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SELF-HELP Self-Help is a matter of exposing yourself to the proper symbol [or "key"] that will be held as some repressed bit of trauma that your MIND took on at or near your time of birth. And your MIND has been subtly reinforcing this misperception over your life time. To unlock this bit of trauma, it is helpful to keep a journal, and write down every time something happens that causes you to fire back at someone, or get really angry [especially if your anger is much greater than what "supposedly" caused your anger? And to really reach Within yourself to touch some repressed bit of misperception is not easy. Indeed, it takes bravery and a clear sense that what you fear Within yourself... is in fact an old repressed misperception hidden Within your own MIND. Going Within is normally blocked by ones own deeply repressed fears of the unknown [that is, what is repressed inside of ones MIND].

To break the habit of ones own MIND protecting oneself...[out of habit], begins by realizing the MIND can do this, and is in fact doing this. The best way to eliminate such deeply repressed misperceptions from Within oneself is to have a fully competent Psychotherapist facilitate you in doing so. HOWEVER, to find such a Psychotherapist today is a very difficult thing to do. Modern mental health [research BS&bp confines itself to what the physical brain can deal with... which means nothing of value in terms of ones PSYCHOLOGY.

Providing a lot of "insight" and symbols is what this site is about... in hopes that by doing so, you can use these symbols to awaken the correct "bit" of Knowledge from Within yourself, which is made difficult by your MIND [research MIND] protecting you by separating you from your emotions... except for the emotion of anger, which is how your MIND diverts your attention from what is causing you to get angry -- which is always inside of oneself... and in most instances will be some deeply repressed memory surrounded by intense grief.


Perhaps the biggest "SECRET" of psychology is that much of the psychology of the ancient Greeks has been lost over the centuries... and particularly over the last century in America.

In the early 1900's, what was left of the Psychology of 2,000 years ago, was abandoned in favor of pure Intellectualism disguised as "Behaviorism". I speak of this in my book Death of Psychology That Nobody Noticed, here.

And....perhaps the most surprising "secret" of psychology today is that it is based on, and has been taken over by "Intellectualism": Discussed Here . If you took the time to click on the explanation of Intellectualism, you were introduced to the fact there are two basic types of people in the world: Those who are Enlightened, and the Intelack type people, research Intelack Here.

Perhaps the idea that the majority of people on the Earth, at least during the Iron Age of Man, are naturally confined to the brain and thinking [if one accepts my premise?], and this tends to explain the reason for the rise of Intellectualism...and how it coincides with an increase in evil. That is, more Souls with limited amounts of C'etc [research C'etc Here], are incarnating to take advantage of the lax morality of this Iron Age of Man... which Christianity labels the "End Times".

You see, the only way to "learn" about negativity is to engage in negativity, [the Yang or male energy aspect of Karma], and then... via the Law of Karma, have that exact same negativity be engaged upon you...[the Yin, or female energy aspect of Karma], which is Fair, Just, and Absolutely Equal... but it is generally thought to be an unnecessary action taken by someone against oneself... and therefore, this action against oneself is resisted, and most often prosecuted by a criminal process. A strange and largely unknown reality about the Law of Karma is this: Nothing happens to one in life that is not DUE ONE KARMICALLY. But this is Reality, and it has no place in the "illusion of life". On Earth we have to deal with evil using our brains, not our Enlightened status [assuming one's Soul is Enlightened?]. In the illusion of life we act as though the things that happen to Man are "accidental," or done by insane people. The fact is, in the Reality of Life, only a person who desires to experience doing evil will be allowed to do evil to another person [and that other person deserves that evil action done to him or her because at some point in time, he or she did that exact same action to another... and has not previously received the PAYMENT for that previous action on Earth]. The Law of Karma is very clear: AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP. And the Law of Karma is an ABSOLUTE Law. And ones on Earth experience is in addition to the Hell one must experience for doing the evil act!
What one needs to know about "psychology" is that modern "psychology" it is fixated on 1/4th of the whole of Man. On the physical dimension of Man ONLY. This is due to the influence of B.F. Skinner, who, in the early 1900s, pronounced a Delusional statement that said there was nothing Within a person that "could effect that person's present behavior". Skinner stated this due to the Delusional Thinking of his own MIND... a MIND of which he was entirely ignorant. This means Skinner was in denial of 3/4ths of the whole of Man. The Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man. This pretty much removes "BS&bp" , or modern mental health] from being relevant to Mankind today. And if the reader can accept this point, there is little else one needs to know.
That is, the vast majority of Souls entering the Earth during this Iron Age are specifically seeking an environment open to negativity and evil. My suggestion here requires one to be familiar with Reincarnation, of course. It would also help if the reader was familiar with the analogy of the Ladder of Life Here.

What is Intellectualism? Essentially, Intellectualism is the result of the MIND assuming a major role in a person's life in "compensation" for that person's lack of CDKA&EU [explained Here ].

If the reader is looking for an old-fashioned and rather intense investigation of the MIND of Man.... although this would be Greek to modern psychology [no pun intended], the reader can check out: This.

Docjp [Brother James]