[and what abortion cancels]

What I am about to explain regarding what happens in the process of birth [or how a new life form is Created], is not well known, because much of the "Birth Process" takes place at levels that are invisible to those who are limited to use of the brain and physical senses to know the things of Life, or people who [Lack Intuition in other words].
Let us take a few lines to say that there are two basic types of people on Earth. One type I refer to as the Intelack type person [who is new to the form of human being], and then, there is the Enlightened type person, who has acquired what is currently referred to as "common sense," and has various levels of Intuition available to him/herself.

Currently most Americans get their information about Man from medicine, mental health, and Intellectuals in education who tend to be Intelack [Liberal or Progressive]. And the important point is, the Intelack type person has no idea that he or she lacks access to levels of reality [truth] that the Enlightened individual possesses. So, being an Intelack, the abortionist doesn't realize that abortion is a sin, and requires a stint in Hell at time of death.

This means [again unknown to most people] a huge number of the population of America are people who are actually Enlightened to some degree, but they are presently led to believe [by a media that is populated by Intelack type people] a great many things that are either not true, or lack substantial elements of truth.

A natural question the reader might ask is this: How does one determine what is true, and what is not? Alas, if you do not have access to Intuition, the only way I know is to listen to someone who does, and take that person's word for what is true.

Not very satisfactory, I know, but with so many people today unaware that they are unwittingly serving evil, I don't know a better suggestion. Find someone you trust, who seems honest and is upset about what the government is doing, and listen to that person. I have found that five people are currently telling the truth about what is taking place in America: Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Alfonzo Rachel's ZoNation, Col. Allen West, and Senator Ted Cruz. There are many others, of course, but these five do an excellent job.

OK, what I am about to explain covers the entire Process of Birth, and this means part of what I am saying is physical, but most of it takes place at levels that are mystical [or invisible to the brain] and can only be "experienced" via ones faculty of Intuition. My own preparation includes an extensive course of study of material covered in the following books: Here , plus 30 years as a psychotherapist specializing in the MIND of Man; and 40+ years doing daily specialized meditation of 2 hours duration. I state this to merely point out that what I am sharing is information that is not normally acquired.

We begin with two facts of Life that are denied and ignored by many in the West. In addition to Christianity, there is another path that parallels that of Christianity that we Souls can take back to God. And this second path is virtually unknown in America, although a Google search for "Sant Mat" will produce material one can pursue. One can also check out the book: The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson in most libraries. The two facts of Life I was speaking about are: The Law of Karma [which conveys the genius of God in a Law that governs all life in Creation], and Reincarnation, which simply means that we Souls have as many lifetimes in which to explore and experience the Creation as we desire.

The story of "the "Birth Process" begins with a Soul that is awaiting an opportunity to incarnate into the physical plane of Creation. The egg of a female whose Soul owes one a birth, and a father [who may or may not owe one a birth] whose sperm will Unite with the egg, and ones own Soul will provide "LIFE" to that Union. The idea that it requires three Souls to Create a child is not well known, is it?
When a Soul provides LIFE to such a Union, the Soul providing the LIFE is also committing to the cycle of Birth and Death again. That is, the Soul who provides the LIFE to the new life form is committing to utilize that new life form to work on fulfilling the Purpose of Life. That is, to do Karma and receive the results of that Karma. In the Bible, this is referred to as "sowing" and "reaping".
The Purpose of Life is for every Soul that commits to the cycle of birth and death, to then continue, lifetime after lifetime, exploring and experiencing the Process of Birth. In each new lifetime a Soul commits to, that Soul has already designed a Fate Karma for that lifetime, which the Soul designed at the end of its previous lifetime. And no, you will not find this in the Bible. The Bible is a story for many Souls, but it is not for all Souls [if you read it carefully]? The morality of the Bible applies to all Souls, but the Spiritual Evolution of each Soul is destined for one of numerous paths back Home.
But all Souls are accounted for in some way, it just depends on when a particular Soul climbs up the Ladder of Life sufficiently to warrant a path back Home? That Path is already destined for ones Soul, but we are not Enlightened to that Path until we are ready for it. In Eastern mysticism is is stated in this way: When the Chela [student] is ready, the Master appears.

So, as strange as it may seem, we Create a new version of ourselves via the Process of Birth. And of course the unfamiliarity of this concept will be resisted somewhat by people unfamiliar with the concept. Nonetheless, this is what initiates a new life form [regardless of the species being Created]. And yes, contrary to what some believe, every living thing has a Soul. The evolution of every Soul is a long, long process. And the ascension up the Ladder of Life [my analogy] requires every Soul to [slowly, over many lifetimes] "complete" Karma to accumulate what I refer to as "C'etc" , which stands for: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding, or my labels for the Virtues of Life, which ultimately lead to Wisdom. Finally, in the Birth Process, when the Soul drops down into the Heart Chakra, the memory of past lifetimes is veiled from the memory of the new life form.

Is this too strange for the reader? Sorry about that, but I am merely sharing what I have come to understand over the last 78 years.
Shortly after the new life form is Created, the Soul that provided it Life enters into the growing life form in what the mystics call the "eye center", or the Tisra til [this center exists within the Astral form of the Soul that has Created this new life form]. The Soul retains its presence in this center over the next nine months… as the fetus grows in accordance with the Fate Karma of the Soul whose body this new life form will be. Of course the vibrational damage of drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. that the mother engages in "can" impact the fetus to some degree. Like introducing inappropriate lines of DNA into the forming child.
When the time comes for the birth, the Soul of the new life form drops down into the Heart Chakra, which is another energy center Within the Astral form Within the new physical life form. The child that is born is fully schizophrenic. That is, the brain will know and interact with the physical form, while the other three-fourths of the child [Two dimensions of MIND, and the Spiritual dimension] will remain unknown to the brain. And the Spiritual dimension of the Soul Withinthe whole of the child is also unknown to the MIND that is attached to the Soul of that child. This is perhaps the strangest part of Man; that the MIND that was attached to every Soul that entered Creation is invisible to the MIND that is "attached" to each Soul.
As soon as the Soul drops down to the Heart Chakra, the Soul orders the MIND to reach out to the MIND of the mother and take on from the mother's MIND those emotional energies that the new life form will require to operate in its new body.
However, a portion of those emotions active within the mother [especially if this new life form is her first child] are quite negative: Fear, anxiety, pain, suffering, anger, rage, and perhaps even some blaming the child for causing so much pain? Alas, the MIND, unable to perceive the Spiritual Energy of the mother, assumes that the emotions it experiences are due to one of two things? They are either reflecting who and what the new life form is, or who and what the new life form is, is causing the mother to experience these intensely negative emotions.

The MIND of every person who is born creates what I refer to as a negative self-view, or a false identity of who ones MIND misperceives one to be. And this is, once again, aligned with the Fate Karma ones Soul designed for this lifetime. So, the primary and essential Purpose of Life is to do Karma, and to try and "complete" that Karma by doing the seemingly impossible: To forgive the person who does harm to oneself. This is precisely the reason Christ said to turn to the person who strikes thee the other cheek as well. He was speaking of the Law of Karma, but the actual term Karma was likely removed from the Bible during the period between the 5th and 15th centuries. But, whether or not Karma is mentioned in the Bible, it, along with Reincarnation, are the primary facts of Life.

My point is this: Each human being has a Soul, and that Soul is permanent, and its Energy is that of Spirituality, which is the primordial Energy of existence. And it is the Purpose of God that we Souls are in Creation, and if we are on Earth then we have committed to the cycle of birth and death, and each of us is perched upon some rung of the Ladder of Life, and the rung upon which ones Soul resides determines how much or how little Enlightenment one possesses?
And to harbor racism, or greed, or envy is to exhibit ones ignorance of Reality.
There is only one enemy of Man. And that enemy is evil. And evil is the darkness of the MIND not Enlightened by ones Soul having accumulated sufficient C'etc to resist and deny the evil of ones MIND.

We are living in very evil times. The mystics, and the Mayans, call it the Iron Age of Man. The Bible tells us that shortly a peace agreement will be signed by Palestine and Israel, and that means that 3.5 years later, the AntiChrist will be seen on the Temple Mount. And that will begin a 3.5 year war in the World, ending with Armageddon, in perhaps the year 2021, when the 2nd coming of Christ will usher in a thousand year reign of Peace on Earth. The net lesson is that we people on Earth are in for an awful seven years. If one can, I recommend that one find a way to worship God, and daily seek forgiveness of ones sins. The evil one does, or even supports, will be faced at the time of ones death. Of this let there be no doubt in your understanding. To avoid pain and suffering in Hell, avoid evil in the time you have left on Earth.

Brother James
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