Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

If you are interested in the letters 'PTSD,' and you have done some research, I bet you have not noticed an elaborate SHELL GAME in play? Let us see what the Mayo Clinic has to say about the phrase "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" ?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) - Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event

Well, the Mayo clinic is correct, partially. But only Partially... and this is a crucial point that is generally unknown. And the fact is that this "unknown" is unknown... and being unknown, it is not seen as that which is causing so many Veterans to commit suicide. Now... is the reader "interested" enough in the unknown aspects of PTSD to read about the unknown... or not?

Man naturally fears the 'unknown,' and there is nothing to be ashamed of in doing so. But when one is CHARGED with helping a Veteran deal with PTSD... because it is the unknown that the Veteran must discover and resolve... in order to be OK... Is the fact the person helping the Veteran is afraid of the unknown... [and this helper is not aware he/she is afraid of the unknown]...could this be a factor, or an ISSUE that needs to be recognized? No matter how inconvenient it might be? Well, here is the reason so many Veterans are committing suicide, even though they are in "treatment".
But who among those helping Veterans is willing to step up and admit they know absolutely nothing about the MIND of Man? ......And I ask this question candidly and honestly?

Only a fool would seek to repair an expensive watch, and would seek PROFESSIONAL help, right? And yet, in the medical field, and in BS&bp [modern mental health] the denial of the MIND has been so effective over the last century, that people who have absolutely no idea what the MIND is... imagine themselves COMPETENT enough to deal with that of which they are quite ignorant.

_________________The non-counscious fear [hidden Within the MIND of the normal person is quite unknown to him or her -- until some deeply repressed traumatic memory held Within that person's MIND gets activated [by some intense external event]. And in response to this event [and the event may be cumulative] the person's MIND then begins to PROTECT that person from such an event occurring again. And the behavior, thoughts, and reasoning of the Veteran said to be suffering from PTSD... is simply a person whose MIND has been thus stimulated. And all the thoughts and behaviors are merely natural means by which his or her MIND is protecting him/her from being exposed to that event again.
And to imagine that this PROTECTIVE process would be nice and orderly, or even rational, is silly, except to those ignorant of the MIND and how it works.

I am hesitant to expose myself [by telling the Truth] to the scorn, ridicule, and defensiveness of the tens of thousands in BS&bp, whose MINDs will naturally defend them from the Truth. But in defense of myself, allow me to ask the reader this simple question: What is the MIND, and how does it work?

_________________ And if you don't trust yourself with this question, then ask any mental health professional this question. See how many can answer this simple question?

Now... if the CAUSE of PTSD lies in the MIND [and it does] and modern mental health [for the most part] has no idea what the MIND is, how will Veterans be properly helped?

I applaud and encourage as many people who can help make life a bit easier for Veterans, to by all means do so. The men and women who serve America deserve the best treatment they can receive, period.

My concern is with the mental help the Veteran needs and deserves. The Veteran is placed in "harms way," and to understand what this means is not something most people will ever likely experience. And so, the Veteran needs SPECIAL help that very few human beings can provide. The help the Veteran experiencing PTSD needs... is not physical. It is MENTAL, which means MIND. And how many in America have studied the MIND for ten or more years? SINCE the MIND can ONLY be studied from Within the MIND itself...via Intuition, in other words.

FINALLY... those trained in BS&bp will do their upmost to prevent proper help to Veterans [not intentionally], but due to being protected by their own MINDs. You see, Proper and Competent help means dealing with the MIND, and the only people who are competent to do this are those who have undergone extensive personal Psychotherapy themselves, in sessions provided by fully competent Gestalt Psychotherapists practicing MIND-level catharsis.
In other words, the "healing process" Veterans must experience to be healed must go through their MINDs, and it takes special training for someone to facilitate this process.
One menthod of preventing Veterans from receiving needed help is to insist that ONLY those licensed by BS&bp can provide service. In other words, I have worked with the MINDs of people for over 30 years, and at times I have even possessed licenses in mental health. But because I no longer want to play the silly games of BS&bp, I would not be allowed to treat Veterans in any government facility.
Imagine how silly and Controlling that is. Those in BS&bp who are not fully trained [because such training is no longer offered], have no idea how defensive and frightened they are of the unknown operations of the MIND. Nor are they aware that it is their own MINDs that cause them to exercise such CONTROL over the practice of Psychotherapy. Quite a paradox. Almost like the fox protecting the hen house. The tragedy is... so many deserving Vets fail to receive the competent therapy they deserve.
To get around the imposed limitation upon proper therapy by BS&bp, I have developed a new approach I refer as EDUCATIONAL INSIGHT. And this process would be seen as strictly intellectual. Thus, not threatening to BS&bp. And I am always available to meet with a group of Vets, to talk about the MIND and how it works.

This is enough for people to know… if people will begin to act upon this information. Demand that COMPETENT HELP BE GIVEN TO VETS!!

Brother James
James W. Patterson, Ph.D. [and place "VET" in Subject box].

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