My Internet "Classroom"…and it is free for Vets.

For those who want to read about what "help' means... you can read: My book: PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.. in Kindel: Here .

WARNING: I recently was accused by a Veteran of "using Vets to enhance myself". I know what prompted such an accusation, but I nonetheless am uncomfortable with such a public accusation. So, if any Veteran perceives my offering free service to Veterans as "using them," please leave this site, and try to accept that it was you who visited this site… Thanks.

Proper help always seems scary to those caught up in a problem because PROPER HELP is rarely discussed. What is discussed instead [and this is due to BS&bp (Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology") is Intellectualism or talk, talk, and more talk]. Confusion is naturally disturbing… until a person gets a handle on the "unknown'... which is ALWAYS ones MIND. You see, the brain is physical and it cannot "see" nor experience the MIND [which is not physical]. So, when your MIND is causing you to feel, hear, or do things you don't want to feel, hear, or do... this is disturbing because you don't know what's happening? Nothing wrong with you, this is simply the way the MIND works... but very few people in mental health today know anything about the MIND, because they are not taught anything about the MIND. If you want to read more about this click Here.

Your MIND must "vent" negative energy that builds Within itself... and it must do this in behaviors that make it impossible for you to identify what is creating such negative energy Within your MIND. The symptoms you are aware of are disguised so that you cannot identify what is causing them... in other words.

This is disturbing, frustrating, and bothersome... but again... there is nothing wrong with you EXCEPT... you are not aware of what is going on? What is happening is just an indicator that your MIND is in conflict with itself. And what is causing your MIND to be upset are MISPERCEPTIONS that are active Within your MIND. Once these misperceptions are KNOWN, they are automatically replaced with Peace... based on a better understanding of your MIND.

And this sounds simple, perhaps... and it is relatively simple from my perspective because I have been dealing with the MIND for over 40 years. And the unknown always generates fear Within us. And the term Within in bold and italic just means that what's going on is going on inside oneself and it is invisible to ones brain. And not knowing what is happening to us causes us to experience fear. And let us call fear by its name... because this is the proper thing to do since doing so is honest.

You have several options:
1. First, you can help yourself by reading my web site: Here. You can get my book via Kindle Here.
2. You can email me:, and put "VET" in the subject box.
3. Or, if you live near Vancouver, WA; Join a free Vet support group by calling 360-531-1482.

Peace, Brother James