Or, one of the two basic foundation stones of Life laid down by God.

The other basic foundation stone of Life is the Law of Karma [research Here].

In the Bible, there is a passage: that goes something like this... it is given to man to be born once". But Christ said in the Bible that man, in order to awaken the Spirituality within himself must be born of the Spirit, not only of water [which refers to the womb]. And John the Baptist said himself that he baptized by water, but that another would come who would baptize with the Spirit. This is an important passage, but I believe it is quite often misunderstood. In John 6:44, we read this: "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him upon the last day." Question: What did Christ mean by this statement? I believe that Christ was clearly saying that a Soul is chosen by God [regarding its readiness],and that when a Soul is "ready" is not a matter of intellectual choice by a person... but is a matter of when ones Soul is ready for selection, and this readiness is determined by God.

There is also the matter of Christ saying that he came for his marked sheep only, and that these Souls knew him, and that these Souls knew him and could hear his voice [which I believe means that they were ready to awaken to the Spiritual message he awakened from Within these Souls. But that the message of Christ was given for all Souls, and the path he laid out would result in the eventual Spiritual Awakening of any Soul that followed this path. These statements make little sense...unless one accepts that each Soul has as many lifetimes as it requires in order to fulfill the Purpose of Life? And this is the reason I believe that "one life to live" is nonsense. It is simply not possible for any Soul to explore and experience all the Creation has to offer in just one lifetime. I therefore firmly accept both the Law of Karma and Reincarnation as given to we Souls by God as part of the Laws of Creation. To me, both of these laws allow each Soul to pursue the path of Perfection, and that to me is what a Loving God would design as Life.

If one is careful in ones reading of the scriptures, one will note several instances where subtle references to Reincarnation are mentioned. As ye sow, so shall ye reap, being one such statement. But in the many "councils" that took place from the 5th to the 15th centuries, the early Popes of the Catholic church may have removed as much reference to the Law of Karma and Reincarnation as they could "see," from the scriptures that dealt with the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation. There is controversy regarding this, in any case. That the Popes might have removed certain passages from the Bible is emphasized by what the current Pope is doing to create a "one-world" religion, which is mentioned in the Bible in Revelation, along with the False Prophet and the Anti-Christ.

There are numerous religions, and schools of thought based on different beliefs in the world. That half of the world believes in the Law of Karma, and Reincarnation, while the other half does not tells us what? Only that Man is confused. It merely signifies that Mankind is divided in this matter. This should not surprise anyone, in fact, we are told that this division between people is less pronounced in the Golden Age of Man [a period of time that may be on the order of many thousands of years in length]. And some say that we are now completing the Iron Age of Man. This is what the Mayan calendar laid out with the date 12/21/2012. The Mayans said that mankind was closing out the Iron Age, and they went no further... other than to say that those who were able to embrace the "new vibration of Life" would be OK. Were they speaking of a new Golden Age of Man? Many mystics suggest this is the case. And Revelation in the Bible says that the Second Coming of Christ will rule over a select number of Souls for a thousand years. Is this the advent of, or precursor to the New Golden Age of Man?
And... will there be a mini-dissolution following the war of Armageddon, or not? By "dissolution" I mean a period of time when the physical universe ceases, and all Souls are drawn up [to the Astral region] in a form of 'sleep' until the physical universe begins again, and is ready to once again receive Souls?

The Mayans say that mankind completed the Iron Age of Man on 12/21/2012. And, if the Iron Age was about as long as the Golden Age, that would mean mankind has been slowly sinking into evil for many thousands of years. The mystics tell us there are four Ages of Man: The Golden Age; the Silver Age; the Copper Age; and the Iron Age. If each age is several thousands of years in length, then a complete cycle of these ages could be near a million years. And this is a very long time.

Again, if the Soul of Man only has one lifetime to live, then what purpose is there to the four Ages of Man? The Christian dogma [as is currently interpreted] is in conflict with the Ages of Man of course, because a Soul would have to be able to incarnate into these different Ages in order to experience the differences of each. I side with the half of the world population that believes in Reincarnation. And I find no contradiction to Christianity "fitting" into the Ages of Man at all. I also understand how some clerics [in order to try and "control" Man], would deny Reincarnation.

Allow me to share a somewhat different interpretation of the raising from the dead expression in the Bible. In Eastern Mysticism, the cycle of "birth and death," or the fact we Souls slowly rise up the species of life forms to achieve the form of a human being, then the idea of multiple lifeforms is not new nor startling. And once a Soul achieves the human form, then by living ones life positively, ones Soul continues to be born a human being. In is during ones journey in various human births that one acquires the "Completed Karma" that I refer to as C'etc , or Consciousness. And it is this C'etc that contributes to ones Spiritual Evolution, which is what God uses to judge whether or not ones Souls is ready to receive the Spiritual Initiation [Baptism by Spirit] which fulfills the words of Christ: No man comes to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him upon the last day." John 6:44.

The purpose of Reincarnation serves we Souls as opportunities for us to experience the re-education of our MINDs in the various Hells, and for our Souls to "grow and mature" by rising above our MINDs, and awakening to the Spirituality Within ourselves. God gives us every opportunity to achieve Perfection, and to return to Him. There are Souls that choose evil and to remain with Satan, and that is between those Souls and Satan. But to those Souls who love God, let them live with God in their hearts, and look forward to returning Home.

To Accept fully the events of ones life [with no resentment or animosity], is very difficult to do. But this "process" is the ONLY way in which we Souls acquire our Spiritual evolution. To become Enlightened, in other words... is very hard to do. This is one reason it takes so many lifetimes in which to achieve any appreciable Enlightenment. More on this here, or my latest book here.