What is the MIND?

Rev: 3-17-2014

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Is Not What Most Would Imagine It To Be

MOST IMPORTANTLY... IT IS NOT ONES BRAIN...And it cannot be treated by the physical brain, over which it rules.

Your MIND is a fascinating topic, and in the West, and in America in particular, the fields of mental health and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology," took a serious detour regarding the MIND of Man in the early 1900's. That detour involved an influential person by the name of B.F. Skinner, and a number of his colleagues, all of whom were trained in Behavioral Science [or watching the behavior of animals]. These individuals were all "gifted" with substantial Intellectualism [Research Intellectualism Here]. What none of these scientists realized is that the nature of Intellectualism [apparently] prevents one from "seeing" that the prefix of Psychology was the Greek term "Psyche," which the Greeks defined as "Self, Soul, and Mind". Self, Soul and Mind are "abstract terms" or labels for the Esoteric [invisible] dimensions of Man, for which the ancient [Gnostic] Greeks created the "abstract term" "Psychology", as the title for their mystical study of these normally invisible dimensions of Man.

The term Psychology does not embrace the behavior of Man, because behaviors are symptoms. And symptoms do not explain, convey nor reveal that which causes them.

Combining Psyche [which stands for the invisible dimensions of Man, with logy [meaning a study of], the ancient Greek Gnostics clearly intended for their "Psychology" to stand for and point to a STUDY OF THE INVISIBLE DIMENSIONS OF MAN.

Unfortunately, a little known aspect of Intellectualism is that it subtly serves as a "compensation" for a class of human beings that have not previously been identifiedů Except perhaps in the Bible: Luke 11:52, "Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge. You did not enter yourselves, and you hindered those who were entering."

In this cryptic passage, Christ is speaking of lawyers demeaning the natural Spirituality of people, and insisting people follow an intellectual path in understanding the scriptures that avoids the emotionality of love. That is, avoids what the MIND fears: The vibrational energy of Truth, which, to the MIND, is a frightening unknown.

The typical person practicing Intellectualism is an Intelack, or a class of person that is operated by the MIND; and the MIND is unable to perceive the Energy of Spirituality. And the invisible or Esoteric dimensions of Man must be acknowledged as subtle experiences of Reality via ones faculty of Intuition if one is to obtain the Knowledge that exists hidden Within the Whole of oneself.

To presume one can study the physical dimension of Man absent the Spiritual dimension of Man is a serious error Mankind has made following the promptings of Intelack class people preaching Intellectualism: Lack of Reality.

The MIND is composed of a lower part [represented by the Astral region of Creation], and a Higher part, represented by the Causal region of Creation. This means no part of the MIND is physical. But it is not possible to cause an Intelack to believe this, since it is the job of the MIND to keep us unaware of the mystical dimensions Within us until our Souls have ascended the Ladder of Life sufficiently, and acquired enough C'etc , that our Souls are able to push back against our MINDs, and override the Delusional Thinking provided to our brains by our MINDs: Research this process [ Here]
We must continue to remind ourselves that Man is composed of four entirely separate [and yet entirely mystically interrelated] vibrational dimensions], only one of which is physical. And three-fourths of the Whole of Man only becomes available to Man... when his/her Soul has ascended the Ladder of Life to the point where his/her faculty of Intuition allows him/her to experience bits of higher relative Truth.
This is called Enlightenment, or an expanded Consciousness. And this is also evidence that a person's Soul has achieved a certain amount of "detachment" [which mystically replaces the "unknown" by an increased amount of Spiritual Truth].
What has this to do with the MIND? Once again, it is not possible to separate the four dimensions of Man from each otherů other than arbitrarily choosing to deny Reality for the sake of expediency. The natural result of which is needless pain and suffering for Mankind.

The simple teaching of the simple mystically infused individual who suggests that a belief in God is a healthful thing, is true. Of course I would not expect the worldly intellectual to believe this.

I believe the older, more experienced [competent] psychotherapist will discover that every person complaining of a "mental conflict" will be found to be suffering from a conflict of the MIND, wherein that person's MIND is refusing to release a bit of completed Karma from its habitual state of repression. I believe the competent therapist will find that the repressed bit of trauma (actually a bit of dissociated Apapsyche which served as a "marker" within the MINDLines of ones MIND) [research Here] so that, via that bit of Apapsyche, ones Soul could experience all the many experiences associated with the bit of Karma that ones MIND initially engaged.
This of course leaps into multiple unknown operations of the MIND, and of the Whole of Man, and of LIfe itself, which I have been writing about for nearly 30 years, and I am daily discovering additional aspects to what I have thus far discovered. The totality to which the simple term Man refers is/are vast and marvelous. I find it sad that more people do not seem motivated to explore the Whole Human Being. But then, the funnel of Life is turned upside down.

Brother James
James W. Patterson, Ph.D.