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"M - I"

Malady of Intellectualism, or M-I

A little known Esoteric "condition" of Man impacting the behavior of Man due to a reduced access to ones CDKA&EU .

An explanation: Compliments of the Esochology Institute
James W. Patterson, Ph.D., Esogist, Director

[Now Brother James, Gnosis Institute]
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Allow me, please, to begin this discussion with an image I will attempt to verbalize for your imagination: Imagine a circular concrete wall, a foot thick, and this wall encloses each person of a certain type... But no one thus enclosed is aware of being enclosed. Nor can anyone else see this wall. So no one realizes this wall exists. The type of person thus enclosed by the wall is thought of by everyone as being a very "intellectual" individual.

The purpose of this wall is to prevent the highly intellectual individual from "seeing" the Esoteric dimensions of Life. And the wall is so effective that no one thus enclosed is aware that he/she is lacking anything whatsoever.

The net effect of this "situation" is that those enclosed within these circular walls "think" that those who keep talking as thought they know something those enclosed within the walls cannot know.... are delusional, or just stupid.

And of course, it is not possible to "prove" the existence of the Esoteric dimensions of Life by physical means. And since those enclosed within the circular walls can ONLY perceive that which is physical, those enclosed in the walls believe they are superior due to their elevated levels of INTELLECTUALISM [the definition of intellectualism includes some form of the phrase: absent emotionalism]. And neither those enclosed, nor those free of these walls would suspect that intellectualism is a psychological "compensation" provided by Life to those Souls that are not as yet ready to be free from the walls that enclose them.

The great surprise of Life is this: Those enclosed in these walls are new Souls on this physical plane, and they are inferior [in terms of their Spiritual Evolution] to those Souls they think are delusional or just insane.

Does this suggest that intellectualism is a "condition", "malady", or something that is detrimental to Man? What an odd idea, especially in America, where we are taught to believe that 'thinking" or use of ones intellect is the ultimate goal of education... and the best activity upon which to base ones life. Who tells us this, by the way?

NOTE OF IMPORTANCE: Man consists of 4 simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational dimensions... Three of which are invisible to the fourth - the physical dimension. So, although the brain can perceive the "abstract word" Soul, the brain, because it is physical, is incapable of perceiving the actual energy of the Soul because the Soul consists of the Energy of the Spiritual dimension. And no part of the MIND dimension, or the Spiritual dimension is capable of being "known" by those enclosed by walls.

Is it too much of a stretch to suggest that those who claim to be psychic... just might "know" something those enclosed in their walls cannot "see"? And thus, those enclosed in their walls question those who can perceive the Esoteric dimensions of Life not out of insight, but from ignorance!

Not that it is likely to happen.... but, it is well past time that we cease viewing the skeptics of Life as superior to those who can "see". But then, this plane is not a paradise, it is a school.

Prior to 12/21/2012, I wrote: In the coming Golden Age of Man, supposedly taking place on December 21, 2012, all those locked into the illusion of life [in denial of God] will be vacated from the Earth, and those who are capable of embracing the new Spiritual resonance of the Earth will be OK... at least this is what the Mayan elder suggested.
Well, what happened took place on an astrological level, and the prophecies that spoke of the "end time" did not include the fact that the "end" would involve from 7 to 9 years from 12/21/2012. What we are currently experiencing [it is June 4, 2014] is outlined in the Bible, in Revelation, and Man is in for a most difficult time the next 7 years. In other words, the "end" of the Age [the Iron Age of Man] is taking place... not all of a sudden, but over a seven year period. And this seven year period includes the death of 2.2 Billion people. And that will be the greatest loss of people on Earth ever recorded.
The evil of the Iron Age is rapidly increasing, and in Revelation, in the Bible, it states that the evil will manifest in World War III [date today is 6-4-2014, and if Revelation is correct, World War III will begin any time now. Revelation says that 2.2 billion people will die. I suspect that will be a satisfactory symbol of transition for even the most ardent skeptic.