Let me say as clearly and as intensely as possible that the Esoteric dimensions of Man cannot be perceived by ones brain or physical senses. But this simple sentence is not sufficient to convey this concept.

Does the reader comprehend what I am saying here? I am saying that it is not possible to use ones brain and thinking to perceive ones Esoteric [invisible] dimensions.

How come? Because ones brain and its thinking process is "physical". It takes place within the physical dimensions of oneself. OK... so what? Well, the physical dimension of oneself is just one-fourth of who one is. There are three-fourths of oneself that are Esoteric, which simply means NOT PHYSICAL AND NOT CAPABLE OF BEING PERCEIVED BY ONES PHYSICAL SENSES.

The term "Esoteric" simply means: Not capable of being perceived by ones brain and physical senses. The Esoteric dimensions of oneself are not physical, in other words. I dislike repeating myself like this, however, it is not possible for your brain to comprehend what I am saying when I use the term "MIND" for example. Your brain hears the term MIND as an "abstract word". A word that "stands for" the actual phenomenon the abstract word "MIND" "points to" as existing.... but the term "MIND" cannot actually convey what this term points to.... because the actual vibration of the MIND consists of two regions of Creation that are not part of the physical universe. ... Unless you are "ready" to awaken to what some abstract word "stands for,' in which case you may "awaken" to (or actually experience from within yourself) the subtle energy for which the abstract symbol "stands for").

But, since your brain cannot "experience" the energy of the MIND, you brain has no way of differentiating between the term MIND, and what the term MIND "stands for"? And this is just the basic problem we have to deal with. In addition to the brain being incapable of experiencing the subtle energy of your MIND, your MIND has the capability of feeding "thoughts" to your brain that cause your brain to "think" that it knows what the term MIND is.... because your brain can spell M-I-N-D, and it can define it, and it can use it in a sentence... and since it will never know anything contrary to what it knows, your brain can be caused by your MIND to "think" that it "knows" what the MIND is. This is what I refer to as "Delusional Thinking", or D-Think... explained Here . Your brain will never be able to experience your MIND, so, your brain will never realize it cannot "know" what the MIND is?

And yes, you "think" you understand what I just wrote. But you understand what I wrote "intellectually". As part of your thinking mechanism. What you understand is taking place entirely within your brain, and none of your physical experience includes the Esoteric dimensions of yourself. Your brain is involved in a closed loop of thinking.... including the Delusional Thinking being fed to it by your MIND, using the DM=SI of your MIND. Research the DM=SI of the MIND HERE.

And... remember that your brain cannot differentiate between the Delusional Thinking being fed to it by your MIND, and its own thinking which is entirely limited to what it can itself perceive. So, your brain "thinks" that if it can think it, "it" has been experienced by itself.... and "it" [the abstract word, term or symbol] also must exist on the physical plane. Here is the subtle deception that the intellectual is vulnerable to, and he/she has no way of knowing this, nor can this fact be conveyed to him/her. This is a "blind spot" of those who are confined to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain for their understanding of life [which, in their case, is the "illusion of life".

This is the precise Delusional Thinking that causes the BS&bp trained Psychologist to continuously engage in cutting the physical brain into smaller and smaller pieces, convinced that eventually he/she will make a cut that will reveal the MIND. This is also the classic definition of insanity.

That which prevents one from accessing ones Spirituality is the simple fact that the vibrational Energy of ones Spirituality is too subtle for ones brain to perceive - which means "experience". Even ones MIND, which ones brain cannot perceive, is unable to perceive Spiritual Energy. Man is composed of three [actually four, but the forth is because the MIND is composed of two separate regions of Creation itself], separate vibrational energies, each with its own reality. From inside out, these are: Ones Spiritual dimension; Ones MIND dimension; And ones physical dimension, with which we are all familiar, and modern mental health insists the physical dimension is the only part of oneself one needs to know.

Modern mental health, or BS&bp [research Here], is wrong, and substantially so. But since most in BS&bp are confined to intellectualism, they are not open to "hearing" how they are mistaken. And those who seek help from them must realize that they will not receive the level of help they require. I have regretted this fact for some thirty years, and I have done what I could to try to alter this fact. But it persists. The dominance of intellectualism in this Iron Age of Man seems to go hand in hand with the increased negativity of this Age.

And again, the reason for this is perhaps too simple to comprehend? Ones brain is physical. That is, tangible, and ones brain can be proven to exist scientifically. So, being physical ones brain [thinking] is not "Unknown" and thus, it is "safe", familiar and comfortable. And, those who are most intellectual [due to compensation ] are limited to their brains and thinking to understand life. This means they are heavily invested in pushing the notion that there is nothing ones brain cannot discover.

I feel obliged to mention that many, if not most of those who research the Bible are themselves intellectuals. How open do you suppose they will be to subtle hints of an Esoteric nature hidden within the text of the Bible? Do you begin to comprehend what I am alluding to in this site? To be open to ones Spirituality.... one must be in a "space" other than ones brain and its thinking. And specifically, this space is ones faculty of intuition, which is a part of ones Apapsyche, which is the Operational Energy of ones Soul. The "space" is a Spiritual dimension and it can ONLY be accessed via ones faculty of intuition.

Needless to say, awakening to ones own Spirituality is not something a Soul new to the form of human being is likely to do. There is just too much "living" to be done by that Soul. Spirituality is reserved for those Souls who have ascended the Ladder of Life over many, many lifetimes, and these Souls have been self-moderating for a long time. The are naturally open to hints of the Esoteric nature of Spirituality, because their Souls have awakened themselves to their own Spirituality. The loneliness of the Soul for its Home has begun, and that Soul is actively searching.... although it may not know this?

The process of fulfilling the Purpose of Life is to accumulate completed Karma which is a slow and painful process that takes many, many lifetimes. This of course means reincarnation. To comprehend what "Awakening" means, one must set aside some beliefs and prejudices that are widely held among the population.