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The Official"Docjp" Page

From Docjp himself: James W. Patterson, Ph.D,

AKA: Brother James, Esogist, Gnosticist, or Nugnosticist [or seeker of Knowledge from Within Man].

……[Regarding this page, my website, and my writing generally]: I write in words because that is how we human beings normally communicate with one another. However, I find writing unsatisfying because my words are interpreted by people from many different backgrounds, and quite often, my words are misconstrued as to their meaning [that is, taken to mean something I do not intend]. But then, this is a classic [but rarely discussed] problem in the illusion of life [which many think of as the only reality there is].

That is... we human beings tend to talk past one another in an attempt to say in words... our deep emotional truths [which we often fail to realize are uniquely ours alone]. Unfortunately, this is merely the way of life on this physical plane... but we, or I should say many of us... do not "listen" sufficiently to those among us we too often dismiss by identifying them as nuts, crazy, or delusional fanatics. And the reason for this is that many people possess a deep-seated fear of the unknown of Life [a basic failure of modern Psychology influencing the field of education]. Or... those natural elements of life that occur to us to prompt us to grow and expand as Souls -- which we would do with enthusiasm if we had not been taught to fear so many things in Life... by a type of person I refer to as an Intelack class individual. Research Intelack Here.

On earth, we have two basic types of people, and everyone falls into one type or the other. So, we all approach this illusion of life from one perspective or the other, and what we think, say, or believe depends upon which basic type person we are? These two types of people are: 1. The Intelack type person, or 2. The Enlightened type person. And the problem is... we can't tell which is which by just looking at a person. This means we are constantly trying to accommodate two very different types of people on Earth [while hardly anyone realizes the basic fact that there are two very different types of people on Earth]. And not knowing this gives an advantage to the Intelack type personality. At least in the Iron Age of Man.

And since we cannot see which is which, we are often confused [and often disappointed by some people], and we are at a lost to understand the reason they believe what they believe? So we give them labels such as Liberal, Democrat, Socialist, Progressive, Communist, Marxist, and so forth. Some people believe that certain people are just lacking in education, or that their parents were this, or that? And hardly anyone realizes that what convinces some people that the world in unfair, unjust, and unequal is that they are operated by their MINDs, and not their Souls. You see, the ability to "see" what makes people different in how they view the world is the level of Enlightenment one's Soul has acquired...or has not acquired?

If your Soul is Enlightened to some degree, then to that degree you are able to "see" the Esoteric aspects of a Reality that is only capable of being perceived by someone who is Enlightened, at least to some degree. On the other hand, if your Soul lacks this certain level of Enlightenment, you are unable to "see" [or more properly 'experience'] certain relative realities that are only available to those whose level of Enlightenment enables them to "see" [or experience] these Esoteric or invisible levels of Life. And of course there is quite a disconnect between words that point to this phenomena, and the phenomena itself.

And this 'ability to experience, or "see" certain higher relative truths is a natural ability that one's Soul has earned... and it has nothing to do with ones education, race, status, profession, or whether one has parents or not? And the only people you can "share" your Knowledge with are people who have awakened to the same level of relative truth from Within themselves as you have. And just a word or two is needed, and the other person will quickly say: "Yes, I Know exactly what you mean." And another, Intelack type person, standing next to the two of you will have no idea what the two of you are talking about? The Intelack type person has a MIND that is dominant over the Soul of that person, and as a consequence of this, the Intelack person simply cannot 'see' nor 'hear' the level of relative truth that an Enlightened person can hear and see.

And because the Intelack type person is unable to see or hear the higher level of relative truth, he or she becomes frightened, and to protect him/herself, his/her MIND will attack you and try and force you to compromise by denying you Know what you Know, and the Intelack will insist that you pretend that you don't Know what you Know... simply to make such people feel better about their inability to experience the level of truth that your Enlightenment allows you to experience. Sadly, if you compromise, you will be allowing the Intelack type person to force you to engage in evil. And once again, one's level of Enlightenment has noting at all to do with ones IQ, education, or ones environment. It is strictly dependent upon where, on the Ladder of Life, ones Soul is perched? The more Enlightened your Soul is, the higher the level of truth you are capable of experiencing. And most generally, the level of Enlightenment one's Soul has acquired in this lifetime is relatively stable. People do not change in their level of Enlightenment in a single lifetime, in other words -- although, it is possible to change dramatically if your level of Enlightenment was blocked in the first part of your current lifetime... in order to accommodate some negative Karma you had to deal with in this lifetime? Once that Karma has been completed, then you will automatically awaken to the level of Enlightenment your Soul has thus far achieved.

The Intelack is noted by: Viewing life as unfair, unjust, unequal, and the Intelack tends to be an elitist [MIND and ego-driven] and thus, believes it is up to them to take money from the rich, and re-distribute this money to the poor [after they first get their cut], and this belief is part of a "Utopian mind-set" inherent in the Intelack type personality. Examples of the Intelack personality would be: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and of course, Obama, and we might also add the Clinton's. The Intelack also fears the unknown of life, especially Truth, Spirituality, and the invisible aspects of Life. The Intelack [lacking in Conscience] is naturally drawn to evil [corruption, lying, theft, immorality and possesses an insatiable desire to CONTROL everyone and everything. Virtually all Democrats and Liberals are Intelack type people. When the Intelack gains a position of authority, the people are in serious trouble. And when an Intelack becomes a judge, the good people will suffer substantially.

On the other hand, the Enlightened type person is naturally drawn to Spirituality, Truth, and personal responsibility [which the Intelack fears intensely]. But, because the Enlightened person is so responsible, he/she tends to want to view the Intelack as possessing the same Virtue, and when the evil nature of the Intelack is discovered, the Enlightened people are confused, and fail to blame the Intelack for the evil they are deviously responsible for. By the way, the Intelack judge views all criminals as unfortunate because they were caught, and seeks to give the criminal the least sentence possible [and still keep their positions as judges].

I have spent some 40 years studying the Esoteric [invisible dimensions of Man]: The two dimensions of the MIND [Lower MIND, and the Higher MIND], and the Spiritual dimension are all "invisible" because they are composed of energy vibrations that the physical brain cannot perceive. However, they can be "experienced" by use of ones faculty of Intuition. As I say, these dimensions of Man are invisible as far as the brain is concerned. So, if you have NOT been studying these invisible dimensions of yourself for the last 40 years [via Intuengnosis ... it might be possible that you might not "know" something I Know from personal "experience?

I appreciate that the normal tendency of Man is to assume that the brain can "know" everything there is to discover. And this is how "BS&bp" [or modern mental health operates, well, at least since the early 1900s this is how BS&bp has operated].

Much of my writing [simply because my interest lies in the Esoteric, or the normally hidden and invisible dimensions of Man] is an attempt to explain that which the brain cannot experience. And if you deal with the Esoteric or invisible in Life, then you Know how frustrating it is to Know something, and not be able to convey what you Know in a linear form of communication... to people who naturally "think" in linear terms, and also has been taught to fear the "unknown" in life. The face it, in my work I have had to coin many words or symbols to "stand for" operations of Man that have only been previously been labeled by ancient mystics.

It always seems peculiar to me how difficult it is for people to conceive of the idea that there are parts of themselves that their brains simply cannot perceive. The reason is that many people are kept in the "dark" regarding the Esoteric dimensions of themselves by their MINDs. Fritz Perls referred to this phenomena by the term "Scotoma," which he said was a "blind spot" for people. I refer to this phenomenon as the DM=SI of the MIND: [Research "DM=SI" Here].

In other words, the deeper I travel into the "unknown" of Man, the more I realize how difficult it is to share what I am discovering with others. It is in my nature to teach, or share what is of interest to me, and I doubt that I am unusual in this regard? But it is becoming increasingly frustrating to me to try and remain in touch with others. But perhaps what I am saying is subtly misunderstood? Again, it is the tendency of the MIND to feed Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain to try and convinces us that [of course we know what others are saying, and what they mean by the words they use}. The problem with this "reasoning" is that it is too often delusional.
And this subtle subterfuge of the MIND is so subtle that it is rare people discover it. We "think" we "know" things we actually cannot Know by thinking alone. But, again, our education system has been taken over by Intelack class people who have no idea they are unable to Know they are missing three-quarters of themselves, and so... they "teach" us what they Know... which causes us to doubt ourselves... should we be an Enlightened individual and know more than our teachers. And in our ignorance, we believe them, and far too many of us are "nice," and do not question our teachers, and in not questioning them, we do a huge disservice to ourselves and others.

You see, most people [I assume] do not make words up to precisely differentiate aspects of something they are trying to convey. We, or perhaps I should say, people... do not ordinarily create new words to try and indicate subtle differences in how they are experiencing life. Most people chose among the words they "know" and use the word that best expresses what they want to say.
But how often is the word they use not exactly what they mean to convey? And then the person hearing that word interprets the word in the way he or she understands what that word means? And this imprecise communication of people gets us into all kinds of trouble. But because we have two entirely different types of people [neither of whom realizes he or she is so different], we stumble along experiencing frustration, anger, hostility, and resentment... all the while unaware of the reason we are so upset? It just never occurs to us that the person we are trying to convey some new idea to will not be able to experience what we are trying to convey to this person in this lifetime! And not being taught about Reincarnation, we "think" [more like imagine] that all people must be the same... since we are ignorant that each person is at a different point in his or her maturation.
It is beyond our imagination alone to suppose that some people are so new to the form of human being that they simply cannot KNOW what we KNOW. Reincarnation is crucial for us to KNOW, and to deny it is a shameful thing to do.

If only I could have stumbled upon the two basic types of people on Earth sooner in life, maybe I might have been able to make headway in exposing the fact that we have TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF PEOPLE ON EARTH, and the Intelack type person simply CANNOT COMPREHEND THE SUBTLE BITS OF TRUTH MANY OF US TAKE FOR GRANTED. [Research Intelack Here ]. And this means we do not realize that the Intelack type of person is an inherent danger to Mankind, if Mankind allows the Intelack type person to obtain positions where he or she can pass laws to constrict, constrain, and Control the lives of Enlightened people... which is what the MIND of the Intelack individual naturally does. And the fact that Enlightened people are not TAUGHT THIS... is what puts the Enlightened people at such a huge disadvantage in the illusion of life, thus giving advantage to the Intelack type or class individual.

The Enlightened individuals were TAUGHT that they were different in ancient Greece by Gnostic philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates. But in the America of today, the entire education system has been overrun by Intelack type people who have no idea that they are unable to see, grasp, nor comprehend the bits of Truth we Enlightened people NEED to be exposed to in order to awaken the KNOWLEDGE we have stored within ourselves. ...As a consequence of this, every year that passes is a year the nation subtly slides into darker and darker levels of evil, as the MINDs of Intelack type people unknowingly dance to the tune of the MIND, which... unchallenged, resembles that of Satan or the Devil.

Well, in dealing with the Psychology of Man in a sort of way is simply not an adequate practice for Man to sustain the growth of mankind. And this is the reason I create so many different terms, symbols and concepts. I have a need to be specific when I am discussing the invisible operations of Man. And the reason is that the operations of the MIND [although seemingly so bizarre as to make understanding impossible] are in reality quite specific and always "reasonable" in hindsight. And these operations are always the same in every person. Although, and again, they appear to be unique to each person. It is the manifestation that appears to be unique, not the operation. The way in which the MIND works is fixed and quite consistent, although since its operations are invisible to the brain, the only way to "experience" the operations of the MIND is via ones faculty of Intuition -- Via Empathetic Understanding, in fact. And this might be known as empathy, or psychic phenomenon. It is being sensitive to the operation of ones own MIND, which will be mirroring the vibrational energies of the MIND of another. So , if you have not discovered and cleared the fears from Within you own MIND, then your fear of the operations of your own MIND will cause you to not "experience" what is happening Within your own MIND, and this prevents you from comprehending what is being stimulated Within the MIND of another.

Surely this is not that difficult to comprehend??

Or, perhaps it is…


Brother James
James W. Patterson, Ph.D., Esogist [person who studies the Esoteric dimensions of Life].