[Intra = (within) & From Sanskrit manu =(mankind)]. Combined, we have: Intramanus = a term that refers to the "invisible," or Esoteric dimensions or portions of Mankind [or the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of Man] that are most commonly referred to as the "Esoteric parts of Man," which many in science believe are unimportant and unknowable. The fact is, the Intramanus portions of Man are crucial to properly comprehend Man, and these dimensions of Man are also capable of being empathetically experienced by properly trained [and Enlightened] individuals.

INTRAMANUS is a new term, coined in 2012, by James W. Patterson [Brother James] to specifically stand for, and point to the "invisible" vibrational dimensions (MIND and Spiritual realms "within" Man), that are quite often said to be not discoverable by Man. What would cause certain people to believe that 3/4ths of the "whole" of Man are not discoverable... and what do I mean by "certain people"? In my work over the last year, I have identified a certain class personality that had not previously been identified. I refer to these people as Intelack class human beings, and this class lacks "C'etc" [research Here ]. The Intelack is pretty much confined to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, and thinking about life, since he/she has little or no access to Intuition, which is the only way to access the subtle bits of truth that are readily available to Enlightened individuals.

Essentially what causes a person to "think" that the invisible parts of Man are not capable of being experienced.... is the fact that not many can do so, and those who can't do so tend to project their inability upon others. You see, there is a class of human being who cannot access the faculty of Man called Intuition, and lacking this faculty, this Intelack class of people, who are often "gifted" with the malady of Intellectualism [research Here, and being confined to the brain and thinking, they simply can't access INTUITION. And, those people who are confined to the brain and thinking as their primary means of discovering or dealing with life.... are convinced that if they cannot discover the invisible parts of themselves, then nobody else can. Is this short-sighted? Yes, but when one can't do something, and ones MIND convinces one that one is "special" and "elite" [due to ones Intellectualism], such people tend to believes this Delusional Thinking. So what many [Intelack] type people believes this: They also believe there is nothing that the brain cannot discover. Such people believe that it is just a matter of time until science discovers how to make the invisible portions of Man visible.

This mistaken notion is what "BS&bp" [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology"] believes regarding the MIND: That the MIND will be found if we just keep cutting the physical brain into smaller and smaller pieces. It is beyond the grasp of the Intelacktype personality to comprehend that not everyone is limited like he/she is, and that some people can "experience" Esoteric phenomena. They simply refuse to accept that there are certain people who are "Enlightened," or that these Enlightened people can experience what the Intelack person cannot.

The fact is... those capable of "experiencing" the "invisible" portions of Man are a distinct minority on Earth today. I refer to such people as "Enlightened" individuals. Or people with Souls that have accumulated a substantial amount of "Consciousness" [explained Here].

In the West, and in America, human beings are raised to focus on a tiny portion of the Reality of Life. We are subtly taught to deny 3/4ths of the whole of ourselves by individuals who truly believe that this physical dimension is the only reality there is. These people believe in the brain because for them, the brain and its thinking is everything there is to "know".

People who are convinced that the physical plane, physical things, and physical thinking is all there is to "know" are Intelack type people [or people who lack various levels of C'etc [explained Here], or are people who unknowingly suffer from PPC explained here.
Perhaps a majority of people are vulnerable to being directed in life by their MINDs, with little or no input from the Consciousness of their Souls, which is stored within the "Apapsyche" of these people. [Research Apapsyche ]. Souls possessing high levels of Consciousness I refer to as Enlightened, and they are a distinct minority in the world today. Much more common to see people who are mostly directed by their MINDs [research MIND Here. And, again,this is a crucial point that is not discussed by modern mental health [or "BS&bp"].

BS&bp fails to discuss the MIND of Man because BS&bp denies and ignores the MIND of Man. The reason for this extraordinary thing was discussed in my book: Death of Psychology That Nobody Noticed [see: This]. This is not good, but it is what exists. And we have to live with this problem. If there is any "bad" in what exists, it is that the Enlightened individuals often do not realize they are hearing a different drummer not because they are mentally "ill", or something is wrong with them.., they are simply awakening to bits of their own Spirituality bubbling up from within higher levels of themselves, and they are not prepared for this. They are "experiencing" INTRAMANUS portions of themselves that others cannot hear, see nor experience... unless the others are, like themselves, awakening to bits of Spiritual "Truth"....[and this concept is really not a part of BS&bp]. It is part of Esochology, but then, Esochology has only been available for people to be exposed to for perhaps a decade or two. And since Esochology is largely Esoteric [invisible to the brain], it is of little interest to most people.

And the "unknown," generally speaking, unintentionally causes fear in people they are unaware they possess.

Not uncommonly, the Enlightened individual who is awakening to the Spirituality within him/herself will experience some level of conflict in their relationships with those they love.... simply because they unknowingly "begin to see" their loved ones as less "honest" or real, and more defensive. What causes this is the "Enlightenment factor": A heightened level of Consciousness they are beginning to possess, that enables them to be more "critical" of negativity, or evil. Alas, it takes quite some time to "learn" how to refrain from speaking out about the dishonesty and evil one is now seeing with an increased awareness.

There just are not many textbooks on how to awaken to ones Spirituality gracefully. Which provides me the title of my next book.

And again.... little of what I am pointing to is readily discernible by the majority of Thinker individuals. Denial of Reality, and thus denial of 3/4ths of themselves [and thus, others] is easy for the Thinker to do. Not only easy to do, it is what their MINDs demand they do.

It is simply not possible for some Thinkers to even access enough Empathy to care about the mistreatment of the Enlightened of the Earth.

Although many argue this point... the natural desires of the MIND are greed, envy and avarice [the many ways in which greed can manifest itself on Earth].
Tenderness, Empathy, Tolerance, Patience, and Forbearance are Virtues that we Souls are SLOWLY acquiring. These are not "either-or" things. Some people possess some of these Virtues, and various levels of these Virtues, and they lack other virtues. But generally speaking, one exercises the Virtues ones has acquired in how one deals with others... or perhaps how one avoids others? The person who has been able to rise above the need to anesthetize him/herself by alcohol or drugs is unlikely to "enjoy" spending time with people who are not really present [or real]?

And thus, yes, the more "Real" one becomes, the more lonely life seems to be... and this is a bummer, but then, this is a relatively small cost to pay for acquiring the "detachment" required to ween oneself from the illusion of life. This is the price one must pay for ones ticket to leave this cycle of birth and death and transition to the permanence of Spiritual Reality.

But again, I am not speaking to everyone. Those who can "hear" know who they are.


Brother James