by James W. Patterson, Ph.D., Esogist

Contrary to popular opinion, or what many tend to believe, a person's Spiritual Transformation is not something that can be seen by looking at a person. Ones Spiritual Transformation takes place at the Spiritual level of Man, and the Spiritual level of Man has nothing to do with the physical dimension.... at least not directly.

To truly understand what ones Spiritual dimension is, one must be open to the concept that Man is composed of four separate vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical. The other three are "Esoteric", and the term "Esoteric" simply means "NOT CAPABLE OF BEING PERCEIVED BY PHYSICAL MEANS". This means that three-fourths of oneself cannot be seen with ones physical eyes, or ones physical senses, and these Esoteric dimensions of oneself remain hidden from ones brain and its thinking.

The idea that 3/4ths of oneself are incapable of being seen by ones brain or physical senses is a difficult concept for most people to embrace. Especially those people who are not "Enlightened". That is, people who are naturally confined to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain and thinking as their only means of discovering life. I refer to such people as "Thinker" type individuals.

Most people do not realize that there are two basic and fundamentally different types of people in the world. One type is the "Thinker" type, and the other type is the "Enlightened" type. What determines which type one is depends upon which rung of the Ladder of Life ones Soul is perched upon? If interested, this idea can be researched Here .

The fact that people are unable to realize how much Spirituality they have acquired, is the reason most people tend to "act out" what they imagine they "should" be like.... if they were "spiritual". It simply does not occur to people that the Spirituality within them has very little to do with how they act, or what they think. People "naturally" want to "think" about religion, and in doing so, they "naturally" confuse religion with Spirituality. And once again, people are simply not taught the difference between religion and Spirituality. So, those people who are beginning to awaken to the Spirituality within themselves are particularly vulnerable to the influence of religion... because their MINDs [unknown to them] encourage them to pursue religion... because religion is "safe" in that it is intellectual and does not frighten their MINDs.

You see, unknown to most people is the fact that their MINDs fear the Energy of Spirituality, and their MINDs therefore use religion as a means of satisfying their need to seek a higher reality while their MINDs retain a subtle "control" over their thinking. Not that the pursuit of religion is bad, but rather the pursuit of religion is but a step on the path toward Spirituality. So, there is nothing wrong with engaging in religion. I am merely saying that the goal is Spirituality, and this goal lies beyond what religion can provide.

A great book for those seeking Spirituality is: The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson [found Here.
There are two very important concepts of Reality that are pretty much denied in America. These are the concepts of Karma [explained Here], and Reincarnation [explained Here]. Life, in other words, is much more complex than what we in the West "think" it is. And with our "thinking", we are unable to discover this complexity or the Reality behind it.

The reason so many, at least in America, "think" this way is that in America we are taught that we only have one life to live. This idea is a quaint idea put forth by those who "need" to control others. To frighten others, and in doing so, hopefully cause others to adopt the religion these people are selling.


Most religions suggest... the movement back to God is a gentle walk up a garden path "trying" to be kind and considerate... but mainly based on "joining" this or that religion, paying ones "dues", and hoping one is among the "chosen" of God.

Does this not seem somewhat like a lottery?

The Reality of Life is not so arbitrary nor capricious. The Reality of Life is that every Soul is competing on a playing field that is Absolutely fair, equal and just. But, the "game" is one of hide and seek. And at the beginning, the Soul naturally observes this physical plane as unfair, unjust, and not equal at all. This inability to "see" Reality with ones physical eyes and physical brain is the reason Newbies to the human form often maintain the delusional notion of a Utopian Dream that Man can impose upon life. I refer to these Souls as "Intelack" individuals [explained Here].

Although some people intensely deny God, and proudly proclaim themselves Atheists, by such claims we can know these individuals are "newbies" to the form of human being, and that they suffer "Intelack" [explained Here ]. And the concept of Intelack becomes clear... if the reader took the time to check out Fate Karma earlier? It just takes a lot of lifetimes of experiencing Life to enable a Soul to begin to "see" past the illusion of life, and to begin to awaken to the Reality of Life.

In fact.... the ONLY way to awaken to a higher view of Life, is to acquire a substantial amount of CDKA&EU, explained Here.

If the reader can accept the notion that Life has a "Purpose", then we can ask what that purpose might be? Let me just share what I perceive as this "Purpose" as a consequence of my research: The Purpose of Life is for each Soul to explore and experience the entire Creation fully and completely. To accomplish this, the Soul needs more than one life to live.

Built into what we call "Life" are the two crucial elements of Life: The Law of Karma and the concept of "reincarnation". The Law of Karma demonstrates the genius of God. The reader can research Karma Here. And for Karma to work, ones Soul must have more than one life to live.... but then, this stands to reason does it not?

Mystics, Saints, and prophets have all said that this physical plane of existence is a veil of tears. They also remind us that we are on this physical plane to do Karma. And specifically to reap the Karma that we have previously sown over many lifetimes.... and hopefully "complete" it [because this results in one acquiring Spiritual Evolution, which helps one rise up the Ladder of Life] - the concept of a Ladder of Life is my imaginary way of explaining how Life works [for explanation see THIS]. They also remind us that generally speaking, people normally create much more Karma in each life than they can pay off in that lifetime, and this excess Karma is stored as "Sinshit" Karma.

WHAT HAPPENS AT DEATH ? When one dies, it is ones physical body, brain and personality that dies.. while ones Soul with MIND attached is escorted to the Astral region where one meets with a "judge" to evaluate how well one did working through ones Fate Karma for ones just completed life?

After going over one past life, one then designs a new Fate Karma for ones next life. Into ones design goes any "unfinished business", any great desires one might want to explore, and the rest is filled in with ones Sinshit or stored Karma. Then one either goes to some heaven [if one has earned it by doing more good than harm in ones last life], or one goes to some "hell" for Re-education, if that is what one needs. When all is prepared, one is then reincarnated and in the process of being born, ones MIND and Apapsyche construct a new Psychology, personality, and identity... all of which are aligned with and operate to fulfill ones Fate Karma for ones new life.

The reason for Karma is to insure that each Soul fully and completely participates in the "Absolutely equal and fair process" we call "Life". To suggest that Life seems "unfair" is only suggested by "newbies", or individuals who are new to the form of human being. In other words those individuals who lack sufficient "Knowledge" to help them perceive the Reality or Purpose of Life. This lack of CDK&EU causes one to be more vulnerable to greed, selfishness, deceitfulness, fear, and Delusional Thinking.

A fascinating phenomenon exists with [and within] Man that science and even what passes for "mental health" today fail to comprehend. That is, there is an inverse correlation between intellectualism and Spirituality. My new label "Intelack" refers to this phenomenon. The more intellectualism a person possesses, the less Spirituality that person is likely to possess. The reason for this is to "compensate" for the lack of access to ones [common sense or CDKA&EU]. Ones MIND assumes a greater role in that person's life... which results in a higher level of intellectualism [that is, in "thinking"]. The intellectualism is a form of "compensation" by a person's MIND for that persons lack of CDKA&EU [Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding... which is ONLY acquired by completing Karma over many, many lifetimes]. Imagine how we have all been fooled in the West, by "thinking" that the more intelligent a person is, the more enlightened that person must be. Who would have imagined that the more intellectualism a person exhibits, the less access to CDKA&EU that person has!

If the Purpose of Life is to explore and experience the Creation [and this is the purpose], then the natural question is "why"?

A possible answer just might be that God is composed of what I refer to as "Neutral Spiritual Energy", or NSgy. As ones Soul accumulates "Spiritual Evolution", the result of completing Karma over many, many lifetimes, ones Soul slowly ascends the rungs of the Ladder of Life. On the lower rungs of this ladder are perched the "newbies" that are identified as those exhibiting the attributes of the Progressive Personality, or "Intelack"...explained Here.

Unknowingly, especially in the West, we are confused by the excessive intellectualism of those suffering from Intelack because we tend to "think" that by possessing such intellectualism, they must be enlightened. It would simply not occur to most people in the West to imagine that these intellectuals might be new to life as human beings. Or that their views of Life should be questioned as the limited "thinking" of individuals new to the form of human being.

Those of us capable of realizing that Spirituality does exist, and that we possess a Soul, and we believe in God, must resist the fear and chaos that is gripping much of the world today. Please remember that ones Soul is permanent, and it cannot be harmed. And to follow those filled with hate or fear, is not a wise thing to do.

The fact is, the more Spiritual Evolution one acquires, the more detached one becomes relative to the World. The more one awakens to the illusion of life, as opposed to the Reality of Life, the more detached one becomes. And this detachment is a sure sign of increased Spirituality... often thought of as being a problem in the West, by those who are themselves "Newbies" to the form of human being. Spirituality is experienced uniquely by each Soul. But what those awakening to Spirituality share in common is a realization that the world will always be difficult. I believe this is going to change, soon. I believe it will change December 21, 2012, in fact. This is when I believe we will be entering a new Golden Age of Man, and this means the death of the Iron Age is coming soon. I speak of this in my last book: OK... HERE'S THE DEAL, soon to be published by Author House.