Let us begin by saying something unusual.... The fear you are aware of, is not the fear you need to discover. The fear you are aware of is perhaps scary, and it probably seems quite real, and it is no doubt bothersome, and of course it is a problem... but it is also not the hidden fear your fear is masking, or hiding.

The worst fear is a fear that ones Soul has somehow been lost, and has been replaced with some monstrous thing deep within oneself. However... although this fear is hidden within the MIND of many, it seems real because ones MIND is incapable of perceiving the Energy of Spirituality. And ones conscious awareness of ones Spirituality is blocked at the time ones Soul enters the embryo within the fetus of the mother. At that moment, the MIND becomes the operator of oneself while in the physical plane.

Your MIND presents you with a "known" fear, or something upon which you can focus... so that it can keep the actual fear hidden within itself a secret. Notice that the fear you are aware of, or the one you can "think" about is connected in some way with something exterior to yourself. Something based on your physical person, or something "outside" of yourself.

And as I said, it seems real enough to cause you anxiety and it is certainly disturbing.

But.... Let's consider a worst fear!

I will explain the "REAL" [basic and fundamental] fear shortly, but let us creep up on it slowly. The whole purpose of fear is to drive one to do certain things. Your MIND uses fear to push you to do certain things that aligns you with, or keeps you attending to your Fate Karma...and we need to define this just a bit. At the time of ones death, one goes before a judge [so to speak] and together this judge and oneself evaluate how well one did working through the Fate Karma one designed for ones last life. And... this presents you with a host of concepts that you may not want to look at or consider. [Talk about scary, right?]. But, if you can bring yourself to just consider these things, then you will rise in your understanding or yourself and the Reality of Life substantially!

Click on the following for your research: This, then This, and finally This.

If you were actually able to read all that I provided you to read... CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are one of what I refer to as the "enlightened" members of the population. On the other hand, if what I presented to you was against part of all of what you believe... That's OK. Let me nonetheless introduce you to what everyone really fears, but everyone is normally quite non-conscious of this fear. So, to account for ones occasional sense of fear... ones MIND creates some external "something" for one to focus upon as what one fears as a means of diverting ones attention from WITHIN oneself to OUTSIDE oneself... using this external object or event.

Deep within the MIND of each person is a body of intensely fearful traumata [that is, a collection of Karmic "due bills" that one has accumulated over many, many lifetimes. And these are stored upon MINDLINES of ones MIND realm, and certain of these "due bills" are triggered by ones Fate Karma for this lifetime. And it is in this life that one intends to work on these]. And... occasionally [especially if one has any "psychic" capability] one has a kind of "fore-knowledge" that one is about to "work through some "due bill" and that this will be painful, difficult, or at the least embarrassing.

To insure that one does not discover the "due bill" itself [attached to some MINDLine within ones MIND realm], ones MIND will feed Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain that will include something one knows one fears. And one usually accepts this "explanation" and this awareness of this "known" fear "lasts" until one is done with working through ones "due bill". The time for this can be a few moments, to several years... depending upon what the "due bill" is, and how long it takes to "accept" the experience of the "due bill". Perhaps a bit more research might help unscramble what must seem confusing in what I am suggesting? Try This .

I do not expect the reader to "comprehend" all the subtle in's and out's of this "process". I have been engaged in this process for some 35 years, and what is easy for me to put words to, is not easy for anyone to comprehend.... and impossible to comprehend if one is limited to ones brain and thinking alone [there is simply too much Esoteric phenomena to deal with]. The "normal" person is most likely a "Thinker", or part of the majority of the population of the world. The Thinker looks at what I write and sees words, and assumes that these words "point to" what is stored within his or her brain. The fact is... I only use words to "point to" the Esoteric phenomena that I am seeking to convey using "words" that, in and of themselves... are meaningless! If you cannot utilize some "intuition" in your attempt to comprehend what my words are ONLY pointing to... little of what I have written will make "sense"... intellectually.

You see, nothing of the Esoteric can exist on this physical plane. Most of what I am writing about cannot even exist on this physical plane, and thus, if one limits oneself to ones brain and thinking in an attempt to understand what I am pointing to, one misses what I am pointing to entirely. And I apologize for this fact, but there is nothing I can do about it. This frustration of seeking to convey what I "Know" to others, who are unable to utilize their intuition to resonate with me, from "within" themselves, is something I have experienced much of my life.

So, if you are still reading this, sincere congratulations! Because you are, as I have said, an "enlightened" individual. Most people will have moved on by now because what I am exposing is what the MIND naturally protects one from being exposed to.


Post script: In the last year or so, I have taken to referring to those people who lack a level of Consciousness sufficient to enable them to access the faculty of Intuition from Within themselves as Intelack class people... [research Here].

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