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[Generally speaking, the term "Esoteric" is defined as phenomena that cannot be perceived by physical means -- by the brain or physical senses, in other words.]

The prefix "eso", from the Greek, means "within". But..the term "within," as interpreted by most people will cause them to believe that "within" refers to the physical dimension of Man: Like liver, lungs, heart, etc. The fact is… the Greek term "eso" stands for a very different type of within. The Greeks meant their use of "eso" [within] to refer to the invisible dimensions operating within the whole of Man. That is, the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of Man do exist, and they are crucial to the operation of Man… But, they CANNOT be perceived by the brain or physical senses of Man because they operate as different vibrational realities Within Man.

And, because modern mental health [or "BS&BP" ] which largely follows the tenets of B.F. Skinner [who feared the Esoteric Within himself], BS&bp simply denies that the Esoteric dimensions of Man matter... and they pretend that Man can be studied and treated without their needing to "Know" the crucial Esoteric dimensions existing Within the Whole of every human being.

The Esoteric dimensions invisibly operating in Man constitute those dimensions Within every human being that are too subtle for the brain to perceive. But to assume that because the brain cannot perceive these dimensions, these dimensions are not important is irrational [again, brought on by the fears Within ones MIND]. More specifically, it is the MIND of a person who is "PPC" or what I now refer to as the Intelack class personality -- [research Here]. that naturally holds such irrational Thoughts. Unfortunately, for people who are Intelack, their MINDs prevent them from "seeing" or "hearing" anything that would expose them to their own deeply repressed fears held Within their MINDs. But the concept that ones MIND can cause one to "unknowingly" engage in negative thoughts and activities is a difficult concept for many people to accept.

PPC means Progressive Personality Condition, and this condition is such that it naturally exists within certain people whose lack of Spiritual Evolution prevents them from resisting the negative influences of the MIND. Another name for such people is Intelack class personality. Remember, the MIND is invisible to the brain. And, in addition, the MIND of the PPC [Intelack individual] is in CONTROL of what he or she thinks and does. And it is not possible to convey the "Condition" of the Progressive [Intelack] in a way he or she can comprehend ["see" or "hear"] if his or her MIND does not wish him/her to comprehend.

The Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man are the MIND Realm, and the Spiritual Dimension, which can be researched Here.

In defense of those people who believe that the only part of Man that matters is what we can see, taste and touch; and that there is nothing the brain cannot discover… It is the MIND Within such people that causes them to believe what they believe. I refer to this as "Delusional Thinking," and such thinking is not concerned with aligning itself to the external reality, but is concerned only with aligning itself with what the MIND of such a person believes is true, or not likely to expose such a person to the Truth. This is due to the Fate Karma of the Soul to which such a MIND is attached. And in the case of the Sociopath, the body of misperceptions that make up the "Self-view" of the Sociopath are such that preventing the Sociopath from experiencing his or her emotionality is a permanent condition, lasting until the Fate Karma of that person is ended, which is likely the end of this lifetime [at which time the MIND of that person would experience an extended period of time in a Hell specifically to re-educate that person's MIND.

Unfortunately, this "process" of Delusional Thinking by a certain type of personality is perfectly normal, natural, and an indispensable part of the growth of that person's Soul. And because we human beings in America are not aware of the whole of ourselves [due to malfeasance on the part of modern mental health], we have been subtly overwhelmed by a group of people whose Souls lack Spiritual Evolution; which makes them especially vulnerable to the negativity of their MINDs.
I refer to such people as PPC .

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Brother James
James W. Patterson, Ph.D. `