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A Consideration by Brother James, based on Intuengnosis [research Here].

Let us first explain that there are two forms of "Life". One is life with a lower case "l". This is the life we all know and can think about. Many people think that this life is the only life there is. And they believe this because there is nothing of a physical nature to suggest that what they "think" is wrong. So, what one can see and think about [using your brain] is what I shall speak of as the tangible, physical life. [But this physical life [because it is subject to change] is also an illusion... That is... that which is subject to change cannot be Real, in an Absolute sense. Thus, the term illusion.

The second form of Life [with a capital "L"] are those elements of existence which are permanent and Real in an absolute sense . Truth, Spirituality, God, and we Souls are all absolutes. These elements of existence do not change, and these are also NOT capable of being perceived by the brain or our physical senses. How a person views, or considers this basic and fundamental division between the illusion of life, and the Reality of Life… depends upon two things:
1. Ones level of Enlightenment?
2. What one has been taught, or the religious dogma, education, and culture in which one is raised?

And, just consider this statement: Knowledge comes from Within Man, and Information comes from outside of Man.

There is a great deal more to the Reality of Life than what we can "Know" by simply looking, or using our brains to "think about" what our physical senses can provide us. The brain is physical, and that which is physical is confined to the physical dimension of Life. Just an aside... Modern Mental Health, or "BS&bp" [research Here], is based on the delusional notions of B.F. Skinner, who, in the early 1900s, put forth an idea that was based on the primary Defense Mechanism of his own MIND. This offering was, oddly enough, due to a normal fear of the Intelack type personality [research Here]. Skinner was unaware of the Psychology of the ancient Greeks, but he was a noted "viewer of animal behavior," so of course scientists believed he was qualified to speak to the subject of "Psychology" [since he had never experienced psychology].

A little known fact about Psychology: It is not possible to study Psychology by use of ones brain or ones physical senses. It will likely be a surprise to many that those trained in what is now licensed as "psychology," have actually studied "the "behavior" of Man," and not the "Psychology" of Man.

Skinner's ideas were delusional projections of his MIND. The Intelack personality is generally confined to use of the brain in relating to life [in this instance, life refers to that which the brain can perceive]. In the Bible, Christ said to his disciples that the multitude were unable to "see" or "hear" the subtle elements of Life that his disciples were able to experience because they were Enlightened. The Intelack believes there is nothing the brain is unable to "know". And to support their denial of Reality their MINDs supply them Delusional Thinking via thoughts to the Left-Hemisphere of their brains. [Research this concept Here]. And these people are unfamiliar with the concept of "Intuition" [Research Here].

Perhaps nothing more compelling than the disinformation of ones MIND. Especially to the Intelack type personality. Research MIND Here.

It is difficult to believe that ones brain is subject to being fooled by ones MIND, and that one is unable to be aware of being fooled. But this is the state of being for much of the population of the World. All people vary in how much "maturation" their Souls have achieved, but rare is the person who realizes this is part of the way the Purpose of Life fulfills itself. This "being directed by ones MIND" is perfectly natural since it is the way our Souls are subtly guided through Life. At least until ones Soul achieves a fairly high position on the Ladder of Life. I am aware of this only because I have studied the Esoteric [or invisible] dimensions of Man for such a long time].

What we can see and "know" by thinking is part of the physical dimension, and part of the "illusion of life" which mystics refer to as this physical plane. Most people believe the physical plane is the only life we can know.

There are many great books that deal with this subject, in different ways perhaps, but nonetheless, there are books that support what I have written. They are listed in Here.
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Brother James