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The PROGRESSIVE Personality Condition …[PPC]
(Sometimes Mistakenly referred to as a "Liberal"…& now Intelack)

QUESTION: What causes the "Progressive" personality Condition, or PPC ?

1. The Progressive personality is a serious condition of those human beings whose Souls are new, or relatively new to the form of human being [see note A below). The causal behind the PPC, or Progressive Personality Condition, is not physical, and it therefore has nothing to do with the physical body, brain, thinking, a person's IQ, or education. And, to imagine that PPC is simply due to a state of Intellectualism is naive in the extreme. Intellectualism is a symptom of PCC, not its cause.

2. The PPC condition is not physical, and thus, it cannot be corrected during the current lifetime of the person with this condition [in most cases]. The natural attributes of the person who is subject to the condition of PPC[or Intelack] are: Greed, Envy, an intense desire to control people and things, and a basic fear of Spirituality, and a penchant for lying. Unfortunately, the MIND of the person with PPC uses a little known aspect of the MIND called "DM=SI" [which enables the MIND to block the PPC individual from hearing or seeing any form of criticism of the evil he/she does. If the reader is familiar with what Fritz Perls called "Scotoma," then the reader realizes how this psychological blockage operates. This blockage is also explained Here , and it is spoken of by Christ in the BIble as those unable to "see" or "hear" Spiritual Truths.

[Note A]: If the reader is not familiar with Karma and Reincarnation, then the reader will perhaps not comprehend how PPC can control the thoughts and behaviors of a person lacking sufficient Conscience and Spiritual Evolution with which to resist the subtle "control" of his or her MIND [what makes a person vulnerable to the evil of the MIND, in other words]. In the battle between good and evil, the PPC individual is seriously misdirected by his/her MIND. UNFORTUNATELY… many people with PCC do not possess sufficient C'etc [pronounced:"C_etcetera"] - [explained Here] to enable them to improve in this lifetime.

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The people pushing Common Core are all Intelack class people and are suffering from PPC, and are therefore unhelpful to Mankind.

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Brother James

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