A new, and extraordinarily Enlightened step forward in education.
If you are concerned about COMMON CORE.... Common Core is the exact opposite of what children need by way of education.

*Intuengnosis: Pronounced "Intuen_nosis" [the g is silent]: Intu from Intuition + en [Within] + gnosis [Knowledge}: And this new term pronounced Intuen_nosis refers to a pro-active attempt by Man to both access Intuition, and to learn how to utilize Intuition as a primary resource for the Knowledge ones Apapsyche [research Here], has stored within itself. Intuengnosis is a "process" to enhance the use of Intuition [as opposed to use of the brain and "thinking" which has been standard education for quite some time]. Intuengnosis is the proactive intentional discovery and use of the Intuition of Man. And again, this is a very different concept for many in America who have been raised to believe that the brain is the ultimate tool of Man. Should you have an interest in the study of Intuition, then please email me:, and let's discuss your interest.

NOTE to Parents: Do not be put off by new terms on this page. They were needed to distance what this page offers and what is currently being perpetuated by much of education.

[EFW=I] ? [EFW=I] = "Education From Within equals Intuengnosis".
Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of [EFW=I] is that it follows the lead of Maria Montessori, in that we realize that "Knowledge" is different from "information," and we realize that children already possess certain levels of Knowledge within their MIND realms. And yes� this first sentence demands a great deal of empathetic understanding from the reader. We expect anyone interested in [EFW=I] would be someone who has achieved a certain level of Enlightenment. And "Enlightenment" is a term applied to a person who has acquired some education, and has an interest in and personal study of Spirituality [not necessarily religion], but an interest in the Esoteric [perhaps even the "invisible" dimensions of Man]. And yes, such a person would be somewhat unusual. But then, [EFW=I] is somewhat unusual.

You see, [EFW=I] is based on the premise that that "Knowledge" is not "information," and further, we believe Information is what the brain deals with, while Knowledge only comes from Within Man, and not from without. In other words, we believe Knowledge, Truth and Spirituality, exist Within a vibrational dimension of Man we refer to as the Spiritual dimension of Man. Within refers to the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man, and these dimensions can only be accessed via the faculty of Intuition -- And we further believe that a person can be trained how to make use of his or her faculty of Intuition? And [EFW=I] is the name of a new program of "training" that we refer to as enhancing the natural phenomenon of "Intuengnosis" [a new designation for the natural process of Man by which bits of Truth are accessed as surprising Ah-Ha's of Insight]. We have ourselves experienced, and have observed others experiencing Intuengnosis, and due to our own experience, we "know" that access to ones faculty of Intuition can be enhanced. And the process of Intuengnosis has nothing at all to do with the brain or thinking. And a great deal to do with empathy, openness, acceptance, Creativity, spontaneity, and a lack of fear of the unknown.

The reason the phenomenon we have labeled Intuengnosis is not widely known is simply that education has essentially denied and ignored the faculty of Intuition for a very long time. How come? Well, we believe the reason is that education has been subtly taken over by the Intelack type personality [explained here . If you read the explanation of the Intelack personality, and you understand the explanation of this type of personality, then you are likely to encourage [EFW=I]. For a bit more research on what the Intelack is lacking, please check out This , and This.

This site introduces an entirely new concept regarding the "whole human being" [WHB]. Perhaps the most helpful thing we can do at this point is to explain what the phrase: " whole human being" means?

The Dragon [sitting atop the symbol of Yin-Yang], is historically the symbol of Wisdom: Wisdom or Knowledge is the goal of [EFW=I].

Before we leap into an exciting [but perhaps unfamiliar] host of new terms and concepts, let me explain what the phrase "the whole human being," means: First research This , and This [both offered previously]. And, as you progress through this new site, I will be introducing new terms, symbols, and concepts that have been denied, ignored, or just not known for over a century in America [and unknown elsewhere as well], except for areas of the East where the principles of mysticism have not been erased by Intellectualism.

Primary Principle:_______There are two [2] basic types of people on Earth. In my work I refer to one type as Enlightened; and the other type I refer to as an Intelack . Take the time to research the term Intelack Here. Strangely, at least it seems strange to me�, the "reason" there are two different types of people on Earth has not been explained to us. And the reason for this, I suggest, is that in the Iron Age of Man that is slowly drawing to a close [to end on this Earth with Armageddon, 2021], has pretty much eliminated the Spiritual dimensions of life in favor of Intellectualism and materialism: Both of which are avenues of the MIND [from Sanskrit "manah," meaning "the ordinary man"]. But our use of the term MIND [research here], will refer to two invisible energy bodies existing Within Man.

The fact is, the "whole" of Man is comprised of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical. This means that by focusing us on the physical dimension of Man, modern mental health, or "BS&bp" [research Here], has misdirected Americans to ignore three-fourths of themselves for over a century.
As a consequence of this, Americans, and Mankind generally, are mostly ignorant regarding the mental and Spiritual dimensions of themselves. And this is precisely what the Intelack personality finds most comfortable.

But to follow the Intelack personality down this path of Intellectualism and Materialism [which is more detrimental than beneficial], is not a wise thing for Americans to do. But saying this at this point in time, is like trying to stop a flood... [the wise thing to do is to seek higher ground, and wait for the flood to subside].

However�Just because it is difficult for Enlightened people to seek to improve education does not mean we ought not to try, right? Another rather strange thing I have discovered is that "built into" the life of each of us is a "moveable gate" [so to speak] that keeps people locked on the material side of Life�Until one is "ready" to awaken to some bit of Esoteric Truth [a higher relative truth] via ones faculty of Intuition. At this point that "moveable gate" subtly moves, and one just seems to "see" certain evils of life more clearly. This "change" is due to "Spiritual Evolution," which means ones Soul has accumulated a sufficient amount of C'etc so that now one can more readily distinguish certain evils of life. Well, what if this "process" could be enhanced and improved?

This increased "Enlightenment" is the "way of Life" for every Soul. And I mean every Soul: From the one-celled organism, to Man, every living thing has a Soul, and every Soul, whether it realizes it or not, is slowly growing or rising in maturation as it engages in and eventually completes Karma [research Here -- Which just happens to be the Purpose of Life.

The brain is physical, tangible, AND material [and it serves materialism]. The brain is also the vehicle by which ones MIND insures that one remain precisely on line with the Fate Karma one designed for this lifetime. And yes, this will be a leap for some people. But for those who are not steeped in Christian dogma, perhaps the suggestion that we Souls have as many lifetimes to explore the Creation as we need� will not send the reader screaming with fear that he/she has just be exposed to Satan? My work, for the last 30 plus years has been in the area of Esochology. And I can no longer even communicate without expecting readers will have discovered both the Law of Karma, and Reincarnation. The brain is capable of "thinking" on its own [so to speak], but it is primarily used by the Lower MIND as the means by which the Lower MIND fulfills the Fate Karma ones Soul designed for one to address in this lifetime. Ones Fate Karma was designed by ones Soul at the close of ones last lifetime.

Since the brain is physical [material], it simply cannot perceive [experience] the three-dimensions of Man that are not physical: Two dimensions of the MIND [the Lower MIND, and the Higher MIND], and the Spiritual dimension. And take a moment to digest this concept, and to take a realistic look at the LIMITS of the brain. The brain will NEVER experience three-quarters of oneself. Sorry philosophers, but the Facts of Life are Absolute. You cannot get to Truth via thinking.

The "abstract" word "Soul" CANNOT convey the Energy for which the term Soul serves as a sign post. � And yet, the MIND of Man causes one to "think" [by use of what I refer to as its "DM=SI" [research DM=SI here], that if one can spell the name of something, and one can define that thing, and one can use that name in a sentence� Well then, one must "know" [as in having actually experienced] what the abstract word points to.

In psychology, this is known as "delusional thinking". And this subtle "slight of hand" by ones MIND is quite common. How common is such thinking in America? It is so common that when one points to this natural phenomenon of Mankind, one is called names, maligned, and harassed until one shuts up. It is the Intelack type personality who leads the effort to ignore this phenomenon of "thinking," and there are just too few Enlightened individuals to point out this subtle, and dishonest habit of thinking.

Now enters [EFW=I]

And a plea to those interested in goodness, kindness, Creativity and the welfare of Mankind� Let us attempt to use our own accumulated knowledge [available to us via our faculties of Intuition], or the new approach to education called "Intuengnosis" to try and rescue our children from a century of disinformation.

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