[Inward - Education]


"Inward", or "within" refers to the 3/4ths of Man that the brain will never know [will never "experience"]: The Esoteric dimensions of Man, in other words. But what if some of us could discover the 'unknown" parts of ourselves by "Proper Education"? Would we be brave enough to do so?

Modern education can teach us anything the brain can "think" about...using "abstract terms". What we were never told, as part of our educational process, is that 3/4ths of ourselves cannot be discovered by our brains and thinking! Bet you didn't know that, right?

CRUCIAL CONCEPT .... Virtually unknown to most people [including those in modern mental health] is the fact that the MIND can cause the brain to think it knows things it can't possibly know.... such as ones own MIND, for instance. Or God, Soul, Truth, Spirituality, Love, and other "Absolutes". And none of us were taught this crucial distinction between the brain and MIND in school.

The same reason modern mental health [or BS&bp], teaches us that the brain can know everything we need to know about the psychology of Man... is the same reason education fails to teach us about Intuition, or that use of our Intuition is the ONLY way to discover the 3/4ths of ourselves that are not physical. And that reason is something I refer to as the Malady of Intellectualism, or "M-I" [Research Here] That is, the vibrational energy of 'higher truths' is such that they cannot be perceived by the brain or physical senses, and they can only be perceived by ones faculty of Intuition.. although Intuition is so subtly different from thinking, that most people are unable to differentiate between 'thinking' and 'Intuition'. So, most teachers do not teach this because they don't know this.

Again, pretty much unknown to most people is that the majority of the population does not have an easy access to their Intuition. So, they cannot experience what those who have access to Intuition can experience. And those who do possess access to their Intuition rarely realize they are unusual....nor do they realize that when they share what they Intuit with others...the others may only comprehend the "abstract labels" they are using to point to what they have subtly experienced. And this causes people who cannot "experience" higher truths to mistakenly "think" they know these higher truths because they know the 'abstract labels' being used to point to these higher truths. I refer to this phenomena as Delusional Thinking, which is explained here.

You see...the subtle Esoteric energies that some [evolved or "Enlightened"] people can "experience" are subtle vibrational energies whose vibrational resonances are such that the brain cannot perceive them. These evolved or Enlightened people are not "thinking" about these subtle energies using their brains [because these subtle energies are not capable of being perceived by the brain or physical senses]. These evolved people are "experiencing" these subtle vibrational energies via their Intuition. And this experiencing is actually a person awakening to bits of Truth [or Knowledge] from Within him or herself.
Intuition is part of ones Spiritual dimension, so it is special, subtle, and little known. Intuition is also the ONLY way for Man to "experience" the vibrational energies of the 3/4ths of Man that are not physical, and thus, not capable of being perceived by ones brain or physical senses. Which is what science and modern mental health want us to limit ourselves to.

Now, be honest... when is the last time [if ever] you have run across this rather crucial information? And speaking of "information", we must clearly point out and acknowledge among ourselves that information will never add-up to Knowledge.

In other words, as the mystic once said: A person can read every book on religion every written, and this person will be no closer to Truth or Spirituality than when he/she started.

And the reason is that Spirituality must be "caught", it cannot be taught. Spiritual Energy cannot manifest within the physical dimension of Life.

Information is the language of this physical plane. It is common, normal, and used by almost everyone all the time. On the other hand, KNOWLEDGE only exists within your Apapsyche , or the Operational Energy of your Soul. Again, your Apapsyche is only accessed via your Intuition.

We human beings must begin to look at ourselves in a new, more enlightened way. We human beings are not all the same. The Core Energy Our Souls are equal... but the "condition" or "evolution" of each Soul is unique to each Soul. That is, some Souls are new or relatively new to the form of human being, and other Souls are more mature, having lived more lifetimes as a human being. This is simply the way Life is.
A Soul that has experienced many, many lifetimes as a human being and has maintained a steady love of God, will have acquired a sufficient amount of CDKA&EU [Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding], or C'etc, the Virtues of Life each Soul is slowly acquiring to enable it to ascend the rungs of the Ladder of Life, or LOL. I also refer to this acquisition of C'etc as Enlightenment.
This means that there are two basic and fundamentally different types of people on Earth. One type is the "Thinker" type individual [whose Soul is perched on the lower rungs of the Ladder of Life, or LOL], and the second type is the "Enlightened" type individual, whose Soul is perched upon the higher rungs of the Ladder of Life. And of course, you can't tell who is who by simply looking.
These two different types of Souls are differentiated by how much C'etc a Soul has acquired. [C'etc is acquired as a result of "completing Karma"]. And an "adequate amount" of C'etc would normally require many, many lifetimes to acquire. So, we can say that some people on Earth have Souls that are less Enlightened that other Souls, and only those Souls who are more Enlightened can tell the difference between Souls. And presently on Earth, hardly anyone realizes this situation exists? Because during the Iron Age of Man, the age we are currently going through, the dominant resonance on Earth is a negative energy that draws to it those Souls who "need" to engage in and explore the experiences of negativity. So, in this Iron Age of Man, it is natural for the Earth to be overrun [so to speak] with Souls whose Fate Karma call for them to engage in various acts of evil.

And this whole concept may be difficult for many to digest. But I am confident it coincides with the teachings of mysticism quite closely.

The numbers of one type [ Intelack] Souls over the other type Soul [Enlightened] varies depending upon which Age of Man is the dominant resonance on Earth? From the first birth as a human being until a Soul acquires an adequate amount of C'etc, that Soul is subject to its MIND, and its MIND is the dominant element in that Soul's exploration of Earth. This is to insure that the Soul adheres precisely to the Fate Karma the Soul has designed for itself to work through on this physical plane. And of course most Souls have no idea that what they are doing is not entirely spontaneous, arbitrary, and mostly accidental. Most people "think" that they possess "free will" to do pretty much what they want to do.
And for those Souls who are under the influence of M-I [Malady of Intellectualism] or the condition wherein they are confined to their brains and thinking as their primary means of comprehending Life [as opposed to having access to Intuition], they are convinced that what they see and think about is the only reality there is.This is, of course delusional... but Delusional Thinking is normal to Intelack people.

This brings us to the difference between the "illusion of life" and the "Reality of Life". For those Souls who are new or relatively new to the form of human being, they are subject to their MINDs [and to M-I], and this means they are caused to "think" that what they see is all there is to life. And in the case of those Souls really new to the form of human being, they are Intelack individuals. And the typical Intelack individual naturally believes that life is unfair, unjust, and that the wealthy need to have their wealth taken and redistributed to the poor.

In other words... in this Iron Age, or the End of the Age in which we find ourselves... there are more and more Intelack Souls incarnating to explore and experience the chaos of evil that is prevalent in this Age. Today, we refer to such people as "liberal", or socialist. In the past, terms such as Marxist, Communist, or fascist were applied to these types of people. Such people "think" this way because they are compensated for their lack of C'etc by possessing an elevated Intellectualism. And of course, they know nothing of their "condition" of "M-I", and having a limited access to Intuition, they are unable to "hear" or "see" anything that would dissuade them from what they believe. This is simply an unfortunate part of the Age in which we live.

What I am suggesting in my work is that it is time for we Souls to recognize this difference and deal with it in a positive and decisive manner. And this is especially true if I am correct regarding what is coming in the End Times, or the End of this Age, spoken of in Revelation in the Bible.

I trust this makes good sense to readers....


Docjp/Brother James

I believe the time for this to change is at hand.... if one hopes to be on hand when Christ returns?