James W. Patterson, Ph.D., Esogist

Let me explain right out front that what this site reveals should not be taken as a "judgment" of anyone, but rather this site is an explanation of the Esoteric [normally hidden and little known] dimensions of every human being. These Esoteric dimensions are the MIND, and Spiritual dimensions of the Whole Human Being, or WHB. This Esoteric three-fourths of Man represent three-fourths of oneself that both science and modern mental health deny, ignore, and insist do not matter relative to Man.

The problem with this belief is that it is the result of a subtle "condition" I refer to as the "Malady of intellectualism", or "M-I": Explained HERE], or Here.

This belief is due to "Delusional Thinking", or "D-Think", thoughts that are fed to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain by the MIND. The part of the MIND that engages in this "D-Think" is what I call the DM=SI of the MIND. The DM=SI is the primary defense mechanism of the MIND. D-Think, is primarily the method by which ones MIND prevents one from becoming aware of what ones MIND holds hidden within itself [deeply repressed traumata from early childhood, in other words].

But the MIND can also cause one to think thoughts that are not true, and quite often one is not aware this is happening, and instead, one is convinced [by the D-Think being fed to ones brain] that what one "thinks" is quite true. To reinforce this belief, ones MIND feeds the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain additional D-Think that quotes material that [at least for oneself] seems to support ones D-Think, or if this doesn't cause people to back off... ones D-Think then provides one "memory" or made-up facts that attacks one or more persons with whom one is engaged in "personal" ways.

Sadly, people who are confined to intellectualism [limited to thinking as their primary means of relating to this physical plane] are quite vulnerable to their MINDs infusing D-Think into how they view and think about life. I refer to such people as Intelack individuals.

Intelack refers to individuals who "lack" CDKA&EU, explained here. Alas, it is quite normal for a good portion of the American population to "think" that what science "thinks", is actually true. Generally reinforcing this belief of science is the religion of Christianity, as strange as this may seem. By insisting upon the one-life-to-live notion, Christianity has resolutely denied and resisted both the Law of Karma, and the concept of reincarnation. Calling these crucial elements of Life the work of "Satan". The Law of Karma and its counterpart, reincarnation, are crucial elements of the Reality under which we all live. But neither can be "proven" by physical means... and are therefore only known by those with some "psychic" ability. More Evolved Souls, in other words.

And, we do live under this Absolute Law of Karma, regardless of those who deny or ignore this fact. That mystics are unable to physically prove the existence of the Esoteric dimensions of Life is of no importance to them, since they "Know" of what they speak via a form of "Intuition". The ONLY way to "Know" the Esoteric dimensions of Life is to "experience" them via ones faculty of Intuition.

In Eastern mysticism, it has been known for thousands of years by millions of people, that Man is subject to the Law of Karma, a primary constituent of which is the concept of reincarnation. Every Soul that has committed to Life, is born and dies according to a strict and highly complex set of rules, most of which are unknown in the West. To deny the reality of these ancient Laws is not only impractical, it breads negativity. That the brain of Man cannot comprehend these ancient Laws, nor bend them to "fit" the intellectualism of the West, is the reason the West is ignorant of the Esoteric dimensions of Man, and of Life. The single mistaken notion of "one life to life" has kept America in the dark regarding the Reality of Life for many centuries.

This site is uniquely focused on these Esoteric dimensions of Man, and nothing within this site should be taken "personally". The revelation of the MIND [and how it operates] may be familiar to the reader? But if anything on this site defines you, just accept that you are what you are. I highly recommend that you use this site to learn about its "secrets", and realize that it is quite OK to be who and what you are. The Truth is.... many people will be unable to change who and what they are in any substantial way "in this life", and this is just the way "Life" is!

Perhaps I should offer a definition of "Life"? Life is what takes place to insure that each of us fulfills the "Purpose of Life". And to go much further leaps into Esoteric realms that are of interest to very few. If you can, simply accept the fact that there are some dimensions of Life which are not meant to be discovered by everyone. And, those who are supposed to discover these dimensions will do so in ways appropriate for them. If this sounds like one is something like a puppet on a string... that fairly well describes the Reality of Life. And this string is the Fate Karma that one designed for this life, at the close of ones last life. Each Soul is the author of the life it is leading, and "Life" is the Director. We incarnate to play the role we have created. More like what Shakespeare suggested: We are all actors on the stage of Life. And, how is it we know the script? The answer lies in the study of mysticism... relative to the "Purpose of Life" .

To discover all this as an experiential Reality, one must take an Esoteric journey into realms hidden within oneself, and this requires a number of lifetimes of active participation in the completion of ones Karma ]. To read just a bit about it, try Esochology .

In the West, we are substantially "absent" when it comes to the topic of "mysticism", and its counterpart: The Esoteric dimensions of Man. The reason is that American "Modern Mental Health" has been in denial of the Esoteric two-thirds of Man for over a century.... if uncontrollably driven to pursue more on this... I write about this phenomenon in a book: The Death of Psychology That Nobody Noticed, published by Publish America, 2007.

What this site uniquely reveals are a number of Esoteric concepts, principles, and operations that "secretly" take place "within" Man. I say "secretly" because that is how the Esoteric operates. The Esoteric does of course exist. Only the most fearful among us would deny the fact that there are dimensions to Man that ones brain and physical senses cannot seem to discover. But, although these Esoteric dimensions exist, they cannot be discovered by the brain. The reason for this is embarrassingly simple to explain: The brain is limited in its perception to that which is physical, and the Esoteric dimensions of Man are composed of vibrational energies that do not exist within the physical universe. Does this seem a bit much to accept? Nonetheless, it is true.
What determines which political party one belongs to, or what political view one holds, is not really a choice of ones brain. Although one "thinks" this is where ones "ideas" come from. The fact is... ones views of Life are determined by where, on the Ladder of Life, ones Soul is perched? If perched upon the lower rungs, one is a "Thinker" personality, and ones MIND uses intellectualism via ones brain and thinking to "control" one. If perched upon the higher rungs, then one is an "Enlightened" personality, and one has acquired a substantial amount of CDKA&EU [explained HERE. The more CDKA&EU one possesses, the more access to ones intuition one has, and thus, the more access one has to the "Virtues" of Life one has. And these Virtues are the only way one can resist the negativity of ones MIND.

The bottom line is.... the life one experiences is the life one designed for oneself, and this life is all about doing Karma. Either creating new Karma as one explores and experiences new ways of life, or attempting to complete Karma by running into "opportunities" to forgive and accept that what seems to be affronts to oneself are actually the result of ones earlier actions coming back to oneself, and the wise person forgives those who "trespass against oneself". Alas, most people are not wise, and they yell and scream and blame the messengers of their past Karma. This of course only prolongs the same Karma. But another "opportunity" will present itself in the future.

Most people, especially those confined to intellectualism, struggle to try and bend life into what they "think" life should be. This is frustrating and usually winds up causing them to get angry and upset. And those confined to intellectualism normally "see" life as unfair, unjust, and "see" themselves as "victims" of life. We refer to these people as "Liberals, or Progressives". And they say they only have "good intentions" as they do their best to interfere in the lives of others. The Thinker personality lacks the CDKA&EU to realize that life is as it is for a reason. People confined to intellectualism believe that the rich should be stripped of their wealth, and this wealth should be given to those who have not earned any wealth. This inherent theft is not seen as theft by such people because they are "blind" to Reality. Their MINDs cause them to "think" that there is no "REASON" for the poor to be poor. They are ignorant of the Purpose of Life, the Law of Karma, and Fate Karma. They do their best to deny people the Liberty of Life by creating as many laws to prevent people from experiencing life as they can. Such people are a threat to Life.

One experiences Life, or one experiences a "conditioned and limited view of life", not due to ones brain and its thinking [although thinking is certainly involved in the process], but this view is much larger than ones thinking can envision. The essential "key" to whether one sees the "illusion of life", or the "Reality of Life", is where on the Ladder of Life ones Soul is perched. How one views the world is due to ones Fate Karma for this life, and that is determined by how much progress one has made relative to ascending the Ladder of Life? If one is a Thinker personality, then one is prone to view the "illusion of life" as the only life there is. Such a person is confined to intellectualism, thinking, and has little or no access to intuition.

On the other hand, the "Enlightened" personality will be more likely view the "Reality of Life" as that which one makes of it. The Enlightened personality has more access to CDKA&EU... which can ONLY be accessed via ones faculty of intuition, and this provides substantial confidence, hope, and enthusiasm for life. Personal responsibility is highly prized by the "Enlightened" personality. By contrast, the "Thinker personality" tends to fear personal responsibility, "thinking" that having to exercise personal responsibility is a dreadful thing to do.

These two basic types of people in the world are natural, normal, and the automatic result of the difference between the lower and higher rungs of the Ladder of Life. Both are needed in the world, and neither is better or worse than the other... however, one type is more likely to be a "problem" to Life.

Grab onto to something solid.... because I am about to plunge you into some really scary stuff... At the end of ones life, ones Soul, with MIND attached, is taken before a "judge", and together, ones Soul and this judge go over ones just completed life, relative to how well one did working through the Fate Karma one designed for that life. This took place at the close of ones last life. This takes place at the close of every life we live.

When this evaluation is done, one then designs a new Fate Karma for ones next life. This new Fate Karma will include any unfinished business one wants to continue working on, any new avenues of exploration one wants to try, and the rest of ones life will be filled-in with stored Karma that has to be dealt with. When ones new Fate Karma is done, one then goes to some Heaven, if ones past life was mostly good, or some Hell, if ones past life was mostly bad, and in Hell one will receive "re-education". Various "phobias" come from this experience.

And here we have just introduced two major Realities of Life that are largely denied and ignored in America. The Reality of the Law of Karma, and the Reality of reincarnation[or the fact that each Soul has essentially unlimited lifetimes in which to explore and experience the entire Creation in its goal of achieving the Purpose of Life]. The goal of the Purpose of life is to first achieve "Self-realization", and then "God-realization". The reader is, of course, free to deny and even condemn these Realities of Life. But for what purpose...other than fear of the "Unknown"?

What we cannot perceive via our brain and physical senses [and yet, we somehow seem to "Know" of its existence] is referred to as "Esoteric" phenomena. Or dimensions of Man that science tends to deny because the Esoteric cannot be "proven" to exist by physical means. For the first forty-three years of my own life, I knew nothing of the Esoteric... because I was very much "cut-off" from my own emotions. To simply read this, one subtly misses the multiple dimensions that are involved in [and actually responsible for] my experiencing of life [small "l" life refers to the "life" one experiences on the physical plane]. As opposed to the overriding Life [capital "L"] that is part of the "Reality of Life", within which the small "l" life exists as just the physical dimension of Life.

It was my own MIND realm that "protected" me from experiencing, or being exposed to, the emotionality of my MIND. My MIND did this because at the time of my birth, and for some years after my birth, I experienced a great deal of rage directed at me from my mother. At age three, I experienced an event that I perceived as literally threatening my continued existence. Automatically, [my Apapsyche] ordered my MIND to permanently cut off access to my emotionality. But to accomplish this, a substantial level of my access to my faculty of intuition was also diminished. It was this diminished intuition that was the great loss that caused me to spend the next forty years of my life living out of the Left-Hemisphere of my brain, and suddenly my primary way to relate to life was my brain and "thinking".

This repressing from conscious awareness some intensely negative trauma is not uncommon among children. The intensity of this repressed fear and the degree to which one cuts oneself off from ones emotionality is relative to the unique experience of each person. That is, the level and intensity of ones fear determines how much of ones emotionality will be repressed... how much of ones emotionality will be locked away from ones ability to access it, or to use it as a normal part of ones life. And this repression often becomes a substantial part of ones personality; How one views life and how one interacts with life; And this limiting of ones emotionality is not "selective" in that, to reduce ones access to ones emotionality is accomplished by restricting ones access to ones "intuition". And although one is aware of "something being wrong"... rarely will one be able to understand what is wrong? All one knows is that "something is missing". It never occurs to one that this "something" is two-thirds of oneself. And, this is not by accident, it is part of ones Fate Karma for ones present life.

The reduction of ones faculty of intuition is unfortunate because ones faculty of intuition is the ONLY way one has to access ones Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding [or CDKA&EU]. Knowledge is ones primary Source for realizing that the Law of Karma is in charge of how supposedly "unfair" Life is - or how "unfair" those whose intellects are fixed in [P-ism] "think" Life is unfair. In reality, Life is an opportunity for those Souls who have designed this life as one in which they can explore and experience[poverty, unskilled employment, lack of intellect, physical handicap, and so forth as a challenge for them to rise above.

Life, or the seeming "unfairness" of Life, exists precisely so that Souls may use "Life" as the natural means by which Souls obtain the Virtues that are crucial to growth. This growth of course requires Souls to exercise "personal responsibility" [or use of the Yang energy of the MIND] as they overcome the challenges of Life.

The Progressive personality, or the individual I refer to as fixed in [P-ism] (or incapable of accessing sufficient CDKA&EU that would enable him or her to "see" the larger picture of Reality), and is thus intellectually caught in the "illusion of life" that causes that person to perceive life as "unfair", suffers a Psychological limitation. This limitation is simply a lack of "Spiritual Evolution" [a diminished level of CDKA&EU] that can only be obtained by lifetimes of completing Karma. Those individuals fixed in [P-ism] are simply Souls who are perched upon the lower rungs of the Ladder of Life.

The individual who is fixed in [P-ism] is someone whose ability to intuitively "see" the Reality of Life [available ONLY via ones subtle faculty of intuition] is hampered by what we refer to as a "Psychological" problem. It seems strange to me that the ancient Greeks realized that Spirituality was an Absolute ingredient of Psychology, but this understanding has been lost by modern mental health, or "BS&bp". The reason BS&bp has lost the Esoteric Reality of Life is that intellectualism has taken over the fields of "psychology" and mental health. For that matter, intellectualism has been allowed to take over almost every field of study in America. And the problems America are facing today are a direct result of this [P-ism] overriding "common sense" in America.

In other words, the intellectual assumption that "causes" people to "think" they "need" to help others do almost everything... is in fact a projecting of their own fear of "personal responsibility" upon others. What they think is delusional. A subtle insanity instigated by their own MINDs exercising the DM=SI of those MINDs. Those who seek an ever expanding government to help Mankind do not really care about others... They are driven by their own MINDs seeking to "control" Life. This desire always results in pain and suffering for many.

The "problem" with the "Delusional Thinking" fed to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain by the MIND is that the MIND cares nothing about whether or not the D-Think is true or false! The MIND acts to "protect" you... whether this requires your death, or the death of thousands is irrelevant to the MIND. Your MIND knows perfectly well that it always survives death. It never dies, and it has therefore "learned" that if you die, you will live again. This is the reason the MIND encourages people to commit suicide. If you don't like this life, then kill yourself and get another... is what your MIND reasons. But... is is not your MIND that suffers the hell in which all suicides go for re-education, it is your Apapsyche that suffers.

It is not easy for a Soul to incarnate into this physical plane. A Soul must have at least one Soul who "owes" one a birth, before one can enter this physical plane. And today, with all the abortions, the chances of being born are even more unlikely. So, to end ones life is not something that is without consequence. The consequences are severe, and the pain and suffering that one sought to avoid by ones suicide are ADDED to the Fate Karma of ones next life. Suicide solves nothing, and simply increases ones suffering.

I have briefly explained the [perhaps surprising] "process" operating behind the Psychology of the Progressive personality, and the "reason" for the "thinking" of the Progressive personality. This is generally unknown because the Esoteric dimensions of Man have been denied and ignored in America for over a hundred years... mainly by Progressives.
The rationalization within the MINDs of the Progressive, and the Psychological process of converting active fear into delusional projection is a natural defense mechanism for the Progressive Personality. The "projection" of the Progressive Personality mirrors the nature of his or her fear - that is, a fear of Yang energy causes the Progressive legislator to legislate against symbols of strength: Guns, Military, personal responsibility, etc. And to legislate for bigger government, welfare, helmet laws, seat belt laws, etc. Seemingly anything that will interfere with and eliminate the exercise of personal responsibility and liberty.

The Progressive personality, or those fixed in [P-ism], view life as people in "need". This is a simple projection by such individuals. They are largely cut off from their own emotionality, and have little or not access to intuition, and this results in them being confined to "thinking". And, as we have discussed, thinking is a rather "iffy" thing. It is difficult to tell when ones thinking is correct, or when it is intentionally misleading oneself. And for those who have little CDKA&EU to access, there is little chance they can tell the difference between honesty and dishonesty relative to their own thinking. Should a society be wary of those confined to intellectualism?

My book: The PROGRESSIVE PERSONALITY...A Threat to America. Published late Summer, 2010, by Author House, will greatly expand upon the phenomenon of the Progressive Personality, [P-ism], or those confined to intellectualism.