Oddly, what I am about to share will not likely have much impact upon politicians, bureaucrats or intellectuals since such people probably believe they know what the term “Union” means. At least they have their opinions, and such people are disinclined to alter their “thinking” based on facts that run counter to what they believe. But let me share the following anyway.

You see,....... Well, let us begin with a definition of the term “union”. This comes from my Bean writing program: union |ˈyoōnyən| noun

ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French, or from ecclesiastical Latin unio(n-) ‘unity,’ from Latin unus ‘one.


1 the union of art and nature unification, uniting, joining, merging, merger, fusion, fusing, ...etc.

2 the workers joined a union association, labor union, trade union, league, guild, confederation, federation, brotherhood, organization.

______________________ But what I am addressing is not the physical act of organizing a union, or the intellectual rationalization ones MIND presents to one in justification of ones desire to create a union. Although I am addressing what causes one to desire to form a union, and then seek to make it a closed shop - so as to force all workers to join the union, whether a person wants to join or not. This “closed shop” idea is a logical part of the motivation for a union in the first place. It is the psychological motivation I wish to address.

Some of what Im about to share will be difficult for some people to read. Sorry about that, but life is what it is....regardless what one thinks.

Each of us has a Soul, and this is true whether one believes this or not. Not only that, but for most of us, this is not our first lifetime as a human being. That is, each Soul is doing its best to fulfill the Purpose of Life, and to do this, we must reincarnate into new lives in a cycle that is called by mystics the cycle of birth and death.

Excellent book on this subject: Johnson, Julian Here
Now back to my sharing about the term union. Each person has a MIND [if interested, research here], which is not physical, and a brain that is physical. We know about the brain, but few know about the MIND, sine it is Esoteric (invisible). Your MIND is composed of two parts. One part, the lower MIND, is composed of the energy of the Astral region of Creation. The other part of your MIND is the higher MIND, and it is composed of the energy of the Causal region of Creation. You need not understand the reasons for this, you only need to realize that you have a MIND that your brain cannot perceive.

Your MIND was attached to your Soul when you first entered the Creation, many eons past. When the Creation was first created. You have a MIND to allow your Soul [which is composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy, and is therefore unable to interact with the Creation directly], so your MIND serves as the means by which your Soul interacts with the whole of Creation, including this physical plane. [There is more to this, but not necessary to know all this now].

I mention this because your Soul is an Absolute Energy, and it can only operate in the Spiritual dimension, which is hidden within each of us. So, it is ones MIND that provides ones Soul its exploration and experience of Creation. In this position, ones MIND is initially very important, at least until ones Soul has lived a great many lifetimes, and during these lifetimes ones Soul acquires a sufficient amount of CDKA&EU [Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding] to rise above being “domionated” by ones MIND. [research C'etc Here]

I mention this because..if ones Soul is dominated by ones MIND for many lifetimes, and the basic desires of the MIND are Greed, Envy and Avarice... ones Soul is influenced by these desires of the MIND. That is, until ones Soul has acquired a sufficient amount of CDKA&EU, or “C’etc” for short. Ones Soul cannot rise above the desires of ones MIND until it "evolves Spiritually" [which is what accumulating C'etc is all about]. The desires of the MIND, once again are: Greed, Envy and Avarice.

Apply the desires of Greed, Envy and Avarice against the idea of "Union" and see how what we know of unions "fit" this combination? Try and separate out the rationalizations, of course.
And this brings us directly to the term “union”. The actual motivation [although normally unrecognized desire to form a union], that is, what actually “causes” one to desire to form a union rests upon the basic desires of the MIND: Greed, Envy and Avarice. These desires are most active in those Souls that are least enlightened: Those Souls new or relatively new to the form of human being, in other words.

These basic desires of the MIND are the primary drivers acting within the MINDs of those who organize unions, and they depend upon the Greed, Envy and Avarice within the MINDs of others to support and help them.

It is the MIND of the newer Soul that causes the person within whom that Soul resides to “think” that he or she is being treated unfairly, unjustly, and by "delusional thinking" [research Here] he is caused to think that only by force will an employer correct what is seen as wrong.

What such Souls are unable to “see”, since they are so new to the form of human being and have not as yet accumulated much C’etc, is that the life of every person is precisely what each individual “designed” for him/herself at the close of his/her last lifetime.

You see, at the close of each lifetime, a Soul goes before a “judge” and together, ones Soul and this judge go over how well one did working through the Fate Karma ones Soul designed to deal with during ones just completed lifetime. All the elements of ones life are designed by oneself, in other words. If your life is "unfair", you designed it for a reason!

So, the notion that ones life is “unfair” is bogus, and due entirely to ones lack of C’etc. I refer to such a person as an Intelack individual. That is, Intellectualism + Lack of C’etc = Intelack. Unfortunately there are always lots of Intelack individuals on Earth.

This is especially so, apparently, during the Iron Age of Man, or the Age of Man we are presently living. The mystics tell us this Iron Age of Man is the darkest and most evil age man has to endure. The Mayans suggest that on the date 12/21/2012, the Iron Age will end, and a new Golden Age of Man will begin. There are about 129 days until that date... so we will have to wait to see what happens?

I mention all this about the term and concept of “union” merely to share what I have discovered over my lifetime studying the mystical nature of Life. It makes sense to me that any attempt at forming a “union” is an attempt to go against the Law of Karma, the single most important fact of Life. And to form a union means that those doing so are exercising Greed, Envy and Avarice, and they will have to pay for the evil they cause others by their Greed, Envy and Avarice.

And this is true, even though intellectually those forcing others to their will can rationalize what they are doing by delusional thinking fed to their brains by their MINDs. So... the excesses of union contracts based on Greed, Envy and Avarice will ALWAYS become unsustainable.

We could go deeper into how the Law of Karma regulates life explicitly, but that has been addressed in other books and writings.


Brother James