This site represents a great deal of what I have discovered in this lifetime, and if the reader is open to the concept... this site represents the work of many lifetimes. But lifetimes [plural], goes against the belief system of many people, at least in the West. Since, in the West, we have been "taught" by many [for a variety of reasons] that Christianity says that man has but one life to live. This is not true, but there are a lot of people who believe this. My point is not to argue this point, but merely to share what I have discovered that contradict this one-life to life belief.

If you believe God Created the entire Creation, and then Created Souls... and then gave each Soul one chance to... Achieve Perfection, or dissolve back into the primordial Energy of existence... then that is what you believe, and who am I to argue with what you believe?

My purpose in this site is to simply offer what I have discovered over as many lifetimes as I have worked on such discovery. The number of which is neither important, nor known by me. And the reason I write what I do is more for me than you [writing is how I both clarify and validate what I discover]. As I have been discovering of late, I have been a rather selfish person much of this lifetime [and I presume in other lifetimes as well]? Although I can't confirm this. It's just a feeling I have, which is likely colored somewhat by where I am in my discovery?

If you have a pet, look at your pet [who has a Soul, by the way], and ask yourself how you feel about your pet being given this one lifetime as an animal... and that's it? No more lifetimes in which to explore what it's like to be a human being? Now, does this seem fair to you?

And, if this obvious disparity is not disturbing to you... then what this site discusses might be entirely too much for you to expose yourself to. So, find something that is more fun to think about. On the other hand, if you are brave and curious, you can begin your exploration of this site Here.

Brother James