Rev: 12/3/2012


1. "2-Ppl", and 2. "LAC":

1. "2-Ppl", or literally Two Different Types of People on Earth

2. "LAC" = Some ppl LACK CONSCIOUSNESS [CONS], explained Here

Via my Tweeting, I've learned that the symbol "ppl" = people. So, I've taken this symbol and created a new symbol: "2-Ppl", which stands for: Two types of People.
2 types of people? In America, we deny and ignore two basic facts of Life. A. The Law of Karma. And B. Reincarnation. Both of these basic facts of Life are inconvenient for some in Christianity who need to believe that the man Jesus was the only God-realized Soul in history. The only Saint or Master the Earth has ever known. This notion is popular among Christians, but this belief is mistaken.

The fact is, there is always at least one God-realized Soul on Earth to serve those Souls who are "ready" to be awakened to the beginning path of Spirituality, which religion serves. Religions exist for Souls who are beginning to climb up the Ladder of Life, which all Souls must climb as part of the Purpose of Life. At some point, the religious person will subtly awaken to the fact that one must go beyond ones religion to rise higher on the Ladder of Life.

Enlightenment is relative to each Soul, in other words. There are Enlightened ppl with Souls that have acquired substantial CONS, and there are Souls who are so new to the human form that they "lack substantial Consciousness", or ppl who "Lack Consciousness", or ppl who are "LAC".
Spirituality lies at the Core of every human being. But the development of we Souls is not EQUAL. Each Soul is completely EQUAL in potential [in POTENTIAL]. But the growth of ones Soul is entirely dependent upon ones own Soul, and how courageous ones Soul is in addressing the Purpose of Life... which is to engage in and eventually "COMPLETE" Karma.

The Law of Karma is the design of God to operate the Creation, and it is His means of regulating and allowing courageous Souls to climb the Ladder of Life. Every Soul resides on some rung of the Ladder of Life, and where ones Soul is perched on the Ladder of Life determines how CONSCIOUS [research Here ]ones Soul has become?

In other words, every Soul exists to achieve for itself... the" Purpose of Life". And this "choice" is subtly inherent in the "personality" of ones Soul - quite unknown to ones MIND or brain. None of us knows how eager his or her Soul is to return Home, in other words. Many Souls really enjoy life on Earth, and look forward to playing various roles. In continuing to reincarnate, in other words.

So, given the fact that Reincarnation exists, is it not reasonable to accept that not all human beings possess Souls that have acquired a substantial amount of CDKA&EU [research Here]. CDKA&EU stands for the Virtues we Souls are slowly accumulating in each lifetime we live. The more CDKA&EU a Soul accumulates, the more Enlightened that Soul becomes.

The reason we must realize that there are 2 types of ppl on Earth [2-ppl], is that unless we do, we tend to see all Souls in the same way. This means we fail to realize that what makes a Liberal a Liberal is "LAC". And this represents a danger to Americans in particular because in America Intellect is venerated. That is, the "Liberal", or a Soul lacking in Consciousness...[ simply because they reside upon the lower rungs of the Ladder of Life], are "often" compensated for their lack of CONS with a high level of Intellectualism. So, when we in America "see" Intellectualism as a good thing, we elect ppl like Obama. Too few ppl in America have been taught that anyone lacking in CONS represents a threat to matter how intelligent that person may be, his/her LAC makes him/her vulnerable to the natural evil desires of his/her MIND [GREED, ENVY, AVARICE]. In fact, quite often the more intelligent a person is, the less CONS that person's Soul possesses. And without substantial CONS, a person has no way to moderate the desires of his/her MIND.

The term "LIberal" is not to be taken lightly. The Liberal is LAC , and this prevents him/her from "seeing" the subtle vibrational energies of Truth. It is this inability of the Liberal to perceive CONS that causes the Liberal to view life as unfair, unjust, and that the Rich need to have their wealth taken from them.

LAC = Lack of Consciousness [Conscience], which prevents a person [who is LAC] from "seeing" [or experiencing] the subtle realities of Truth, Reality, or Spirituality]. Such a person is therefore limited to use of his/her brain and thinking, and has little or no access to Intuition, which is required for anyone who seeks to access CONS.


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