or..."Neutral Spiritual Energy"

Several years ago, while searching for a part of the whole of Man that is 'permanent' and unchanging... which I might use as the "foundation" for the structure of the Psychology of Man... I intuited what was for me a new concept: NEUTRAL SPIRITUAL ENERGY. But as I recall, these terms came to me as simply three terms; Neutral, Spiritual, and Energy... the combination of which [or the fact they were connected] was not at all clear to me. So, it took some time before I realized that these terms presented a most unusual Reality when they are combined...

...[This page speaks to a Reality greater than what the brain and intellectual faculties of Man [unaided] can perceive, experience, or even conceive. It also speaks to the fact the Whole Human Being is composed of vibrational dimensions, three-quarters of which exist beyond the capacity of the physical brain and senses to perceive]. .

It took some time to actually comprehend what I had intuited. But with the help of several additional experiences of intuition, and considerable research, I realized that my intuition of NSgy was a concept that had not been suggested in any material of which I was aware. It seemed to be a unique concept, in other words. That is... it remained unique until I recently realized that the term "Spirit," as referred to in the Bible, is most likely referring to an aspect of what I'm about to explain regarding NSgy.

Ask yourself what you think of when you hear the term "Neutral"? For me, what I thought of was... "nothing". That is, neither this, nor that. It is rather difficult to "think" about "neutral" since there is nothing of which I am aware on the physical plane that is "neutral". And by "neutral," I refer to that which does not change, ever. What are you aware of on Earth that never changes?

So, even the symbol NSgy is an "abstract" label pointing to something that most might assume to exist, but it cannot actually be known by ones normal senses. And this assumption that Spirit [or NSgy] exists... is made by many people as an assumption that those people who say they "can" experience the Energy of Spirit, or NSgy... can actually do so! But can people do so? let us not forget that none of these people who speak of "Spirit" or NSgy, can "prove" that what they say exists... actually exists!

So...Are such people liars, delusional, mistaken, overly enthusiastic, or subtly insane? Or... are those who cannot "see" or "hear" what others claim to exist simply not "Enlightened" enough to "see" or "hear" what some people insist can be KNOWN?


And yet, steadfastly, continually...and historically... those who insist that NSgy, Spirit, or Spirituality exists... are routinely, and continually referred to as crazy, unhinged, delusional, right-wing fanatics, and so forth. While the INTELLECTUAL CLASS never acknowledges that it is their own lack of Spiritual Evolution that is the cause of their inability to experience the Spiritual dimension within themselves!

So, what we have thus far... is the concept of Reality [which I am suggesting is also identified by the symbol "NSgy"] and this NSgy or Reality, is also invisible to the physical dimensions of Man... that is, the parts of Man that the brain relates to and can actually perceive [experience as tangible]. And let us distinguish between what the brain can actually perceive... and the abstract terms it often "thinks" it knows... but in this 'belief,' the brain is routinely mistaken...due to the "natural" Delusional Thinking the MIND causes the brain to believe is true. If interested... Research Here. The simple fact is, the brain WILL NEVER be able to perceive nor experience the energies of the Soul, Spirit, NSgy, or the MIND for that matter. Let us not forget, the brain is physical, and the Esoteric dimensions of Man are not.

The whole of Man is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet separate vibrational energy dimensions, only one of which is physical, tangible, and capable of being perceived by ones brain and physical senses. This means, of course, that three-quarters of the whole of Man are invisible to the brain of Man. Alas, the Malady of Intellectualism [Research Here] prevents those confined to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain (thinking), from being able to realize three-quarters of themselves. This is ( unknown to them at a physical or cognitive level] frightening to them [the anxiety of which] is projected in a strong and often violent rejection of the Truth rendered by Enlightened individuals].

If you are aware of the Yin-Yang symbol, have you ever wondered what that curved line separating Yin from Yang represents? Well, it represents NSgy, or Spirituality. Strangely, that curved line represents the only Absolute Reality in the design, since the Yin [white] and Yang [black] parts of the symbol represent the two natures of the MIND. The physical image of the symbol itself "stands for" the psychic dimensions of the MIND. That is, the image depicts what some say exists, while others contend that what the image depicts does not exist. Which group is correct? Alas, the Earth is dominated by Intelack individuals who are incapable of perceiving Reality [research Intelack Here.

The Yin-Yang symbol represents a "Triad" composition of Man [three simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions that all share the same time and space, but all three of which are separate from one another]. One-third of this triad can be seen and studied by ones brain and physical senses. That is the symbol itself. But the symbol MERELY STANDS FOR, OR POINTS TO... what is going on Within Man continually.
But what the Yin-Yang symbol points to [and stands for] are the operations of the MIND... which are entirely invisible to the brain. These Esoteric or invisible dimensions of the MIND are the Lower and Higher dimensions of the MIND. And these cannot be perceived by ones brain or physical senses. And the Spiritual dimension cannot be perceived by the MIND or the brain. It is this Spiritual dimension of Man that I refer to as NSgy. And yes, all of this is real, actual, and can be KNOWN by individuals who are Enlightened, and thus... open to the normally invisible dimensions that operate Within each human being... albeit at levels the brain will never perceive.

AND NO... these Esoteric, or invisible dimensions will NEVER be KNOWN by the brain of Man. Except as 'abstract' concepts. To KNOW these otherwise invisible operations, one must use ones faculty of Intuition, which is what Common Core wants to destroy in children, by the way.

So... the answer as to who is wrong: The Enlightened individual, or the individual confined to his/her brain and thinking... should be clear by now, but in case it is not... it is always the individual who is confined to the brain and thinking who is wrong.

Peace, Brother James... February 16, 2016