BS&bp insists that the cause is biological, physiological, behavioral, or perhaps it represents a third sexual form that God forgot to mention? The only thing BS&bp is convinced of... is that Homosexuality is not psychological. Again, BS&bp is controlled by Intelack type people who have no idea how much they fear the MIND, and specifically what is hidden Within their own MINDs?

The last thing the BS&bp trained individual wants is to be told is that he or she has a MIND, and that this MIND is capable of causing them to think whatever the MIND wants them to think.

Does this sound a bit far-fetched? Of course it does. When have you heard any mental health "expert" definitively explain how the MIND of the Homosexual works? Remember, BS&bp trained people are taught to deny, ignore, and avoid any mention of the MIND. Or, if forced to speak of the MIND, then to say that the field is quite hopeful of discovering the MIND any day now... if only they had a bit more money with which to cut the brain into smaller pieces?

Place against this lame platitude the fact the ancient Greeks explained the MIND, definitively, over 2,000 years ago.

So, in the early 1900s, by dropping the PROPER TRAINING of the Psychotherapist, the field of "mental" health ceased dealing with the "mental"... and began dealing with a purely intellectual approach to Man, where speculation and numbers of noted occurrences of behavior began to be listed as diseases, with the symptoms that "proved" the existence of an illness... for which the medical professional quickly found drugs that cut people off from their own emotions, thus proclaiming such people CURED.

And let us just ignore the "side" effects of the drugs, or that people who used to have unwanted behaviors now began experiencing strange physical illnesses. Of course, since the intelack type people [in denial of emotionality] simply could not "see" the connection between repressing mental illness chemically resulting in people developing physical illnesses, they certainly did not see themselves as responsible for the physical illnesses of people. Convenient, isn't it?

There is one central causal for Homosexuality. That is a confused sense of ones own sexual identity, and by confused... I mean a conflicted sense of oneself due to misperceptions taken on from one or both parents at the time of ones birth. Now couple that with the Law of Karma, which causes people to be attracted to one another, and with this conflicted sense of ones own sexuality, this natural Karmic attraction is turned into something sexual. Finally, place BS&bp in charge of "helping" such people [based on the premise that there is nothing Within a person that could cause the person to be confused]... and you have the perfect storm.
Ignorance and fear Within deluded mental "experts" who must blame Homosexuality on something physical, simply skirt the issue by accepting that no one knows what the cause is, so let us just use drugs. That way we can say we did something.
Does everyone now feel more comfortable, since no one is responsible for anything? And BS&bp can pretend their only job is writing down the address of come medical Dr. for a drug prescription.
Sorry, I say shame on America for not calling BS&bp on its fear, ignorance, and the mess American is in today.
Brother James