Or... "M-I"
A Little Known and recently discovered "condition" of Man

To suggest that intellectualism is a "malady", or something that is detrimental to Man, may strike the reader as a strange statement. It must indeed appear as strange to the typical American, who has been taught since early childhood that development of the brain and its thinking is the ultimate goal of Man. Only those people blessed with a diminished dependence upon Intellectualism can appreciate the severe limitations of Intellectualism -- among which is a character trait often referred to as a lack of "common sense".

But as strange as the notion that Intellectualism may not be as great as we have been told [mainly by intellectuals]... the fact is, those individuals confined to intellectualism are lacking something quite important... but what they are lacking is unknown [and unknowable] to them because the brain is incapable of perceiving energies that are not physical. Such as the Esoteric dimensions of Man: The Lower MIND, the Higher MIND, and the Spiritual dimension.
What those people who are very intellectual lack is "CDKA&EU".... which stands for: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding... which are my labels for the Virtues of Life. To do a bit of research on CDKA&EU, please click Here .

What I am talking about is an "Esoteric" [invisible to the brain] problem that is neither easy to comprehend nor to explain. I can list some of the "symptoms" of this problem, but unfortunately listing these symptoms does not make the "problem" any more comprehensible. Indeed! There is a class of individuals, many of whom are intellectual [but they are nonetheless confined to the Left-Cerebral Hemisphere of their brains for their understanding of life], and I refer to this class of people as the Intelack people on Earth. To research the term Intelack, you can do so Here.

In America [largely due to educators] we have been "taught" to praise, admire, and elevate the intellectual above all other people. Oddly, the intellectual is suffering from COMPENSATION wherein his/her brain is used by his/her MIND to focus all that person's attention upon: This includes all things physical, tangible, obvious, and easily manipulated by the brain and thinking. As a child, this person is identified as enjoying memorizing meaningless dates and names, and takes great pleasure in repeating these when demanded to do so. Fortunately for these people, the vast majority of educators are just like themselves; Steeped in names and dates, and possessing a severe lack of the emotionality surrounding those dates and names.

In other words, the Intelack class human being has virtually no interest in [and even some fear of] the emotionality of people, or what caused them to do what they did? And there is another group of people on Earth who are "Enlightened," and this Enlightened group are very different from the Intelack type people.

The difference is one of Consciousness, which greatly impacts how a person relates to life, but the difference is not black and white. Not easy to see nor recognize, in other words. And this difference is due to the degree to which ones Soul is dominate, or ones MIND is dominant in ones life? And when is the last time you discussed a person's MIND? Modern Mental Health, or "BS&bp" as I prefer to call what is offered today... Or I should say people trained in BS&bp today, have no idea what the MIND is?

You see, in the early 1900s, an Intelack names B.F. Skinner, and a group of fellow behavioral scientists, somehow convinced the field of Psychology to allow their study of animal behavior to be called "psychology"... Even though this group knew nothing at all about Psychology. The result was a natural occurrence on Earth. The Intelack people quickly infiltrated the more Enlightened in Psychology, joining forces with the Intelack forces already in Psychology, to begin to implement the delusional ideas of the Intelack group. And the Enlightened people, who were too Conscious to be mean or discourteous to the Intelack people, allowed the Intelack to eliminate the Esoteric [invisible] elements of Psychology, and insert the delusional notions that Man was a one-dimensional and ONLY reactive physical organism. The MIND of the Intelack type people simply ignored the 2,000 year history of Psychology, and imposed their misguided and fear- driven Intellectualism as the new oxymoron: "Behavioral psychology".

And... from here on, only those really interested in the difference between Psychology and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology" will have an interest.

We can blame modern mental health, or what I prefer to label "BS&bp" Click Here as the primary reason for this problem, but since so few people are aware of the malady of intellectualism, there is little movement to address this super subtle issue in America.

In fact, my problem is that not enough people know enough about their own Psychology to recognize whether or not they have the problem of being confined to intellectualism. What America is experiencing, by way of political and economic problems, is due to the malady of intellectualism, and many people are awakening to the fact there is a problem.... but the "cause" of the problem remains hidden.

To explain what I see, I must lay out an unusual foundation of Psychology and I must also educate the reader regarding the two Esoteric dimensions of man that are mostly unknown outside the halls of mysticism. Let me begin by saying that each human being is composed of three simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical. We Americans have been taught to ignore and deny two-thirds of ourselves so effectively that hardly anyone realizes he or she is missing two-thirds of his or her Whole.

There are two "Esoteric" dimensions to each of us, and these dimensions are the MIND and Spiritual dimensions. These are said to be Esoteric, and Esoteric simply means incapable of being perceived by ones physical brain and physical senses. So, you see, if we confine ourselves to use of our brains alone, we are unable to perceive two-thirds of ourselves that ONLY our intuition can access. Without access to ones faculty of intuition, one is missing two-thirds of Life... but probably doesn't realize it.

Science is dominated by those confined to intellectualism, it is not surprising therefore that they would see no point in pursuing the Esoteric dimensions of Man... since these Esoteric two-thirds of Man do not lend themselves to physical manipulation and "control" by the physical brain. May I offer that what "causes" this view is fear of the unknown Esoteric dimensions within these individuals? But they are unaware that it is their own fear that is causing their MINDs to cause them to "think" what they do. Nor are they aware that their MINDs have the capacity to cause them to "think" what their MINDs want them to think. This is a new level of Psychology to those in BS&bp.

Well, America has subtly been taken over by intellectualism over the last century. This means that today there are more people in America who lean in the direction of intellectualism than lean in the direction of a "whole concept of Life" [recognizing the fact that Man is composed of three simultaneously existing energies] not just one. What causes a person to be vulnerable to intellectualism is a limited access to CDKA&EU [Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding], or the Virtues we are all acquiring over many, many lifetimes.

And from this point onward, you will have to open yourself to your own level of "intuition" in order to awaken an awareness of what I am conveying. If you do not have access to your intuition, then you are confined to intellectualism and you are part of the "problem". How do I explain the subtle impact Spirituality [or the lack of it] has on each of us and on our nation, if you are in denial of Spirituality?

Do you follow me here? If we insist that Spirituality [which is composed of Energy that is not physical], must manifest itself as a physical "thing" before we will accept that it exists, then we have eliminated Spirituality. The same holds true for the MIND. BS&bp, by confining itself to things physical and denying phenomena that are not physical, has taught several generations of Americans that the only thing of value in life is what one can see and think about with ones brain and physical senses. God, the Soul, and the MIND of Man have effectively been eliminated from the American scene.

The individual confined to intellectualism is limited in his/her access to the faculty of intuition, and intuition is the ONLY way one can access the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of oneself and of Life. The vibrational energy of the MIND is not physical, it is emotionality. The vibrational energy of Spirituality is so subtle that the only part of Man that can experience it is a part I have labeled the Apapsyche. Research the term Here.

This means that those individuals confined or limited to the brain and thinking are incapable of experiencing two-thirds of themselves, and of Life. And if those who are capable of accessing the faculty of intuition within themselves fail to fight against those who [due to their fear of what they cannot perceive], insist that we make Man a one-dimensional thing, then those who fear the Esoteric dimensions of Man win the war. In America today those who fear the Esoteric dimensions of Man, and those who are vulnerable to what those confined to intellectualism say, are winning the war, and the nation is heading over a cliff of ignorance, greed, and fear. No person or nation can deny the "facts" of Life, and not suffer severe consequences. The fact that at ones Core, one is a Soul, and ones Soul is Absolutely connected to God is a fact. That the genius of God created the Law of Karma is a fact, and for anyone to argue that Life is unfair, unjust, and unequal is to deny Reality, and this means a denial of God. For anyone to try to interfere in what others are experiencing as part of the Fate Karma these others designed for themselves prior to entering this physical plane in this life is an affront to the Law of Karma, and an affront to God, and such an affront will bring to those thus engaged severe pain, suffering, and chaos.

This is my message to America, and to those Americans who are capable of opening themselves to the Truth. To stoutly resist those confined to intellectualism is simply practical survival. Peace