In the beginning, we are told, there was the "Word". And the "Word" was with God, and the "Word" was God, and how many comprehend what this means? And if you think you know, then you are normal, however, test yourself a bit by answering this question: What do you know on the Earth plane of existence that is "Neutral"?

_______________By the way, "Neutral" means having no identifiable form, invisible, and incapable of being seen by the brain, or experienced by ones physical senses. And yet... existing.

Does this not create a conundrum in that the brain cannot perceive that which is Neutral? I would say "think about this," except you can't, can you? And just this quickly, you have discovered the reason the Intelack type individual cannot pursue the "unknown" of Life.

What if I were to suggest that the Energy of Spirituality is "Neutral Spiritual Energy" or 'NSgy' ? And that, the only thing that can identify NSgy is something composed of NSgy? And that hidden Within Man, and part of the Spiritual dimension of Man, is a faculty called "Intuition" [research Here].

Well... my suggestion would conflict with what most people have been taught [which is largely misinformation, not intentionally... but simply due to a lack of awareness. And this speaks to a host of new concepts regarding the whole of Man, that have been written about... [using "abstract terms"], but have not been widely distributed.. I believe because people hesitate to use terms which they cannot define or explain. Again largely due to lack of awareness, and a subtle fear of the unknown.

You see... Man is not designed to "KNOW" certain things by use of his brain. And there is a type of person who insists that the brain can know virtually everything there is to know. I refer to that type of person as an Intelack type person [research Intelack].
This means that only those people who are somewhat Enlightened have Souls that have accumulated a sufficient amount of C'etc [research C'etc] to have acquired Enlightenment enough to "Intuit" certain levels of Truth [which also means Wisdom]. I believe what I have labeled 'C'etc' is quite likely what the ancient Greeks referred to as Consciousness.

Therefore... what have I just said? I have just said [or more implied] that Knowledge exists Within the Apapsyche [research here] of Man, and that Knowledge [unlike information] is not available to the brain of Man.
So, here we have a major separation of mankind into two camps. One camp worships Intellectualism, and the other [hopefully] worships the amazing work of God. And if you do not possess a certain active level of Intuition, which requires Enlightenment... you do not comprehend what I have just written. But feel quite free to blame me for your inability to comprehend what words cannot convey.

Virtually everyone "thinks" he/she knows what the term Soul means. But, how many have actually seen a Soul? Or the MIND? Or Spirit? Or Spirituality? Etc.

Wisdom are bits of Knowledge that a person naturally awakens to as that person's Soul achieves a sufficient level of C'etc, which enables that person to [as Christ said: "see" and "hear"] bits of Truth [which is Knowledge], which are fed to ones faculty of Intuition... so that only an Enlightened person can "experience" these bits of Truth. And this results in Enlightenment [which is the natural result of one's Soul acquiring C'etc]. And anyone who imagines this can be done in one lifetime...or with the brain... is, well, early in ones Spiritual Evolution.

Peace, Brother James.