Question: How Honest can a person be?

Answer: Oddly enough, the level of a person's honesty is based on how much "Honesty" is stored within the "Apapsyche" of a person. And, I apologize that I cannot provide a simple answer to the question of a person's Honesty. if you are not familiar with the concept of "Apapsyche," [which is the Operational Energy of a person's Soul], then take a bit of time to research Apapsyche . Just click on the high-lighted term.

You see, the problem with dealing with terms that "stand for" absolutes, such as abstract terms like Truth, God, Honesty, among others, is that the "Truth" such terms point to consists of "energies" that cannot manifest on this physical plane. And yes, this is a very difficult concept to try and convey, and it is equally difficult to try and comprehend. So, even before a person can get through this dissertation on Honesty, he/she has to take the time to discover what it is that makes Truth and Honesty so difficult for people to discover?
If Honesty was just a matter of "intellect," or something one could "learn" by reading, or study using ones brain and thinking, then the brightest among us should be the most honest, right? So, how is it that the most intellectual among Man are often the most corrupt and dishonest? Although they are quite subtle and even deviously clever in their dishonesty?

This question has plagued Mankind for centuries. And by use of ones intellect alone, one is unable to discover the answer. The reason is that "Honesty" is not that which the term "Honesty" "stands for". Honesty itself is a vibrational state of being that only certain Souls have achieved the right to exercise. Such a Soul pushes back against his/her MIND, and in doing so, resists the dishonesty that is natural to the MIND. So, Honesty does not exist outside of a person, but is confined to where, on the Ladder of Life, ones Soul is perched? A person's Honesty is a reflection of the Soul of a person, in other words.

In order for a person to be dishonest, his MIND must be able to override his Soul And this is only possible if his Soul has not [as yet] acquired the level of Truth that would enable his Soul to push back agains his MIND. A person must not be "blamed" [or as Christ said "judged"] for the lack of development of his/her Soul [this will come with time. Perhaps many lifetimes, but it will come]. And, if we are aware of a person's inability to be honest, we must not be foolish and place that person in a position where Honesty is required.

Honesty is an accumulation of the Virtues every Soul is slowly acquiring over many, many lifetimes. It is acquired by first doing an action against another, and then having that same action taken against oneself... and whether the "Karma" is "completed" or not depends upon whether one can "accept" responsibility for the action taken against oneself. Since we cannot "see" the past, to forgive those who "trespass" us is very difficult to do. Our tendency is to get upset, angry and seek revenge. This just creates a new Karmic debt, and it must come around again. It takes many lifetimes to rise even a little ways up the Ladder of Life.

The secret then appears to be, exercise forgiveness and tolerance... just in case.


Brother James