The symbol "LAC"

STANDS FOR: Lacking Adequate Consciousness

And the next question is... what does CONSCIOUSNESS mean? The term Consciousness is somewhat difficult to explain, even for philosophers. If you are not familiar with the Esoteric dimensions of Man, and you have not made an extensive study of Eastern mysticism, please allow me to try and explain how I view Consciousness. I have written an explanation of Consciousness that is available Here

The only thing I can add to what the site you just read covered is that all Souls are subject to both the Law of Karma [explained here] and Reincarnation. I understand that some Christians do not believe in Karma and Reincarnation, and that's OK. What I write is not for everyone.

My point regarding the symbol "LAC" is that I believe it's important for more Enlightened people [who tend to be Conservative] to realize that the Liberal - type personality is not being rude, or intellectually stubborn. The Liberal simply can't help possessing ideas that are contrary to the best interests of Mankind. The Liberal lacks the necessary level of Consciousness to enable him/her to operate without the guidance of his/her MIND [explained Here, so... being "LAC", the Liberal simply cannot "see" what more Enlightened individuals can "see" of the more subtle Truths of Life. Otherwise known as "common sense".


Brother James