A Revolutionary Discovery of a "Core" Natural Esoteric Phenomenon

What does "Esotransmutation" mean?

The prefix "eso" means "within", and specifically it refers to those dimensions of the human being that are not physical, nor discernible via one's brain and physical senses. The term "transmutate" is defined: "to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature, and especially to a higher form";And the tag "ion" refers to "process"(Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, 1990 edition).

In other words, and to attempt a verbal sense of the entire process: Esotransmutation refers to a naturally occurring, and normally unnoticed process taking place within every human being. This process involves one's , one's Apapsyche, and the operation of a Mystical process which literally "converts" deeply repressed childhood traumata... and stored Karma, all of which comprise repressed MIND-level phenomena [which is referred to as Karma] from MIND-level negative emotional energy into knowledge and the Energy of the Soul, which is NSgy: Explained Here . This Knowledge is created entirely "Within" one's Apapsyche. This is the SOURCE of Knowledge, which is the only way Man comes into possession of Knowledge. This process also results in what we refer to as Consciousness, or Enlightenment. And it is also the process by which we Souls achieve [the "Purpose" of Life].

The symbol [DbAasMT] refers to: Dissociated bits of Apapsyche as Misperceived Trauma, and this refers to the way in which one's MIND and Apapsyche combine in the experiential exploration of one's Fate Karma. In other words... the term Esotransmutation refers to a mystical process Within Man by which repressed bits of Karma are converted Back into bits of Truth, which are then stored Within ones Apapsyche. Apapsyche is my term for the Operational Energy of ones Soul. I am sorry to use so many unfamiliar words, terms, and symbols in this explanation... but this entire process takes place entirely Within Man, and therefore, each element of the process [I am capable of identifying] has to be labeled [ since this process has not been described previously]. Also part of this Esotransmutation process is the MIND.

What you have just read is, to say the least, unusual, even extraordinary. It reads strangely because it is unfamiliar... even though we are talking about a perfectly normal, natural and constantly occurring phenomenon operating within every single person.... However, this phenomenon takes place at levels Within Man that are invisible to ones brain and physical senses. What is truly strange is that what is so much a part of everyone would be so alien to us. And the reason for this is fear...although this fear is rarely known to us. Many in mental health today will look at this as "pure fiction" because this phenomenon is entirely Esoteric [or deals with phenomena that exist in dimensions of Man that are not physical]. And modern mental health fairly well ignores the Esoteric in Man. But, it is said that fact is stranger than fiction, and in this case [ because this phenomenon is Esoteric and cannot really be known via ones brain] , this phenomenon is stranger than the comfortable fiction that passes today as "psychology".

Esotransmutation has taken a lifetime of experiential study to acquire, and lots of Grace along the way. It began in the 1970's when I underwent an unusually intense Esotransmutation in my first Gestalt therapy session. Prior to this I was cognitively unaware, and after this it was impossible to return to my previous lack of awareness. Pandora's box had been opened, and there was nothing to do but to pursue it to some reasonable conclusion. By bits and pieces an understanding of the Esoteric realms of the human began to present themselves to me via bits of Intuition. Or great Ah-ha's that struck me suddenly. Over several decades, and combined with my private practice, and teaching Esochology [or Esoteric Psychology of the ancient Greeks], these sudden insights began to form an experiential understanding of phenomena I came to recognize as parts of myself... or elements of a Whole that I had not been introduced to in my formal education. And, it has taken a couple decades to translate what was intuited instantly into a form of communication that others, well, admittedly a few others, can relate to.

If you have an interest in the Esoteric operations taking place Within Man, or more about the "now forgotten aspects of Psychology"," then you can read some of my books Here,.

Peace Brother James
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