by James W. Patterson, Ph.D., Esogist

When one combines the Esoteric with Philosophy... and one calls this new term "Eso-Philosophy", does one create a redundancy... or does one suggest an entirely new field of study ?

I Personally believe the term Eso-Philosophy suggests an entirely new field of study. However, if we could easily bridge the gap between the pure intellectualism that philosophy has become, to include the Esoteric philosophy I find in the work of the early Greek philosophers, then Eso-Philosophy would not be a consideration.

The "need" for expanding the field of philosophy, in my opinion, is to avoid philosophy becoming irrelevant... should the world recognize Spirituality to a greater degree. Pure intellectualism is in fact [again in my opinion] a malady I have labeled the Malady of Intellectualism, or M-I: explained Here. The explanation is pretty much self-explanatory, if one is open to the Esoteric dimensions of Man, and of Life. And, I appreciate that not everyone is open to the Esoteric, except in an abstract sense... which means thinking about what might exist... but not wanting to have anything to do with actually experiencing the Esoteric dimensions within themselves.

The fear many people unknowingly possess regarding the "unknown" within themselves is both natural, and non-conscious. It is also what prevents many people from seeking help when experiencing mental conflict. And modern mental health, itself in denial of the Esoteric dimensions of Man for at least a century, has done America no favor in this regard. So, for anyone to readily embrace the concept that philosophy should expand itself into the field of Esoteric studies is perhaps expecting too much?
Nonetheless, this is my hope, or at least an idea I am suggesting. And based on my interest, this site presents an introduction to the field of Eso-Philosophy. And to this end, the reader might want to consider an analysis of Plato's Phaedo, presented Here.
Almost completely lacking in education today is a field dedicated to the study of the Esoteric dimensions of Man, and of Life itself...that is not conducted as a purely intellectual exercise. NOTE: The brain is completely useless in the pursuit of the Esoteric dimensions of Man. And the reason for this seeming dominance of science, education, philosophy and politics by intellectualism is simply the fact that the majority of people are born Left-Hemisphere of the brain oriented. But not everyone is oriented in this way. A substantial number are actually Right-Hemisphere of the brain oriented... and they are abused and ignored in America today. Eso-Philosophy is a marvelous first step in looking to correct this major flaw in education.


Mystics and saints have repeatedly said that this plane is a veil of tears. They also tell us that we create much more Karma in each life than we are able to pay off, therefore, we accumulate stored or "Sinshit" Karma. They say we have mountains of such Karma... which would ordinarily mean lifetimes of it. But, with Grace, and when the time is right.... when the Chela is "ready", he/she meets a Master. And, upon initiation, the Master takes-on the administration of one's Karma. That is the "Official" beginning of one's Spiritual Transformation.

But the preceding refers to an almost end of the game process... which is of interest to hardly no one. Some individuals are born with natural psychic capabilities all the time, and our educational system is not set up to accommodate or properly utilize the insight these individuals bring with them. And more often such people are mistreated... by those who perceive themselves to be intellectually superior. Oddly enough, intellectualism is often a form of "compensation" for those lacking CDKA&EU [explained Here], or [ Here].

Spiritual Transformation involves an elevation of one's Apapsyche, and this awakens Knowledge from within oneself. This "Knowledge" is the result of ones completing Karma. As one completes some bit of Karma, a unique and fascinating collection of Esoteric dimensions within oneself does its thing... I refer to this as Esotransmutation, and this "process" converts completed Karma into Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding, and this is returned to ones Apapsyche per se. When one needs a bit of this Knowledge [assuming one has "earned" it] this bit is presented to one via ones intuition. This experience is a kind of "Ah-ha", or an illuminating insight... that ones thinking quickly claims as its own. This unique phenomenon is no more known in the West than is the faculty of intuition itself.

Each bit of Knowledge [intuition] one awakens to subtly alters ones perception of the illusion of life. The reason is that what one intuits is Truth as a whole concept, and this automatically replaces the relative truth that one previously held. And there is just a tinge of embarrassment each time this happens. As you become more aware of the many ways in which your MIND is dishonest [more that it deals in relative truths], you cannot help but be embarrassed and humiliated. Of course you needn't tell anyone what you are discovering about yourself, but the need to share what you are discovering is pretty strong... if for no other reason than to receive feedback that you are not going crazy. This is only one reason to search out other people actively following a Spiritual path. As lonely strangers in a strange land [whose insights and intuited awareness are either scorned or actively hated], we need support and the familiarity of others experiencing the same strange insights and discoveries. Few possess Esoteric Knowledge, and those who do "Know" those who share this same Knowledge.... via resonant "empathic" Understanding.

In my thirty years as a "psychotherapist" [I now refer to myself by the term Esochologist, because this more precisely describes what I was doing then, and when needed, now]. Most of my clients came to me seeking help with various states of confusion. For them, their confusion was very disturbing and produced considerable anxiety. For me, I intuitively used empathic communication to discover what specific misperception [bit of dissociated Apapsyche in the form of a repressed trauma (forming the misperception)] whose time it was to be released by that person's MIND, but his MIND, due to habit of repression, had refused to release that "bit". This refusal by the MIND is what caused the person's "conflict". The point of studying and discovering Esocholoogy within oneself is to be prepared to assist such people by using the Virtue of Acceptance to encourage the client's MIND to release the dissociated bit of Apapsyche back to the Apapsyche per se. This is the "key" to competent, efficient, and successful therapy... [not currently not part of the practice or training of mental health professionals], by the way.

The MIND cannot perceive any form of Spiritual energy, and this includes the Apapsyche. Your brain. likewise, cannot perceive the MIND. So, I helped my clients discover first the pertinent operational restriction of their MINDs [the original reasons for the Misperceptions], and then through DEC [Direct Esoteric Communication] directed to the person's MIND from my own Apapsyche, the person's MIND responded to release its misperception. Direct Esoteric Communication, or DEC, is a vibrational communication.... utilizing ones Apapsyche... and this is entirely Esoteric.

As one's Apapsyche per se increases in Knowledge, one's Apapsyche is elevated, and one's Spiritual Evolution increases. This is the part of Spiritual Transformation that is the individual Soul's work. Once a certain level is achieved by the Soul, after many lifetimes of struggle, then and only then does God manifest Himself to a Soul in the form of a God-Man, or Saint, or Perfect Living Master. Upon the Soul's initiation that Master takes over the administration of that Souls Karma. This is the "absolution" that all Souls seek. This signals the Homeward Journey of that Soul, and that Soul has been "saved"... in that within four lifetimes that Soul will be done with the cycle of birth and death forever. With active involvement [and a certain "Grace"] a Soul can reduce the four lifetimes to this very life, or so we are told by mystics.

If this topic is of general interest to you, you might check out your local library for this book: The Path of the Masters: by Julian Johnson. A truly exceptional book. Or this one of mine: ESOCHOLOGY and the Purpose of Life. Published by Publish America, 2009.