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The "INTELACK" Personality...

The term "Intelack" is an inclusive term for a certain class of mankind who are naturally disposed toward what we refer to as Democrat/Liberal/Socialist/Marxist/Communist/Sociopathic/Psychopathic/Atheist/Islamic/ or those who are naturally drawn to the evil side of life.

Definition of the term INTELACK: The term Intelack combines Inte from Intellectualism, and the term "lack", as in lack of Consciousness. This type individual is one whose Soul lacks sufficient Consciousness to enable it to resist the negative tendencies of the MIND [symbol of the MIND is... ..., that is, a Soul that is new, or relatively new, to the form of human being. This obviously refers to the term Reincarnation, or the fact that we Souls have as many lifetimes as we need to complete the Purpose of Life.

Until a Soul becomes Enlightened, the person with such a Soul seeks to dominate others by force, or by intellectual manipulation [which the Intelack is often quite deviously gifted]. And I refer to this [not as yet Enlightened type person] by use of the label "Intelack". That is, an individual whose lack of Conscience gives such a person unencumbered pursuit of the negative desires of his or her ("-M-"). And it takes many lifetimes before the ("-M-") attached to a Soul receives sufficient re-education in the various Hells of the Astral Region... before the Soul gains an elevated level of CONSCIENCE [which enables a Soul to exercise control over its ("-M-")].
Of course the Intelack has a Soul, but that Soul is early in its maturation or evolution. Such Souls have not, as yet, spent much time in the various Hells in the Astral Region, where Souls are "taught" to not engage in negative activity like lying, cheating, corruption, sexual perversity, and many forms of evil.
The one thing you can correctly assume is that if you come across a person who refuses to engage in the evil of the Earth, that person has a Soul that has gone to "school" in one or more Hells in the Astral Region of Creation. The various re-education Hells in the Astral Region of Creation do a wonderful job of eliminating evil desires from the ("-M-"). I can imagine how this is done, but I will not speculate here, since I don't really know [perhaps I should say... I can't remember] how this is accomplished? No one escapes this process!

So, what is the Purpose of Life? In essence, it is to enable we Souls an opportunity to gain Wisdom, which means a full realization of what Neutral Spiritual Energy [NSgy] can do, be, and create? Or... experience lots of pain, humiliation, embarrassment, and difficult situations. It is called "growth of the Soul".

Aside from being a handy term for this type of person, the term Intelack also incorporates something that causes such people to be Intelack type individuals. Alas, what such people "lack" is Esoteric, or [invisible to the brain], and thus, not thought by modern education to be worthy of investigation!.
That is, the "Inte" part of Intellectualism and lack, as in lack of Consciousness [research Here ]. Unfortunately, what "causes" a person to be an "Intelack" is a lack of Consciousness... and Consciousness is an aspect of one's level of Enlightenment [or Spiritual Evolution]. If you have not researched the term Consciousness, do a quick read Here].

Sadly, both "Conscience" and "Consciousness" are simply ignored today in education... the reason, alas, is because too many intellectuals fear admitting they have no idea what these terms actually refer to! And their ego and arrogance does not allow them to ask more Enlightened individuals to guest lecture their students, so the welfare of the students remain the more important part of EDUCATION! So, to maintain their ignorance... our children are short-changed!

I say: "This is Not OK" ! But, who am I...?

Intellectualism plus a lack of Conscience = Intelack. And the term lack, means... a lack of Consciousness. That is, locked into the brain and thinking [and unable to access one's faculty of Intuition , due to a lack of Enlightenment, or the symbol "C'etc" "C'etc,.
The symbol "C'etc," pronounced "C_etcetera," is my symbol for the Virtues of Life that all Souls are slowly acquiring over many, many lifetimes: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.

The term Intellectualism means locked into the Left-Hemisphere of the brain and 'thinking,' and the definition for this word usually includes a reference to an absence of access to one's emotions. Couple a person confined to thinking with an absence of C'etc, and you get someone who is an Intelack. The "Malady of Intellectualism" [is explained Here].

The Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance, and Empathetic Understanding, ...which are my labels for these Virtues...are quite likely what the ancient Greeks referred to as "Consciousness". People who are Intelack type individuals all share a lack of [or diminished access to] these Virtues to some degree. And the reason for this is that such people possess an "immature Soul". That is, A Soul that is new, or relatively new to the form of human being. And yes, this implies that all living things possess a "Soul," and that the level of Consciousness of a Soul corresponds with the Spiritual Evolution of that Soul. The Intelack type individual possesses a Soul that lacks Consciousness, and is therefore vulnerable to the desires of the MIND, many of which tend to be negative [or evil].

And it is important to point out that C'etc, or Consciousness has virtually nothing to do with Intellect, I.Q., or education. So, it is quite possible for the Intelack type person to appear as a very intelligent, glib, smart, and even deviously clever individual... whose Soul just happens to lack sufficient C'etc to resist or avoid evil.

Examples of Intelack type people in history would be Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and other evil despots. Presently, two names come to mind: Obama and Hillary Clinton. Again, the Intelack cannot be treated by psychological means, since the Intelack does not have the C'etc to be treated. And life in prison only prevents that person's Soul from receiving the help Hell would provide the MIND of the Soul of the Intelack type individual.

Of course if you do not believe in Reincarnation, or that we Souls are all slowly growing and maturing, well then, you quite likely would not believe in what I have written here. And, that is quite OK. My explaining the Intelack type personality is for those who are Enlightened enough to realize that all Souls have as many lifetimes as they need to achieve the Purpose of Life.
Peace, Brother James
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