This story is true, but it may seem somewhat fantastic to those familiar with the teachings of Christianity. This story is based on the works of mystics who have recounted this story as far back as the Sanskrit language, which reaches into history some 4.5 thousand years.

The basic story is that the Soul is an aspect of God. That is, the Soul is composed of the same Energy as God. In addition, and this point is rarely stressed in Western understanding, this Energy is "Spirituality". And Spirituality is a dimensional plane of Reality, and Spirituality is the ONLY dimensional plane of Reality that is permanent, and Absolute in nature.

Prior to the "Creation", which has a "purpose" [and this "purpose" is a question that very few can answer with any certainty] God, or what we refer to as God, was alone. Now, this is where this story takes an unusual turn, because I am introducing an intuition I had several years ago, and my intuition makes perfect sense to me now, but but at the time, I failed to comprehend what my intuition meant. What I am about to explain is not substantiated by other sources to my knowledge.

Perhaps a decade ago, I was searching for an energy that could sustain Truth. The reason for my search was that my attempt to complete my structure for the Psychology of the Whole Human Being was stuck... and I could not figure out the reason? One evening I intuited the phrase "Spiritual Energy". I normally trust implicitly my intuition, but this time, this phrase was a bit too cryptic for me to even comprehend.

Perhaps a week or so went by, and another evening found me pushing a pencil around a piece of paper, doodling, when I intuited the phrase "Neutral Spiritual Energy". Which I labeled as the symbol "NSgy". I tend to use symbols simply to save time writing. But aside from coining the symbol "NSgy", I was unsure what this phrase meant? It took several days before my intuition allowed me to apply this new concept to my structure of a complete Psychology for the Whole Human Being. To read more about NSgy, try THIS .

The Whole Human Being, or WHB, refers to the fact that Man is composed of three simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational dimensions, two of which are Esoteric, and one of which is physical. From inside out, these are the Spiritual dimension; The MIND dimension; And the physical dimension. Both the MIND and Spiritual dimensions are Esoteric [not capable of being perceived by ones brain, thinking or ones physical senses], so it is not possible to work with or even discover the existence of the Esoteric dimensions of Man by use of ones brain and thinking.

What the concept of NSgy provided me was a solution to the "reason".... but I must add one more crucial point here. I have been following a Spiritual path for the last 38 years. This path requires a daily meditation of about two hours. Hummn... I just used the calculator and discovered that this amounts to 27,740 hours! The result of this is that my faculty of intuition has been substantially enhanced. In addition, my particular practice of psychotherapy over the last thirty plus years is uniquely based on the concept of DEC [Direct Esoteric Communication], or use of ones faculty of intuition, and combining all this, the reader can appreciate how crucial intuition is relative to my work.

The "reason"... what I was going to say is that the concept of NSgy provided me a "key" to both my structure of Psychology, and a "key" to unlocking the "reason" for the Creation in the first place. That is, if God is NSgy, then God is "Neutral" Spiritual Energy, and this, at least to me, clearly explains the reason for the Creation.

I mean, just reason it out. Neutral is about as close to being "nothing" as one can get. Think of yourself as Neutral and imagine standing in front of a mirror. What do you see? Neutral means no judgment. No comparison. No duality. Just being, when one is Neutral, one is being... but one is unable to perceive what it is one is? Is this not fantastic, and no doubt a bit crazy?

So, we Souls are aspects of God, projected into a Creation that was formed just for us. The Creation is the means by which God, via we Souls, is discovering who and what NSgy can be? To make the whole process Perfect, God created the Law of Karma, and gave each Soul, as it entered the Creation, a MIND. The Law of Karmais an example of the genius of God. A self-sustaining Law that is based on Absolute fairness, justice, and equality. Truly a Perfect Law. As you sow, so shall you reap. So simple, and yet so Perfectly suited to the purpose of its formation.

Does this not explain, or at least establish the reason ones Soul is hidden within a costume of a physical body that "plays" out roles on this physical plane? The classic Homer with Gods and mortals is nothing more than we Souls and our physical bodies. Our physical bodies die, but our Souls simply use a new physical form and play a new role for each lifetime we experience.

The reason we do not "see" this is that the part of ourselves that is actually experiencing these roles is ones MIND, and observing each role is what I refer to as ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul].

There is much more to the "Whole Psychology of Man"... but that is merely further explaining what I have laid out here. If you should have an interest in reading more about the Psychology of Man, then click HERE .