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The "INTELACK" Personality...

The term "Intelack" is an inclusive term for a certain class of people... who tend to be what we refer to as Democrat/Liberal/Socialist/Marxist/Communist/Sociopathic/Psychopathic/Atheist/Islamic/ or those who [unknown to themselves] use relative truth to avoid Absolute Truth.

Aside from being a handy term for this type of person, the term also incorporates two things that make an Intelack an Intelack. Definition of the term Intelack: The prefix "Inte" from Intellectualism, and "lack" from lack of Conscience. The term Intellectualism means locked into the Left-Hemisphere of the brain and 'thinking,' and unable to access one's emotions. Lack of Conscience...refers to a person whose Soul is new, or newer to the form of human being, and thus, a person who lacks Spiritual Evolution, or the Virtues of Life [explained Here. The "Malady of Intellectualism" [is explained Here].

Definition of the term INTELACK: This term uses the prefix "Inte" from Intellectualism, and the word "lack," as in "lack of C'etc [pronounced "C_etcetera"]-- and [defined Here]-- and C'etc is my symbol for the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance, and Empathetic Understanding, or quite likely what the ancient Greeks referred to as "Consciousness". People who are Intelack type people all lack these Virtues to some degree. And the reason for this is an "immature Soul". That is, A Soul that is new, or relatively new to the form of human being. And yes, this implies that all living things possess a "Soul," and that the level of Consciousness of a Soul corresponds with the evolution of that Soul. The Intelack type individual possesses a Soul that lacks Consciousness.

And here we must quickly explain what Consciousness is, and how it is acquired... which is possible to do, but doing so requires a leap of faith by the reader, because the explanation requires us to consider Esoteric operations of Man that take place at levels which are invisible to ones brain and physical senses. And modern mental health ["BS&bp"] has no words for these subtle operations hidden Within Man because BS&bp denies and ignores the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of Man. Nor do they include the terms, symbols, or concepts found on this page as part of the oxymoron "behavioral psychology".

TWO TYPES OF PEOPLE ON EARTH: Intelack is one and Enlightened the other

Alas, the Intelack type people are quite unaware that they "lack" Conscience, or "C'etc". And yes, all of this is a fairly new psychological concept. This psychological phenomenon takes place entirely Within a person... so it is not discernible by simply looking at someone. And, since we cannot identify the Intelack by simply looking at a person [and these people are often quite intelligent (even deviously clever)], we tend to place these Intelack type people in responsible positions of authority, and then we reap negative consequences.
Some well-known Intelack type individuals from the past were Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Nero of Rome. In very recent history, we have ex-President Obama, and the Clintons. But these are extreme examples of the Intelack condition. More subtle recent examples of the Intelack type personality at work would be those judges whose Delusional MINDs placed America in danger while they, believing that by interfering with President Trump seeking to protect America, they were being loyal to ex-President Obama. This type of thinking is, of course, Delusional, dangerous, and a case of too much unrestricted ego [and too little Conscience], and such "Intelack" people should be of concern to all of us.

On this page I will seek to define, explain, and introduce a relatively new tern to the American lexicon regarding a unique psychological discovery. The term I am Offering is that of "Intelack,"... and this term was coined from my own curiosity... regarding the reason there appears to be two distinctly different, and even opposite types of people on Earth?. The crucial question is... Why do we have some people on Earth who look quite normal, and yet their actions are consistently harmful, hurtful and often evil?

In addition, these people are very adept at rationalizing their evil actions, and these people rarely realize how negative they are, nor do they realize how damaging their thoughts and actions are to mankind. I refer to such people as Intelack type people. And the Intelack type person represents a form of subtle "mental illness," the condition of which is generally identified as "people who lack a Conscience". The term Intellectualism seems to "fit" such people. Research Intellectualism Here. But until now, the Democrat,'Liberal,'Islamist, or Marxist-type person was rarely recognized as having a "mental condition".

And... when confronted about the negativity of their actions, their MINDs cause them to rationalize, justify and excuse their actions intellectually -- often using a most deviously clever use of Intellectualism which is full of historical data, and fails to touch upon the point at hand. Nor do they take any responsibility for their actions, as they hold others responsible. This reinforces our viewing them as liars. The Intelack condition seems confined to Democrat, Liberal,Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Islamist, Terrorist, sociopath, and psychopath type individuals. What such people share in common is a "lack" of Conscience, or Consciousness. This raises three questions: 1. What is Conscience? 2. What is Consciousness? 3. What CAUSES certain people to "lack" Consciousness?


I coined the term Intelack by taking the prefix of Intellectualism [Inte], and combining Inte with the word "lack" [as in a lack of Conscience], and thus, 'Intelack'. And that which is "lacking," is "Conscience"... which is [I believe] a part of "Consciousness,"... and allow me to explain the term Consciousness. I believe the ancient Greeks coined the term Consciousness to refer to a collection of the Virtues of Life that every Soul is slowly acquiring. I refer to the Virtues of Life as Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding. And these are acquired by completing Karma, over many, many lifetimes. Another term for the person who has accumulated substantial Consciousness would be Enlightened.
So, the person whose Soul has acquired a substantial amount of Consciousness is a person who is also Enlightened. But HOW DOES A PERSON ACQUIRE Consciousness and Enlightenment? My term for this acquisition is "C'etc"]... Pronounced ["C_etcetera"], which I will explain shortly.

The Purpose of Life provides a Soul the opportunity to rise above the desires of the MIND, and to obtain his or her "fill" of the Earth plane of existence. And, this of course means having explored this physical plane fully. The point being, for a Soul to return Home to God, that Soul must be ready to embrace the higher [more perfect] Reality of Spirituality. Must have completed a sufficient exploration of Karma so that Soul is 'tired' of what the physical plane has to offer.

THE PROCESS OF ACQUIRING THE VIRTUES OF LIFE, which I refer to as "C'etc", which is a process "built-into" every human being. But this process is Esoteric, or invisible to the brain and even to the MIND [which is itself Esoteric].

Life did not begin 2,000 years ago, at the time of Christianity. In fact, recent archaeological discoveries clearly indicate that the Earth has been inhabited by highly advanced cultures... a very long time ago. Perhaps tens of thousands of years... or more? My question is this: Is it reasonable that Life has no Purpose? And if it does not seem to [as indicated by the chaos present today], perhaps that Purpose has been lost, or is too elusive for the brain to find? Perhaps religions are well-intended, but limited to the level of maturation of the Souls of those who participate in the religion... and reflect the level of human maturation of the time? We have multiple religions, and some are very ancient, while others are relatively new. But how many clearly explain how one's Soul acquires Consciousness?

The key point is that all religions [except Satanism] profess the existence of God, and yet, God remains invisible... just like the three-quarters of Man that modern mental health denies and ignores. Enlightenment brings with it Intuition, which enables one to experience a higher level of Truth.

Let us separate Man into a physical, intellectual part, and an inner part that consists of three invisible dimensions: The Astral body, the Causal body-- which represent the Lower and Higher MIND, and a Spiritual dimension, which we ordinarily refer to as the Soul. So, the whole of Man consists of four simultaneously existing, and yet separate dimensions, each with its own vibrational reality. Only one of these is physical. And that takes us to the symbol "C'etc"... which stands for earned Consciousness, or the Virtues of Life.

The Intelack type personality tends to mirror the definition of Intellectualism [which includes an absence of emotion], in that the Intelack tends to be absent Conscience. The Intelack is an intelligent person, but one who lacks Conscience. The ultimate example of this is the Sociopath. By contrast, the Enlightened individual has access to the faculty of Intuition [which is Spiritual] and a high level of Conscience. Therefore, the Intelack "lacks" C'etc [Consciousness], and this is the reason he or she is subject to the desires of the MIND, which, if not curbed by the Soul, tend to be evil, or negative. The essential difference between the Intelack and the Enlightened individual is how much C'etc a person's Soul possesses? If adequate enough to allow one's Soul to resist the evil of one's MIND, that person is Enlightened. If the amount of C'etc is insufficient to resist the MIND, then that person is subject to the desires of his or her MIND, and such desires are most often negative, harmful, and often quite evil.

This is a gist of why people are either Intelack types, or Enlightened types? And what makes this difference in people is invisible to us, and the only way to determine what one tends to be is this: Those who embrace the negative attributes of envy, or greed, or believe the rich need to be taxed more, and the money given to the poor [the key Delusional belief of Marxism], are Intelack type people. That is, people who are godless, and thus completely ignorant of the Laws of Karma and Reincarnation, and tend to project upon others their own fear of Truth and Spirituality.

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