Rev 2-9-2014


Operational Energy of ones Soul


The term "Apapsyche"= is a combining of "apas", sanskrit for work/working, and "psyche" Greek for self, soul, and mind. We combine the "Soul" part of psyche with Apas to create "Apapsyche".... which stands for: Operational Energy of the Soul.

Why does the Soul "need" an Apapsyche? Because ones Spiritual dimension consists of an Energy I refer to as Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy. Or the primordial Energy of God, from which the Creation came. Those who love to read may pursue the same intellectual course I followed by reading what I read. Available Here ]. But doing so will not necessarily provide the same outcome... we are all different. Besides reading is only part of the development one must experience to enable one to "experience" the Esoteric dimensions of oneself and of Life. The "whole" of Life is a combination of both ones intellect, and then [when ones Soul is ready] ones Spiritual awakening which is purely Esoteric in nature...and is explained somewhat Here. And, in any case, the key is ones access to ones faculty of Intuition [research Here ] if you have time...

The Soul is an Absolute Energy, and as an Absolute, it conforms to certain criteria: It is permanent; It cannot be harmed; And it cannot be other than it is, ever. I also believe the Soul is the same Energy as that of God, which is Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy [explained Here. My belief is based on mysticism, which says that we Souls are aspects of God. And my belief that God is composed of NSgy rests upon my Intuition of this concept a decade ago [2001].

Intuition is not much "evidence" for those who live by the brain and thinking [what I now refer to as the Intelack type personality]. But for more Enlightened individuals, who do have access to the faculty of Intuition, the mention of having accessed my Intuition is comprehensible. This speaks to the virtually unknown and important basic difference between people on Earth: And that is discussed at length in my book: Intelack Personality, Here .

A great deal of evil has flooded America since I created this web page in 2001. And yet, in my own work, more and more clarification of the Reality of Life has taken place. In the last dozen years, what America has been subjected to for 40 years in education has become manifest:: An Intelack domination of education has resulted in a new generation of young people who have been selectively denied the truth of America, and instead, they have been taught Marxist propaganda promoted by a delusional view of life held by people who severely lack what I now refer to as C'etc , or a lack of Spiritual Evolution by their Souls… which has noting to do with their IQ, or intellectual ability, save they tend to possess little common sense. We have called these people "liberal," or "progressive," but they are best identified as Intelack individuals. People whose Souls are simply immature and lack the maturity required for the positions they hold. People whose Souls are so new to the form of human being that they lack the ability to tell the difference between good and evil due to a lack of the Virtue of Discretion.

Of course, if you are not familiar with [or deny] Reincarnation, then the idea of a Soul growing and maturing makes no sense?

The Apapsyche is a "special" Energy and by using two aspects, it does everything that needs to be done to allow ones Soul to explore and experience an interaction with various dimensions which make-up the "whole" of Man. These dimensions are: The Spiritual dimension; The MIND dimension [which is actually two dimensions [the lower and higher aspects of the MIND]; And the physical dimension.

The two aspects of the Apapsyche are: The Attn Aspect, which has the ability to adopt itself to the vibrational energy of any of the four dimensions which comprise the Whole Human Being by adopting itself to the vibrational energy [or resonance] of the dimension it is entering; And The Awar Aspect is the experiencing aspect of the Apasyche. The Awar Aspect always follows the Attn Aspect, and what the Attn Aspect is focused upon is what the Awar Aspect experiences.

And please understand that the new or unfamiliar terms or symbols on this page are labels for the phenomena they were created to "stand for", or "point to". These phenomena are Esoteric, and thus, not capable of being perceived by ones brain or physical senses. They can ONLY be Known by ones faculty of "Intuition". And one does not Intuitively "Know" something by thinking, one Knows by Intuition, and that is an "experience" that has nothing to do with ones brain. .


But why does the Soul "need" an "Operational Energy"?

ANSWER: Because the Soul is composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy. This is the Energy of God, and we Souls.

Did you know that your Soul consists of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy? Well, outside of my students and those familiar with my writing, no one would know this. I intuited this bit of Knowledge several years ago while seeking an energy that would sustain three criteria I set out to "test" for something that could be considered an Absolute... as in Truth.

1. It must be permanent.
2. It could not change.
3. And it could never be other than it is, ever.

At the time I intuited NSgy, I was looking for the energy of Truth. What I was given [received as Intuition] was that the Energy of God, the Soul, and of the Spiritual region itself, was an Absolute Energy. This would certainly make it permanent. It does not change, and it can never be other than it is. This fairly well met my criteria for Truth. So, in answer to my search for an energy that could sustain Truth, I intuited the concept of NSgy, which is what I believe the home of Truth to be. This is the Home of all Absolutes, in fact. I refer to it as the dimension of "Spirituality".

At a later point, I realized that NSgy was also the primordial Energy that we refer to as God. This primordial Energy is ONE, not many. And any Soul that returns to its Primordial Source is also ONE with that Source.

It is as though all the elements of Life, or Reality, when all extraneous material is removed, winds up being NSgy.

It should be mentioned, perhaps, that on this physical plane, we do not have anything with which to compare an "Absoltue". About the only absolute on this physical plane is that of "change"... difficult to compare to itself. So, it is understandable that few people can conceptualize an Absolute. And since the brain cannot experience an Absolute, the brain has no experience with which to imagine an Absolute. And, of course, if one is confined to thinking alone to evaluate Life, then it is not possible to discover an Absolute: Truth, Reality, Ones Soul, or Spirituality.

I came up with the Apas part of Apapsyche from Sanskrit, and Apas means work or woking. The Psyche part is from the Greek, and it means "Self, Soul, and Mind", and these are all Esoteric dimensions of Man, or incapable of being perceived by ones brain or physical senses. So, I combined these as Apapsyche [Operational Energy of the Soul].

The Apapsyche operates using two aspects. One is the "Attn Aspect" and the other is the "Awar Aspect". The Attn Aspect is what we call "attention", and this aspect has the ability to enter any of the four dimensions of Man by adopting the vibrational energy of the realm it is entering. And it may do so instantly, and enter and leave seemingly without interruption. But it can only "be" in one realm at a time. And the Awar Aspect always follows the Attn Aspect, and what the Attn Aspect is focused upon is what the Awar Aspect is experiencing. This is the basic operation of the Apapsyche, a most crucial element in the operational dynamics of the Whole Human Being. And of course, like so much of my work... little of this can be "proven" to those confined to their brains for exploring Creation. If you cannot access your Intuition [or your ability to Know], then chances are you will not comprehend [experience] my work... except "abstractly".