Democrat Psychology

What does it take to be a Democrat?

Well, a Democrat is born a Democrat, and what it takes is simply a Soul that lacks "C'etc"...Pronounced ["C_etcetera"]. And the symbol "C'etc" stands for the Virtues of Life, and these include Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance, and Empathetic Understanding. And the only way to acquire these Virtues is to live enough lifetimes, and 'complete" a sufficient amount of Karma to warrant a high level of Enlightenment, like that possessed by individuals who tend to be more Conservative, or Spiritual.

Of course, the Democrat is also a Domiphobic type personality. And that simply means the Soul of the Democrat is just early in its experience of the human form. Unfortunately, there's not much that can be done to help the "psyche" of the Democrat type individual, except a lot more lifetimes [and "Completing" more Karma]. So, we should dissuade this type personality from pursuing positions where they might make harmful decisions that could harm a great many people: Such as being a politician, teacher, or being tempted by large sums of money. Fortunately, Domiphobic type people are drawn to one another, so they tend to self-identify themselves as Democrat, Liberal, Socialist, Communist, or Marxist...

The labels we give such people indicate they are unnatural in behavior. In extreme cases, such people are also labeled as Despot, Lunatic, and sociopath. Modern groups of such people are known as Democrats, Terrorists, Islamist, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and Anarchists. The tell-tale ideas of the Domiphobic are a need for more government control, equal and higher] pay for everyone, especially those who do not work. And finally, the idea that no evil person should be held responsible for anything he or she does. The Domiphobic also tends to be overly represented as sexual perverts and members of what is known as Homosexuals, Transvestites, or "LGBT". People with these conditions seem to lack the Virtues of Conscience and Discretion. They also possess a "mental" disorder, that is not understood by modern mental health, or "BS&bp :"Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology". The Domiphobic is obviously a poor risk in Government.

As regarding the lack of Conscience, this means the Democrat type personality is operated by his or her MIND: symbol for MIND is ("-M-"). Alas the ("-M-") is little known in modern mental health. This failure is quite harmful to America.

The Democrat has little discretion regarding, and a natural penchant for, evil. And this means quite vulnerable to lying, cheating, and corruption. Alas, they are unable to "see" evil, and so, we must prosecute them for their evil deeds, but they will just return to this evil as soon as they can.

By the way... Knowledge is not information! Knowledge requires Consciousness, while information only requires a brain and an IQ. Many Democrats are quite bright, but deviously so. That is, they are clever in manipulating words, and especially the law. But lacking CONSCIENCE, they have no way to restrain their psychological need to CONTROL, manipulate, and abuse others... who are more Enlightened than themselves.

Peace, Brother James