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An introduction by James W. Patterson, Ph.D., Esogist
[Brother James]

[The term "Esogist" refers to someone who studies and works with the Esoteric (subtle and thought to be invisible) dimensions of Man]

...[A Soft warning regarding this page, this website, and my work in general]. My work is focused on those (invisible) dimensions of Man that modern mental health ignores, denies, and pretends doesn't matter. Actually, the "whole of Man" comprises four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions, three of which are "invisible" to the brain and physical senses of Man. So, the denial of these subtle dimensions of Man by modern mental health (explained Here), generates a view of Man that is based on pure Intellectualism, which means a psychological denial of the emotional and Spiritual dimensions of Man. This site is focused on the whole of Man, and thus includes this Esoteric three-quarters of Man. This means a great many new and unfamiliar terms, symbols, and concepts... that may be a challenge for some people?]

Bit Of Background. My work in Psychology resembles what the ancient Greeks would have recognized as the term they coined over 2,000 years ago: psyche , which is Greek, and defined as "Self, Soul, and Mind;" and chology, or "logy," which means "a study of". So, obvious to me is the fact that the ancient Greeks intended their study of Psychology to refer to a study of those dimensions of Man that the brain cannot perceive. In my opinion, the only person who would think of Psychology as being a study of the behavior of Man would be someone whose MIND [quite unknown to himself], fears the "unknown" within himself, and his MIND causes him to THINK that the only part of Man that matters is the physical dimension of Man. What one can see and think about, in other words.

Such a person is not uncommon actually. I refer to such a person by the label: Intelack , and a perfect example of such a person would be B.F. Skinner, who is said to be the "father of Behaviorism:" ( a denial of three-fourths of the whole of Man). Skinner promoted the idea that the only part of Man that can be studied is what the brain can perceive and think about. In the book: B.F. Skinner: The Man and His Ideas, by Richard Evans, Skinner is quoted as saying that the Esoteric parts of Man are too difficult to study. It was his MIND, of which he was completely unaware, that caused him to think this [this aspect of the MIND is explained Here]. And the reason his MIND caused him to think this was a fully non-conscious fear, held within his MIND regarding the Esoteric dimensions within himself. This fear exists within the MINDs of Intelack people, but the fact they possess this fear is not known to them, of course. So, those professionals trained in BS&bp today are taught that there is nothing to be gained by trying to study the Esoteric dimensions within Man, or within themselves. The impact of this means that modern mental health denies 3 of 4 dimensions of the whole of Man..

The title of my Doctoral Dissertation was ["A Theoretical Construct of Personality Based on Experiential Intrapersonal Integration of Repressed Multiresonant Levels of Consciousness"]. I used the reporting of my research and study as the basis of my first book: The Third Step, self published in 1984. Since that time [29 years ago], I have relentlessly pursued Esochology , which is the label I coined to refer to what I discovered was a "proper" and competent way to both study Man, and to treat Man. Esochology is uniquely a study of the Esoteric (invisible) dimensions of Man from within those dimensions via Intuition].... and today, 29 years later, much of what I presented in that dissertation has been greatly amplified, but it is still a "secret" to modern mental health, or BS&bp, and thus to Mankind.

Could this wide-spread denial of the Esoteric dimensions of Man be natural to the normal human being? After 30+ years, it seems to me that such ignorance is built-into the process of Life, and the number of people who rise above this ignorance [who become Enlightened] are few.
And you might ask yourself "why?". Or more precisely "the reason?"

_____________________The reason is simply that "basic psychology" is not "basic" in the sense of simple to understand, nor easy to comprehend. What my term "basic" refers to is the fundamental and essential operational dynamics of Man? Unfortunately, the essential "basic" elements of Man consist of vibrational dimensions that are invisible to, and undetectable by the brain of Man. The basic question then is how does one study a Psychology of Man that operates beyond the reach of ones brain? And the answer I have reluctantly accepted is that one cannot do so [without very special training that intentionally by-passes the natural barriers of the MIND of the normal human being]. And, this deserves, or perhaps demands, a bit of explanation.

Modern mental health, or "psychology", decided to study Man as a one-dimentional object in the 1900s [abandoning a 2,000 year-old tradition of Esoteric Psychology, given to the world by the ancient Greeks. Led by B.F. Skinner, and a group of "behavioral scientists" [who were not trained in Psychology, by the way] had their study of animal behavior included under the umbrella of "psychology". It was not long before their denial of the Esoteric dimensions of Man [a denial that was unknown to them] "infected" those in Psychology who were less than enthusiastic about the Esoteric dimensions of Man. The result was that a "crack" in the nature of Psychology occurred, and the Intellectualism of "psychology" had begun.

It was not long until the "Behaviorism" of Skinner dominated the fields of mental health and "psychology". This was a "natural" thing to happen, since denial of the "unknown" in Man is a natural thing for a certain type of person do do [explained Here]. People who are naturally drawn to the field of "psychology" or "modern mental health" explained here] are very curious about the "unknown" of Man, but most of these people unknowingly fear exposing what is hidden within their own MINDs, so the requirement of having to engage in ones own Psychotherapy [which kept many people from pursuing a career in Psychology - which is no longer the case] means that many people who fear the "unknown" within Man are now licensed to "treat" people. If this sounds somewhat bizarre, that's because it is. It is also inherently harmful to tens of thousands of people in America today.

So, for a great many years, only truly dedicated [and Spiritually evolved] Souls sought to be licensed as Psychologists. This has since changed, and now the "Esoteric dimensions of Man," or the three-fourths of Man that are invisible and not capable of being perceived by the brain, are simply ignored and denied by modern mental health, or BS&bp, explained earlier. For quite some time now, the fields of psychology and mental health have been operated and controlled by the tenets of Intellectualism: Roughly meaning, there is nothing that the brain cannot do, know, or discover. This is the delusional thinking of the Intelack type personality.

Skinner and his group proposed a study and treatment of Man that just ignores and denies three-quarters of the whole of Man. And unknown to these behavioral scientists, what they were insisting be done, is to deny the Esoteric dimensions of Man simply because, as Skinner is quoted as saying: "...the Esoteric is too difficult to study." Here: Evans, Richard.
Skinner, being ignorant of the MIND , could not have known that his rationalization was provided him by the "DM=SI" of his own MIND. What these behavioral scientists failed to realize is that it was their own MINDs that caused them to ignore the 2,000 year tradition of the ancient Greeks. What enabled them to suggest what they did is a part of the basic structure of Man: The DM=SI of the MIND. That is, built into the whole of Man is a self-denying aspect composed of ones MIND, and ones MIND literally directs ones brain to avoid thoughts that center upon the Esoteric [non-physical] dimensions] of oneself. This self-denying aspect is the "DM=SI" of the MIND of Man: Research Here.
Fritz Perls, in his book: In and Out the Garbage Pail, referred to this phenomenon of [denial] by using the term "Scotoma", which he described as a "blind spot". He did not elaborate on this, other than to indicate its existence, and to say that this phenomenon could cause a person to not "see" or "hear" certain things.
Over many years of work with clients, and having experienced my own work as a client with a Gestalt psychotherapist, I have come to Intuitively awaken to what I refer to as the "DM=SI" of the MIND. This is discussed Here . This phenomenon remains unseen and unknown because this basic structure of Man operates in vibrational dimensions beyond the reach of the brain and physical senses of Man. Its operation is invisible, in other words. It's operational structure is basic, fundamental and even of crucial importance to Man, and yet, its operations remain mostly unknown.

The "unknown" of Man = the Esoteric, or "Intramanus" of Man: Research Here.

One might ask: "Were those in Psychology at the time not aware that by accepting the new idea of Skinner, they were abandoning the teachings of the ancient Greeks? And the answer is... who knows for certain? My belief, based on my own experience, is that they had no idea that the study of Psychology was an "either - or" proposition? Either one intentionally resists the temptation to abandon the quest for the Esoteric, or one succumbs to ones MIND and its desire to deny and ignore the Esoteric dimensions of Man, which includes ones MIND, of course.
You see, I believe that for a long time, people in the field of Psychology studied the subject by intellectual means, and those who excelled, or became famous for their "work", were those who possessed a natural psychic ability. But, in a culture where science Intelack individuals dominated,, it was not wise to suggest the Esoteric, except in the most vague abstract terms].
What I am writing here is in itself a "secret" of sorts. The "either-or" of which I speak is not really known by modern mental health [as a field of study]. Any person who is not naturally psychic, possesses a MIND that can easily cause one to not realize that by "thinking" about the Esoteric dimensions of Man, and of Life, one is being "guided by ones MIND" to think as a means of avoiding what ones MIND does not want one to pursue. And, for some.. the notion that one is not in "control" of ones own thinking is too scary to entertain.
What mental health expert would be open to the idea that he/she is unable to study the MIND because he/she is not "ready" to do so, as determined by where on the Ladder of Life his/her Soul is perched?

I mean, such an idea is "crazy," right?

"see" that one is avoiding the Esoteric dimensions within oneself. The portion of the MIND that does this is what I refer to as the "DM=SI" [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Inanity]. And the DM=SI is the primary defense mechanism of the MIND. And one of the duties of the DM=SI is to prevent Man from prematurely awakening to the Esoteric dimensions or Man, or of Life. ____________________ And without substantial explanation, the above makes little sense. indispensable elements don't at all be surprised that you are not familiar with what I write.

Allow me to explain that this "Introduction" to the "Basic Psychology of Man" represents something quite unusual. Well, unusual compared to what usually passes for "psychology," which is not a study of the "whole" of Man, but merely speculation about what the Psychology of Man might be, according to people who know precious little about the Psychology of Man.

In this book, you will be exposed to the 3/4ths of Man that are invisible to the brain and physical senses. And this will be done by use of terms, labels, symbols and concepts, all of which will be "abstract" pointers that "stand for" what they point to, but cannot convey. Man uses "abstract" words all the time, but tends to forget that these abstractions do not actually convey what they "stand for".

Take the term God, for instance. Although most people ";think" they know what God is, who do you know that has met God? This is a rare experience for Man, and very few have done so. And yet, millions who use the term God believe they "know" who God is.
The same holds true for the term MIND, and the term Spiritual. Both the energy of the MIND, and the Energy of Spirituality consist of vibrational energies the brain cannot perceive. How then does one study the MIND if ones brain cannot perceive these energies? The proper answer is, one cannot do so, but don't bother trying to convince those in modern mental health of this fact. And this brings us to your first new term: The term is "Intelack", and its definition is: Intellectualism + Lack of CDKA&EU = Intelack. That is, a Soul that has not as yet acquired a substantial amount of CDKA&EU [Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding], or the Virtues of Life, which I believe the ancient Greeks meant to include in their term "Consciousness". See CONS .

So, I am saying that there are two basic types of people on Earth: One is the Intelack, and the other is the Enlightened individual. And, of course there is much "more or less" relative to how much ones Soul is one or the other. But generally speaking, each of us tends to be one or the other. In general terms, ones status is determined by how much CDKA&EU ,or C'etc (for short), ones Soul has acquired? And yes, this means that Reincarnation is a fact, not a theory.

I believe the Purpose of Life is for we Souls to slowly acquire C'etc over many, many lifetimes by "completing" Karma, research Here . The Law of Karma and that of Reincarnation constitute the two principle realities of Life. Along with birth and death, these four form the basis upon which everything revolves. Without some understanding of these, it is not only pointless to study Psychology, but one will not be prepared to do so. One might say that after 39 years of daily meditation, I am prejudiced in this regard. Indeed this is so.

In my writing I emphasize the fact that the pursuit of Intellectualism is a dead end street. The fact is, while one retains ones "attention" within ones brain and in thinking, one is automatically prevented from being open to use of ones Intuition [which is a faculty of ones Spirituality], and the only means of accessing the Esoteric [invisible] dimensions of oneself, and of Life.
Since 3/4ths of ones whole are invisible dimensions, a study of Psychology that does not address and make use of these Esoteric elements of Man is no study at all. What passes today is a study of the physical dimension of Man, and a great deal of speculation, most of which is invalid, misleading, and even harmful, especially when it comes to children. Since such misguided "treatment" is directly responsible for the high levels of youth suicide [in my opinion, of course].
The MIND [which represents two Esoteric dimensions, the lower (Astral region), and the higher (Causal region)] of Creation are situated "within" Man. And this is a most difficult concept to grasp, so don't fret if you do not comprehend this simultaneity problem immediately. And the Spiritual dimension [which represents the only Absolute Energy or Reality of Man, includes ones Soul and its Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul]. The Apapsyche is a most complex and important part of the whole of Man. Research the Apapsyche Here , and I will be elaborating upon this soon.


Brother James