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James W. Patterson, Ph.D. Esogist [1-Brother James]

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If you know what Intuition is, you need not read this page.
However... You might not believe how many people "think" they know what Intuition means And yet, they don't really "know" what the term Intuition actually stands for...because what the term "Intuition" stands for cannot be known by use of the brain, or one's physical senses!.
Perhaps it would be helpful if we begin by acknowledging that the term INTUITION is an abstraction... that is, a word that "stands for" something the brain and physical senses CANNOT perceive? -- And the term 'abstraction' also applies to terms such as "Soul," "God," "Truth," and so forth. ... I trust we understand one another regarding the fact that there are words for phenomena that the words only point to... and cannot convey what the words they stand for actually mean! If the reader comprehends this concept... then we are communicating at a very high level indeed.

The 'reason' we think that we "know" what certain words mean when we clearly do not KNOW what they mean, is a phenomenon of one's MIND I have labeled as Delusional Thinking or D-Think, which are thoughts fed to our brains by our MINDs. And this introduces a concept that modern mental health doesn't even begin to comprehend. And, isn't this a provocative thing to say?
Of course it is provocative, but it is also true. And if you have an interest in learning more about what modern mental health [or "BS&bp"] fails to comprehend, then by all means read This [which is an interesting introduction to modern mental health, or BS&bp].
To continue... The phrase: faculty of Intuition refers to a very subtle operational faculty of ones Apapsyche [research Apapsyche HERE.
There are a number of things regarding the Whole of Man that most Americans know nothing about, simply because BS&bp has denied the "whole" of Man since the early 1900s. It may be difficult for the reader to believe that BS&bp, or modern mental health, has no idea what the MIND of Man is... But this is true nonetheless. But, don't take my word for this- Do your own research and ask any licensed mental health professional what the MIND is? Not one in a thousand today will be able to tell you what the MIND is, what it does, or how it works? And the reason for this is strange, but if one has read about the Intelack here, , then what I am saying is understandable. I attempt to explain this Here , and Here. This seems peculiar because one would imagine that anyone who advertises him/herself as an expert in Mental Health would be aware that the term Mental refers to the MIND of Man. Research MIND Here.

My practice over 30+ years has focused on the Esoteric [physically invisible] dimensions which make up the whole of Man. The invisible dimensions of Man comprise the MIND [which has two parts to 'it': the Lower MIND and the Higher MIND - and this means the MIND is actually composed of two invisible dimensions] , and the third dimension is the Spiritual dimension of Man, which is also invisible. The Spiritual dimension has two parts, one is the Soul itself, and the other is the Operational Energy of the Soul, which I refer to as the Apapsyche: Research Apapsyche . This means that three-quarters of the whole of oneself are invisible to the physical brain, and they can ONLY be KNOWN by use of ones faculty of Intuition... which is a faculty of ones Apapsyche.

The fact that the term Intuition refers to an operation of Man that is invisible, and part of ones Spiritual dimension... should explain the reason "Intuition" is so little-known in the West; where virtually all education ignores and even denies the Esoteric dimensions of Man.

Please appreciate the fact that I have been involved in the discovery, study, and practice of what I am sharing with you for over 30+ years. In addition, I have been engaged in daily meditation of about 2 hours duration for some 43 years. In other words, it has taken me [a total of 43 years in this lifetime]... in order to acquire what I KNOW. Do not imagine that you should "know" what I KNOW by simply reading abstract words that can, AT BEST, merely 'point' to what is thought to be... the invisible phenomena of Man. The subtle dimensions of Man are quite capable of being KNOWN, but they just can't be known by physical means.

ON THE OTHER HAND... Some of you reading this may be more Enlightened than you realize, and the abstract terms, symbols and concepts used in this site may "trigger" your Apapsyche [where bits of Truth may be stored], and your own faculty of Intuition may use my abstractions to "Intuitively" awaken to [or subtly experience] the Esoteric bits of Truth that your Soul has stored Within your own Apapsyche? This is... in fact, how we awaken to the Knowledge that is stored Within ourselves.

You see, Knowledge comes from Within ones own Apapsyche --- if it has been "earned" by ones Soul, in the process of Spiritual Evolution: That is, ones Soul simply fulfilling the Purpose of Life, which is to engage in, and [using the MIND that is attached to each Soul], COMPLETE Karma over many, many lifetimes. The reason we Souls are part of the Purpose of Life is to explore and experience the whole of Creation. And this is KNOWN by highly evolved mystics [or others like myself who have spent their lives studying the invisible dimensions of Man]. I refer to this process of engaging in and eventually completing Karma over many, many lifetimes by the term "Esotransmutation," which I coined some years ago. If interested, you can read about this term and its process Here.

I have been using my Intuition to experientially awaken to the "unknown" of Man for a long period of time. The Intelack type personality [research Here], has a MIND that will naturally cause him/her to "think" that by reading my words, he/she can "know" what these words 'stand for'. This belief is delusional... although this delusional activity is so common that it isn't even questioned today. I refer to the 'process' of the MIND that does this by the symbol ""DM=SI", or Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity. You can read about the DM=SI Here.
There is a class of human being whose Soul is new to the form of human being, and this means the Souls of these people have not [as yet] acquired much Knowledge, or what I refer to as "C'etc," which is pronounced [C'_etcetera], and the symbol "C'etc" refers to all the bits of Truth that a Soul must acquire to enable it to push back against , and eventually override the MIND... that is attached to every Soul. I believe my symbol C'etc stands for the Virtues of Man that are also referred to by the term Consciousness. You can read more about this Here .

The term Intelack refers to those people whose Souls have not [as yet] acquired a level of Consciousness that would enable them to resist the evil of their MINDs [and this resistance is relative, or exists in people to varying degrees]. Conversely, the level of Consciousness a person's Soul possesses will determine how vulnerable to... or able to resist... the negative desires of his or her MIND? So, relatively speaking, the less Consciousness a person's Soul has acquired, the more vulnerable that person is to the operational dictates of his/her MIND.
In other words, in the West, we mistakenly assume that the very intelligent person is ALSO A PERSON WHO IS MORE CONSCIOUS. The humorous and paradoxical fact is... the more Intellectualism a person displays, the more likely it is that person is an Intelack type personality, and this means such a person actually lacks C'etc, or Consciousness. Intellectually bright, and lacking in common sense is often the behavioral symptoms of such people. I believe Intellectualism is given to the Intelack as compensation for a lack of C'etc, or Consciousness, or Spiritual Evolution.

A splendid example of what I am saying is seen in the person of President Obama, wherein he exhibits a great deal of Intellectualism [devoid of emotion], and is more near a sociopath than a normal human being. And his penchant for insisting on the failed ideas of Marxism is simply a psychological fixation with the delusional beliefs of his parents, and especially his Muslim, Marxist father. The Intelack class personality cannot help being attracted to the desires of the MIND [which naturally move in the opposite direction of Spirituality], since the Souls of such people have not as yet acquired sufficient C'etc to enable to them to resist, or deny the desires of their MINDs. And, of course the Intelack has no idea that he/she is in any way different from anyone else. And sadly, we cannot tell who is an Intelack simply by looking at a person.

So... you may repeat the term Intuition to the Intelack over and over again, and you may scream at the Intelack, but the capacity to Intuit what you mean by Intuition is not something the Intelack can do. The Intelack simply cannot grasp what the terms Truth, Soul, or Spirituality stand for. If the Enlightened people of the World could acquire this understanding, much, if not all the conflict in the world could be avoided [but this is not happening, so we must conclude that the Reality of Life does not intend this to happen] !

Brother James

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