A Note from Brother James

The purpose of this site is to help people, and particularly young people, discover some little known facts regarding suicide.

First fact of importance is this: Although the body dies, ones Soul cannot be harmed. However, your MIND suffers by your suicide in this way: Following your suicide, your Soul with its MIND attached, will find itself in a sub-Astral region of Creation, where it must remain until ones scheduled time of death arrives. For some this means a very lengthy time in "limbo". Suicide creates a great deal of negative Karma, and this is not well known in the West, or in America. You should KNOW this fact, and now you do.

Perhaps the most important point to stress is that the idea of suicide is provided to us by our MINDs, and you can research the "MIND" Here.

The problem with Suicide is that its "cause" is hidden within ones MIND, And hardly anyone today knows what the MIND is, because modern mental health has been in denial of the MIND since the early 1900's. This means very few people are aware that the idea of suicide is the MIND's way of protecting itself against having to expose what it holds hidden within itself at a deeply repressed [non-conscious] level. And what it holds hidden within itself are a host of intensely fearful misperceptions taken-on at the time of ones birth - more about this Here .

As you will note, this site is not a simple approach to the question of Suicide, because Suicide is not a simple thing. What I am providing is a complete understanding of the subject of Suicide, which is little understood outside the realm of mysticism.

The "cause" of Suicide is singular, not plural nor many. There is one causal factor that leads to Suicide, in other words. And that causal is normally non-conscious to the person contemplating Suicide... the person cannot "think" his or her way out of Suicide, in other words. AND THIS POINT IS IMPORTANT.

The topic of Suicide is a question that needs to be answered, but the answer is not an easy thing to discover. And, much of the therapy currently offered to those contemplating Suicide is contraindicated. That is, due to improper training, those holding themselves out as therapists rarely realize that their service is more likely to exacerbate [make worse] the likelihood of Suicide. And this may shock some people? If interested, this can be researched Here .

So, the question of encouraging a young person to seek help for thoughts of Suicide is something that should be considered [carefully] by friends and families before seeking to help young people cope with thoughts of Suicide.

A young person who talks of Suicide is doing so because these thoughts are being fed to the young person's brain by his or her MIND. To try and argue with the young person is pointless. To try and intellectually dissuade the young person is equally pointless, since the young person is not "creating" his or her thoughts. And, unknown to most people is the subtle fact that very often ones desire to argue against Suicide is prompted by a less than conscious fear within oneself, and this fear is the only thing that is communicated to the young person talking about Suicide. And this fear exacerbates the fear of the young person, so adding more fear is not a good thing to do, is it?

So, what can be done?
If we can do so, let us try and make a distinction between simply talking to someone who is contemplating Suicide, and sharing with that person an informed overview of what Suicide actually entails? The topic of Suicide is often fearful to people because the concept of Suicide is mostly "Unknown", and we tend to fear what we do not "know".

To properly discuss Suicide, one should know a few facts about Life that are not generally known in the West, or in America. Once such fact is the Law of Karma, and a corresponding fact is that of Reincarnation. If you are not versed in these two facts, you are not prepared to offer a young person anything positive. So, let us inform ourselves of these two facts.

The Law of Karma research here, is an Absolute Law, and every living thing is subject to this Law, and there are no exceptions. The principle of Reincarnation is simple: Ones Soul has as many lifetimes as it requires to fulfill the Purpose of Life.... which is to explore and experience everything this physical plane has to offer relative to who and what ones Soul is, and why the Creation exists in the first place?

It is of course helpful to comprehend these basic facts in some detail, but lacking that... it is enough to just know these are "facts". For every action one takes, that action will be taken against oneself. This Law is Absolute. To take ones own life is to act against the Law of Karma, and the result of this is negative and substantially so!

At the time of ones death, ones Soul finds itself in its Astral body, and in the Astral region just beyond the physical dimension, so that one can see what is taking place in the physical dimension, but one cannot interact with the physical plane. This space is normally a temporary condition, lasting only until ones Soul is taken to a "Judge" on the Astral region where the Judge and ones Soul evaluate how well one did working through the Fate Karma one designed for ones just completed life? At the close of this evaluation, ones Soul designs a new Fate Karma for ones next life, and then one goes to either a Hell for re-education, or a Heaven for rest and relaxation. At some future point, ones next life is ready and one is then reincarnated into a new body, and develops a new personality, and a new psychology to accommodate the Fate Karma designed for that lifetime. This is the case with every Soul, except those who commit murder, and those who commit Suicide.

In the case of the murderer, the person is processed just like every Soul, but where the Soul goes is to some Hell, where that Soul learns to never consider murder again. After a long stay in re-education, that Soul is reincarnated and joins the rest of we Souls climbing the Ladder of Life [explained Here.
In the case of someone who commits Suicide, that person must remain in that disembodied space near the physical plane until the scheduled time of death arrives, and then that Soul is taken to the Judge, and must explain the reason he/she prevented hundreds or thousands of people from completing their Karma with him/her? All this Karma must be made up, plus the additional Karma for taking ones own life, and thus, ones next lifetime will be a very difficult life since one is burdened with a great deal of Karma.

When the Fate Karma for that persons next life is designed, that person goes to a Hell especially designed for Suicides. The purpose of this Hell is to insure that the person never contemplates Suicide again. And such lessons are always learned....

Now, I have shared what I have learned over the last 39 years with any young person reading this, or any person contemplating Suicide for that matter. The person reading this now knows the "real cost" of Suicide, and I have done my duty to inform that person. You can do your duty by sharing this with anyone you know who is talking about Suicide.