Democrat Psychology

What does it take to be a Democrat?

Well, a Democrat is born a Democrat, and what it takes is simply a Soul that lacks "C'etc"...Pronounced ["C_etcetera"]. And the symbol "C'etc" stands for the Virtues of Life, and these include Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance, and Empathetic Understanding. And the only way to acquire these Virtues is to live enough lifetimes, and 'complete" a sufficient amount of Karma to warrant a high level of Enlightenment, like that possessed by those people who are Conservative.

Of course, the Democrat is also an Intelack type personality. And that simply means the Democrat Soul is just early in its exposure to the form of a human being. Unfortunately, there's not much that can be done to help the Democrat type individual, except never allow them access to any position where they can do harm to others, like being a politician, teacher, or be responsibility for money...

As regarding the lack of Conscience, this means the Democrat type personality is operated by his or her MIND , which means they have little discretion regarding, and a natural penchant for evil. Alas, they are unable to "see" evil, and so, we must prosecute them for their evil deeds, but they will just return to this evil as soon as they can.

By the way... Knowledge is not information! Knowledge requires Consciousness, while information only requires a brain and an IQ. Many Democrats are quite bright, but deviously so. That is, they are clever in manipulating words, and especially the law. But lacking CONSCIENCE, they have no way to restrain their psychological need to CONTROL, manipulate and abuse others, who are more Enlightened than themselves.

Peace, Brother James