The Human MIND is not the physical brain!

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My symbol for MIND is...

The MIND is the KEY to Psychology... although this is not known by modern mental health, or "BS&bp" today!

MOST IMPORTANTLY... your MIND is not your brain...And you cannot find your MIND by using your brain...And most importantly... you CANNOT STUDY THE MIND BY USING THE BRAIN. Sorry, Psychology is not about THINKING! It is either a matter of experiential [empathetic] discovery... or it is pure speculation! Like what BS&bp does.

Your MIND is a fascinating topic, and in the West, and in America in particular, the fields of mental health and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology," took a serious detour regarding the MIND of Man in the early 1900's. This detour involved an influential person by the name of B.F. Skinner, and a number of his colleagues, all of whom were trained in "Behavioral Science" [or watching the behavior of animals...and then speculating as to what -- in the environment of these animals -- might be causing them to behave as they did]?

The "BS" part of Behavioral Science can be said to be based on Intellectualism [or an intellectual study of that which is physically obvious] while studiously avoiding any and all references to the Esoteric or non-physical dimensions of Man. Of which there are three: The Lower-MIND [composed of the Astral Region of Creation]; the HIGHER-MIND [composed of the Causal Region of Creation]; and the Spiritual dimension which includes ones Soul, and its Apapsyche [Operational Energy of the Soul. The Soul, by the way... is the ONLY part of Man that is Real in an absolute sense. The Soul [with its "Spirit"] is also not part of the Creation. The Home of the Soul is what I refer to as "NSgy"...discussed Here!].

This is like studying the outside of a house to discover what is in the refrigerator within the kitchen of that house. An interesting intellectual game... perhaps... but not at all useful if one wants to actually discover what is in that refrigerator... causing a person to experience illness?? You see... the MIND of Man is not physical, and not being physical... it CANNOT BE STUDIED BY PHYSICAL MEANS... which means the brain is useless in working with the MIND. But we can expect great resistance to this idea by those confined to the malady of Intellectualism.

B F Skinner, and his behaviorally limited colleagues were all "gifted" with substantial Intellectualism, or what I refer to as the "Malady of Intellectualism," [Research Intellectualism Here], but what these intellectuals failed to realize is that THINKING is an activity of the brain... more often than not... directed by a person's MIND [as part of a process I refer to as the DM=SI of the MIND.

The symbol "DM=SI" stands for Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity. Generally unknown to BS&bp is the fact the MIND often feeds Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the cause the brain to THINK whatever the MIND wants the brain to think, to insure that a person remains confined to both the Fate Karma the Soul of that person designed for this lifetime, and the DM=SI also works to insure that none of us get ahead of ourselves relative to the maturation of our Souls. That is... each of us manifests a level of Enlightenment [or ability to experience levels of Esoteric Truth] consistent with the maturation of one's Soul? And none of this process can be KNOWN or experienced by ones brain.

The term "Esoteric" refers to the three non-physical dimensions which make up the invisible three-quarters of the WHOLE of Man. No part of which is available to the brain....But, if you can hear the music contained on the radio waves fed to your radio WITHOUT TURING ON YOUR RADIO... Well then, you just might be an exception.

What Behavioral Scientists fail to realize is that what they ignore and discount [and have not been taught to respect] are the vital three-quarters of themselves, and of Man. Since the brain CANNOT perceive this three-quarters of Man, only the very Enlightened human being can EXPERIENCE these Esoteric dimensions by use of his or her faculty of Intuition . To keep a person ignorant of the Esoteric three-quarters of oneself, the MIND uses Delusional Thinking to cause a person to THINK THAT THERE IS NOTHING OF IMPORTANCE TO KNOW... OTHER THAN WHAT THE BRAIN CAN "KNOW".

Intellectualism involves THE MIND USING THE BRAIN TO DENY ITSELF... by subtly feeding Delusional Thinking [or D-Think for short], to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain... which, unable to differentiate D-Think from its regular "thinking"... believes whatever D-Think it processes to be valid, real, and true. And those people most impacted by the DM=SI of the MIND are people I refer to as Phobic-D type individuals. Or, people whose Souls have not [as yet] acquired much "C'etc," or my symbol for the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding, or quite likely what the ancient Greeks referred to by the term Consciousness.

In other words, the person who shades the truth, fudges the truth, distorts the truth, or engages in half-truths... BELIEVES WHAT HE IS SAYING "IS TRUE". So, to confront such a person by saying "You are lying," only upsets that person... Hard to believe [for a normal person] that the person telling a lie... doesn't realize he is lying.. But, the fact is, the person being operated by his/her MIND via D-Think [and a process I identify as DM=SI ] simply cannot "see" the lies he/she is conveying. His/her MIND literally prevents that person from realizing that he/she is lying. Hard to believe? Of course it is... nonetheless, it is true.

This is the normal case for congenital or habitual liars, and this is the case of those who, under stress or anxiety, or fear of being exposed... are PROTECTED by their MINDs by their MINDs engaging the DM=SI faculty... which subtly separates their Conscious Awareness [C-Awar] from their "thinking" long enough to enable them to lie via a form of dissociated Delusional Thinking, or D-Think. Or put another way... pure Intellectualism [absent any awareness of ones emotions, or the Esoteric dimensions Within oneself]. This is the intellectualism of the scientist, engineer, and Phobic-D type individual.

You see... or more likely you do not "see", unless you are naturally Enlightened, or in natural possession of a high level of is not possible to experience the Esoteric MIND Within Man. Ones faculty of Attention must be located in ones MIND in order to experience the MIND. And this is no easy feat to achieve. ! Which often means people suggesting bits of Truth that others cannot "see" or "hear" are simply thought to be nuts. Fear of the unknown in Phobic-D type is often explained away by accusing those who are Enlightened as being crazy. I'm sure this is not surprising to some people...

I coined the term Esochology specifically to provide an alternative to a misguided psychology.

The prefix of Psychology is the Greek term "Psyche," which the Greeks defined as "Self, Soul, and Mind". Self, Soul and Mind are "abstract terms" or labels for the Esoteric [invisible] dimensions of Man, for which the ancient [Gnostic] Greeks created the "abstract term" "Psychology", as the title for their mystical study of these normally invisible dimensions of Man.

The term Psychology did not embrace the behavior of Man, because behaviors are symptoms, and symptoms do not explain, convey, nor reveal that which causes them... which is the MIND.

Combining Psyche [which stands for the invisible dimensions of Man, with logy [meaning a study of], the ancient Greek Gnostics clearly intended for their "Psychology" to stand for and point to a STUDY OF THE INVISIBLE DIMENSIONS OF MAN.

Unfortunately, too few people in Psychology in the early 1900s, were secure enough with their own Empathetic Understanding to resist, deny, and just laugh at the nonsense Skinner sold to the world [unknown to him, what he thought was being fed to the Left-Hemisphere of his brain by his MIND, as D-Think from the DM=SI of his MIND... which encouraged him to believe that [[the denial of the whole of himself by keeping him focused on the physical dimensions of himself ]] was a new IDEA ...and that he should share this with the world. The shame, of course, is that the field of "psychology" in the early 1900s, bought into Skinner's nonsense. Which [unfortunately] makes perfect sense to those given to Intellectualism.

So... for a century now, the subtly insane notion that the oxymoron "behavioral psychology" is a good way to study man... has been promoted by those who UNKNOWINGLY fear the Esoteric dimensions Within themselves. And this is modern mental health.

Brother James
James W. Patterson, Ph.D.

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